History is an important part of everyone's life. History, an important part of everyone's life, reveals where each of us has come from. When assigned a project dealing with my family history, I admittedly balked at the idea of doing so much research. But as I diligently worked on my project, I learned quite a few things that were rather unexpected.

First off, I learned that books aren't the worst thing in the world. Until a few weeks ago, I had never read anything off of paper in my entire life. I whined continuously after my mother suggested reading the handwritten diaries of two of my ancestors. Katherine and Reese Durkee were my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents and their diary entries helped me to realize a number of things.

Life, back when cars were actually used as transportation rather than decoration, wasn't all that bad. I had always had this horrendous picture in my mind, thinking that life in the outdoors was filled with dirt and smog and bugs--not exactly an ideal picture! But Kay, as Katherine was called for much of her life, and Reese truly seemed to love their lives. Granted, they didn't have much of an alternative, but they truly seemed to love being outside. In fact, the last diary entries that I read featured them spending time on the beach, swimming in the ocean and in a nearby pond, climbing cliffs, and stargazing. Their words made the outdoors seem so appealing, so inviting.

Their diary entries made love seem like a wonderful thing that everyone should strive to obtain. Until recently, love was never something that I had given a second thought. I had always figured I would do as many adults did and simply go to the Child Selection Center and choose the traits that I wanted my child to possess. I had never considered marrying and creating a child out of the love my husband and I would share. I must admit that the idea appeals to me as I know that my mother often gets lonely with only me to spend time with. I like the idea of having someone that I can spend my life loving.

Ultimately, I have come to realize that the idea of a diary is the main lesson that should be remembered. Diaries, whether they are written on paper or saved in the memory of a Palm Pilot, are something that can be read many years later. Following the example set by my ancestors who lived years ago, I have started a diary of my own. I know that they treasured the record of the beginning of their relationship, and I would like to have a remembrance of my own in case I ever meet my own Mr. Right.

I would like to conclude with the words of Katherine Elizabeth Durkee that she had written in the inside cover of their compiled diaries. "Love and life are two things that should always be thought of as one. I have come to realize that you don't really live until you find that one special person that you just instinctively know that you will spend the rest of your life with. And when you find love, somehow everything in your life seems that much more enjoyable and uplifting. In short, love is what makes life worth living. If I could offer one piece of advice from what I have learned thus far in my life would be that if you find love, hold on to it and never let it go. Nothing is more satisfying or rewarding than spending your life with the one you love."

With a sigh, Kiki looked proudly upon her recently completed paper. She was finally done.


Kiki's gaze quickly flew to her nearby SpyPad. Her heart soared when she saw Kevin's face smiling up at her.

Kevin. It was hard to believe that he meant so much to her after such a short time.

After reading the diaries of Katherine and Reese, Kiki had come to realize that appearances weren't as important as they had once seemed.

For much of her life, she had believed that everyone fell into particular categories. The rich and the poor; the nerds and the jocks; the popular and the unpopular. Everything had been in black and white for what had seemed like an eternity.

And for her, she supposed, it had been an eternity. After all, she had spent her entire life categorizing people based on their appearances.

The research that she had done had caused her to realize that maybe the intellectual could also be the clown; that the recluse could be the jock; that anyone could be anything. Nothing was quite as clear as it had once been. There were now too many shades of gray to distinguish between the different factions that she had created within her mind.

So in the past few weeks, she had stopped worrying about what other people thought of the company she kept. When she was at school, she talked to any and all of her classmates, not worrying about the possible social repercussions that would be felt through associating with the nerds or the enviros.

And she had never been so delighted with the results of a decision in her life, for now she had Kevin in her life.

With a grin, she returned her gaze to the man who appeared on the screen of her SpyPad. "Hi, Kevin," she greeted him happily.

"Hey, Kiks," he greeted her, with a grin that matched her own. "I was wondering if you'd like to come over tonight. I just downloaded the new movie with Coleman Justin, and I thought you might like to see it. My dad said that we could use his theater, if we wanted."

At the thought of being in the dark, cozy theater with Kevin, Kiki began to blush furiously, as each of the daydreams she'd had over the past few days sprung to mind. When she heard Kevin's soft chuckle, she mentally cursed the SpyPads for allowing Kevin to see her reaction.

Momentarily, she composed herself and nodded her head. "I just finished the paper for Mrs. Meyer's ancestor project, so I'm absolutely, completely, wonderfully free for the rest of the night." Glancing at her watch, she added, "Would seven be all right?"

"Seven would be great. I'll see you then, Kiki," he replied, blowing her a kiss.

Smiling, Kiki clicked off her SpyPad. It was hard to believe that she had grown so close to Kevin in only a few short weeks! She knew that she wasn't in love with him yet, but she did know that she was well on her way there.

Whether their love was one to last a lifetime remained to be seen, but one thing was clear—she certainly planned to enjoy the ride while it lasted.
The End

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