Chapter 1-

Before I describe my horribly boring life, let me just say something. Pitch is a freaking BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

Who decides to randomly pluck random girls off the street just because they're attracted the attention of a certain winter spirit!

Ah. Glad to get that out of my system.

Anyway, my name is Natalie Jones. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair and green eyes.

This story starts when my parents decide to move to Burgess, Pennsylvania, on account of the job my dad got there.


I'm your normal typical teenage girl.

If you don't count that I still believe in fairytales like Jack Frost and Sandman.

I'll be starting College soon. I'm thinking of becoming an author.

Like William Joyce. He's a friend of my dad's. Mr Joyce is a genius! I meet him once. He used my idea to explain why Jack was meant to be guardian.

Until then, I think I'll babysit around the neighborhood.

In fact that's were I was heading now.

I'm babysitting a little girl named Sophie Bennett.

Her name reminds me of the movie, but here's the weird part. I'm an author on a website called fictionfan. Latley, all the stories for Rise of the Guardians have disapeered. Like it never existed.

But I have more important things to worry about, like getting to the Bennett house.

"Oh and Jamie needs his hat before he goes out to play." That's Mrs. Bennett. Jamie is Sophie's older brother.

"Yes Mrs. Bennett." I say as I pick up Sophie who has messy blonde hair, a pink tutu, fairy wings and an adorable little four-year-old puppy face.

"I'm off to work, but Jamie doesn't have school. Could you watch him too?" Mrs. Bennett asks me as she put on her coat.

"Sure thing Mrs. Bennett." I smile at her and she leaves.

"Come on Soph let's go catch your brother." I say to her.

Sophie runs outside with Abbey the Bennett's greyhound and I grab Jamie's hat and follow her.

"Guys, the Easter Bunny is real." Jamie's telling a couple of his friends.

"Bunny!" Sophie squeals. "Hop, hop-ow!" Sophie falls.

"Mom! Sophie fell again!" Jamie shouts in the house.

"You're mom left for work already." I tell him. "You okay Soph?"

Sophie sniffs and nods.

Jamie tries to leave and with his friends.

"Jamie! Hat!" I say and he groans.

"Don't want Jack Frost nippin' at your nose." I tell him.

"Whose Jack Frost?" Jamie asks.

"The spirit of winter of course. It's thanks to him you have this snow day!" I exclaim. "How could you not know who Jack Frost is?" I shake my head and chuckle.

"See you Nat!" Jamie yells as he leaves with his friends.

"Come Soph, let's go inside." I pick Sophie up and we head inside.

But not before I get a glimpse of a boy with white hair with a big looking stick jump down from the fence to the other side.

I really need to get some more sleep.