Byakuya sighed in relief as he finished his paperwork for the day. Of all the things in the world, paperwork was easily the thing he hated most. But now that he was done, he could finally get back home to his wife Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, and their two-month-old son. In the two years since the Second Titan War at Olympus, he had been happily married to Aphrodite. Soon, they had healthy baby boy. They had argued over what to name him – either a Japanese or Greek name – but thanks to Rukia's sensible mind, they were able to compromise, named their son Kizoku Cadmus Kuchiki. A pretty presumptuous name, but it had a good ring to it.

He walked down the halls of the Squad 6 barracks, eager to get home before it got too dark out. The sun was already setting, so he knew he had to hurry. But as he exited the barracks, just before he had the opportunity to Flash Step to his home, a messenger appeared before him.

"Captain Kuchiki," the messenger said. "Head Captain Yamamoto has called a captain's meeting. Attendance is mandatory, sir."

Byakuya nodded, mentally sighing. "Very well." The messenger vanished in a Flash Step. Byakuya sighed through his nose. He could only hope that this meeting would be over quickly.


The gathered captains all stood in their usual order. They murmured in unsettled voices. Even Byakuya and Shunsui were disconcerted by this: even though he had called a meeting, the Head Captain was nowhere to be seen. It was completely out of character for this to happen.

Soon however, the doors to the meeting hall opened, and Yamamoto stepped inside. He eyed the other captains warily through tired eyes before making his way to his usual spot at the end of the room. "Forgive my tardiness, captains," he said in a weary voice. "But now we may begin this meeting. What is so important, Captain Soi Fon?"

Said captain gave a surprised look and said, "I was told that Komamura called this meeting."

"And I was told that it was Captain Hitsugaya," the wolf-headed captain replied.

"I didn't," Toshiro said in an annoyed tone. "What's going on?"

Before anyone could answer, a blinding light suddenly filled the room, forcing the captains to shield their eyes. When the light finally died down, a man who appeared to be in his thirties stood in the exact center of the room it its place. His hair was blonde enough to look like it was made from actual gold, and he wore what looked like the armor that an English knight might wear, but more formfitting. An exquisite dual-edged sword hung from a belt at his waist. His eyes were completely white, but even that was not his most shocking feature; on his back was a pair of divine wings, and from the way they were folded, they had to be at least six feet each.

"Forgive me for deceiving you, Soul Reapers," he said in a calm, distorted voice. The distortion actually made him sound absolutely divine rather than demonic. "It was the only way to gather the strongest of you without causing a riot."

"Who are you?" Soi Fon demanded, her hand already at her zanpakuto's hilt. The winged man faced her with a calculating look that actually sent a chill down her spine.

"I am but a messenger in service to the Almighty," he said to all of them. "My name is Michael. I am an angel who works in the name of God."

"God?" Mayuri Kurotsuchi snorted. "Please. There is no such thing. You on the other hand would make for a fascinating test subject."

Michael regarded the mad scientist with obvious disgust. "I would kill you on the spot for that, were you not already damned to be eternally trapped behind Hell's Gates." The angel turned his focus to Yamamoto. "I am here with a warning. You may choose to heed it, or ignore it. But know that the Child of Hellfire walks within the human world, on the island nation of Japan."

"Child of Hellfire?" Jushiro asked with narrowed eyes.

"That doesn't sound very pleasant," Shunsui said as he lowered his hat to shadow his eyes.

"The Child will choose either a path of light, or a trail of darkness," Michael warned. "If the dark road is chosen, it will mean the end of all life. But if the light is chosen, the world will embrace salvation. This latter route must be the Child's decision, or it will be the end of us all."

"Who is this Child is the first place?" Unohana asked inquisitively.

"Some of you may already know the Child," Michael stated, surprising several of the captains. "It is a young girl by the name of Tatsuki Arisawa. Her eighteenth birthday will be here soon. That will be the day that the world will be on the very brink of annihilation. The Prince of Darkness will free himself from his prison-turned-kingdom, and attempt to overthrow Paradise." Suddenly, Michael's body began to flicker. He examined his palm as this happened. "It would appear that I am needed for another task. I shall return, Soul Reapers. I would hope that you already plan to do something about the Child of Hellfire." And with that, he vanished.

The entire room was silent. Most of the captains were still processing what had just happened. A few of them, including Toshiro, knew of Tatsuki Arisawa, but mostly only because she was friend of Ichigo Kurosaki. They also knew that she had the power to see spirits, but nothing more.

Finally, Soi Fon spoke up. "Head Captain, what do you plan to do?"

The elderly Soul Reaper tugged on his beard, carefully analyzing everything he had just heard. Soon, he said, "We must collect Tatsuki Arisawa before he eighteenth birthday. If we keep her from this 'Prince of Darkness,' perhaps she will be unable to follow this so-called 'dark road'."

"And if we cannot?" Byakuya asked with a raised eyebrow.

Yamamoto sighed. "If bad becomes worse… then we will have no choice but to prevent her eighteenth year."


"David, Raven!" Orihime called as she and Tatsuki entered her home. "We're back from school!"

"Welcome back!" Raven shouted with an excited wave. She and David were apparently playing a game of checkers… and David only had one piece on the board versus all of Raven's kings.

"Yeah," David said as he fumed over the checkers board. He finally decided to just quit before he broke a blood vessel in his brain. "I already ordered some pizza. I hope you don't mind Orihime."

"That's okay," the redhead replied as she set her schoolbag in its usual spot by the door. "I didn't feel like cooking anyway. What did you-?"

Before she could finish, there was burst of light in the room, temporarily blinding everyone there. When that light died down, all were shocked to see a man with angelic wings standing just little ways away from the table. He studied each of them with pure white eyes before his gaze finally settled on Tatsuki, who just stood with a stunned look on her face.

"Tatsuki Arisawa," the man said. "I am Michael. I was sent by my Lord to inform you of your destiny."

"My destiny?" the dark-haired girl asked. The man nodded. "Does this have something to do with why those Seven Sins guys are after me?"

Michael gave look of slight surprise. "They have grown bold over the millennia," he muttered. "Yes. You may wish to sit down for this. All of you." They reluctantly obliged, each taking a seat around the small table in the middle of the room. Michael sat down with them.

"Well, Mike?" David said impatiently. "Get on with it. What do you know?"

Michael closed his eyes, probably deciding where he should begin. "First, I know of you true parentage, Tatsuki Arisawa." Her eyes widened at that. "Your mother is long dead. She passed away during childbirth." Tatsuki's mood immediately went from surprised to depressed. "And I doubt that you will like who your father is."

"I have to know," Tatsuki said in a solid tone.

Michael nodded. "Very well." Suddenly, Michael's expression became sorrowful, as if he regretted something. "Your father was once a very close friend of mine. Together, we served under our Lord, with your father as His right hand."

"Who is my father?" Tatsuki asked.

Michael was silent for several seconds. "Your father… is Lucifer."


And, scene! Yup, Tatsuki is the daughter of Satan. I'll bet a few of you already saw taht one coming. But then again, judging by the reviews so far, I don't think it was very many of you guys. Anyway, I want to talk about Byakuya's son for a minute (for an explanation about Byakuya being married to Aphrodite, you might want to read my othe story "The Knights of Olympus"). "Kizoku" is Japanese, literally meaning "noble." Cadmus is Greek, and translates to "to exceed." So collectively, Kizoku Cadmus, when tranlated from both languages to English, basically means "the noble who exceeds." And yes, I am aware of how epic that sounds.