Edward is gone.

The days have no end, the nights seem long and deathless. I feel like a dark spot in an endless canvas of white. This pain in my chest, a dark reminder of the black hole he left behind. I'm staring out into the window, but I can't see anything. I gave him my heart, in return he left me in the dark.

Bella twisted and writhed under the sheets, her nightmare's had awoken her an hour earlier and now it was impossible to find some semblance of peace to ease her mind or heart. . .

The all-consuming emptiness was unbearable, she felt like she had lost something precious. She felt like a child abandoned at a carnival, running through the crowds aimlessly hoping to be found.

She kicked the sheets off in agitation and sat in stupor at the side of the bed, her hands on her head, she was trying to numb out the thoughts in her head to no avail. The thoughts had a life of their own, the thoughts of him.

She walked to the window and stood there like she did on so many nights for several months now, staring out into the dark night. She felt angry on this particular night, angry and suffocated. She opened the window to let the cool night air in. On an impulse she started to climb the window and stood on the ledge. For someone who has been depressed, she was quite strong as she took a leap and almost by an inch missed the tree branch, she cursed herself for being so impulsive as her situation grew worse, she was hanging on to the tree branch in nothing but her cotton shorts and tank top. She let out a sigh as she slowly wrapped her thin legs around the old and gnarled branch and started to climb higher. Several inches later she reached the roof top. She climbed up and sat at the ledge of the roof and stared out into the sleepy town of Forks, it was still dark, the night air was crisp and fresh. It was so quiet, and the silence made everything worse, memories of Edward kept on refreshing itself in her mind unbidden. She bit her lip in agitation and closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. There was thunder in the distance followed by large droplets of furious rain, it was as if the sky was crying for her. She sat there barely clothed and soaking wet, she didn't mind the rain, it felt good on her skin as she laid down on the dirty roof and watched as the rain came down, it was as if the sky was falling. Several moments later the rain had stopped and she was still laying there soaking wet, barely clothed and covered in dirt and leaves. She didn't want to move, she just wanted to lay there and somehow dissolve with the rain, when a gentle voice broke through her silence,


At first she thought the voice was just an imagination, but it was so resoundingly clear, but that voiceshe knew it wasn't Edward's, her breath caught in her throat. She sat up too quickly that the force made her slip off the edge of the roof, but in an instant she could feel a cold hand grab her, and planted her firmly back on the roof with one strong grasp. She closed her eyes afraid that she was loosing her mind, afraid that this was the nightmare starting all over again, but then that same soft voice spoke again,

"I'ts okay Bella, you can open your eyes."

She stubbornly kept them shut, but a familiar soft chuckle espcaped the lips of whoever was standing with her on the roof, she opened her eyes and saw Carlisle Cullen standing in front of her.