"Kiki Carlson," the molecular transmitter announced as 18-year-old Kiki appeared in the kitchen.

"Hello, sweetheart," Anna Carlson greeted her daughter. "How was school today?"

"Ugh! I cannot wait until June when I graduate and leave that pathetic excuse for a holographic teacher behind!" Kiki fumed as she shoved her books onto the kitchen table. "We have to research our family history—all the way back to the 20th Century! Can you believe that? That's almost 200 years ago! Who really cares?"

"Honey, I'm sure that Mrs. Meyer knows what she's doing. After all, her class does come highly recommended."

"Honestly, Mother. The only reason that the class is so 'highly recommended' is because it costs so much. Remember what you always tell me when I go shopping—higher prices don't necessarily equal higher quality."

"That's true, Kiki. But, anyhow, tell me more about your project."

Kiki rolled her eyes impatiently before responding. "We have to make a family tree, as far back as we can research—but our earliest ancestor must have lived no later than the end of the 20th Century. That's eight generations, Mother! Eight!!" She sighed with disgust before continuing. "Anyhow, I'm supposed to research one of my ancestors and write a paper on that person to include with my family tree. You led an interesting life, right Mother?"

"Sorry, darling, but it looks like you'll actually have to do some research. Your father and I aren't going to be your 'ancestors' for your report."

Kiki groaned in disappointment. "Mother! But everyone else's parents will be letting them interview them! Why do you always have to make my life so difficult!"

A soft smile filled Anna's face as she got an idea. "Come here, Kiki. I think I have just the thing for you."

Minutes later, Anna was unlocking the vault where the Carlsons kept all of their papers. Kiki had avoided the vault like the plague her entire life. Who wanted to spend time reading books when the same copy could be found on her computer?

"Here you go," Anna said as she handed Kiki a small wooden box.

Slowly, Kiki opened it and found two browning books sitting inside. "Mother!" she exclaimed, aghast. "You cannot expect me to read books!"

A secretive smile filled Anna's face as she remembered her reaction when her own mother had shown her the books years ago. "Give them a try, Kiki. I think that they will give you exactly what you need for your paper."

Grumpily, Kiki tried to make herself comfortable on the loveseat as she began to read.

January 2, 2002

Dear Diary,
I've never written in a diary before, so I'm not quite sure how I should be doing this. Perhaps I should introduce myself before I begin. I'm Katherine Elizabeth Bennett—Kay for short. I'm 18-years-old and in love the most wonderful man in the world—my best friend, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. There's just a few problems. First off, Miguel is dating my cousin, Charity. And secondly, I'm dating Miguel's friend Reese…

Well, it sounded like she was in for a love story. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.