I haven't seen Edward for a long while since that first day I was turned. I guess he's still mad at me for all that had happened during those days. We really never got the chance to give eachother the closure to heal from all that happened between us, both the good and the bad times. But even though he never knew, I forgave him a long time ago for that day in the woods, when he left. I now know how hard that decision must have been for him, I'll always be thankful to him. He had taught me how to sieze love by the heart and to never let it go, unless the time to say goodbye had arrived. Love will never be easy, but it's worth fighting for. I remember one evening before Edward was going to leave for the second time, I had asked him why on that night when I was on the roof, surely if Alice would have known what I was about to do, he would too. But then he explained that he couldn't bear to stay with the coven after they left Forks. He told me that, just seeing them everyday was a reminder of what he had left behind, and he told me that it was his guilt that drove him away, away from them, away from me.

He decided he was going to go away for a while. I'll never forget the day, I watched him board that plane, not knowing where he was going. I felt a heavy sadness for him, but somehow in that brief moment when I had said goodbye to him, and he held me for the last time, somehow, in those last moments we had managed to make our peace with eachother. I'll miss him, I'll miss him a lot. But if time could be kind to me, surely it can be kind to him, too.

Jacob on the other hand. . .

He's still the same old Jacob, one thing I'll always be greatful for. He's still ajusting to my new life, somehow he's still upset with the way things changed but, somehow deep down he loves me enough to not stay mad at me. It's only a matter of time before he'll start coming around again. . .

The majority of the Cullens returned to Alaska, except for one that stayed behind. . .

Somewhere in an island near the mediteranean sea.

Bella and Carlisle had been climbing a mountain trail for several hours.

"Can you please at least, give me a hint." She pleaded as she watched him climb ahead of her,

"Nope." He replied as he smiled.

"Please?" Her voice sounding defeated. "Come on, you had me blindfolded the whole way through."

She didn't get a reply. He could hear her mutter fineunder her breath as he gave a quiet chuckle.

It was still quite dark, nothing but the wild trees surrounding them, she closed her eyes and took in a breath, there was the scent of the sea in the distance.

After what seemed like an eternity of endless walking, climbing, and the munching of soil and dead leaves beneath their shoes, they had reached the top.

She gasped as she looked out into the distance, she swore her mouth had dropped to the floor at the sight.

Twilight had begun to set in, as the sky was painted a wild shade of midnight blue intertwined with vague shades of pink that were spread out into the distance, it was like a painting that had come to life, you could see the horizon in the distance as the ocean and the skiy meet in the center. She walked towards the end of a large cliff and she could see the ocean, a long and daunting drop away. The wind carried the consistency of summer laced with the vague scent of olives that resonated with the wind as it tickled her nose.

"Alright, where are we?" She asked folding her arms, she watched as Carlisle started to spread a picnic cloth near an old tree.

He turned to look at her, a delighted glint in his eyes,


He started to walk towards her,

"Okay? and where exactly is Fumart." She asked her eyebrows furrowing.

He placed a hand on her waist as he brushed her chin lightly with his right finger.

"Balaeric Island." He replied patiently.

"I-I can't even pronounce that." She stammered,

"Majorca." He said finally with a smile.

"We are, WHERE?"

He laughed at her expression. Excitement flowed inside her as she placed her hands on his chest gently. She looked around the enormous landscape, words couldn't even come close to describe it's rustic beauty. Nothing but miles of water, land and ancient stones that held the scent of the sun.

She started to walk around for a while, relishing the sights and scents. The wind was warm and sweet, the ocean air permeating into her olfactory. Dawn was setting in, she stopped and looked out into the horizon, the sun was beginning to rise, golden lights spreading out into the murky sky. Even though her humanity was over, her new adventure was about to begin.

She walked back to where Carlisle was, and had found him leaning against a rock as he read, gently thumbing through the pages of his book. She saw that he removed his jacket, he had placed it neatly next to her bag. She quietly tiptoed towards it, took of her shoes and took off her jacket, and slipped on his.

She made her way through the rough and uneven stones barefoot and smiled as she took a seat next to him.

"Nice jacket." He nodded at her,

"Thanks." She replied, fixing the sleeves.

"So why did you decide to choose this place?" She asks, looking at him with curiosity.

"I came here, the first time, a few years after I was turned. I sat on this rock and looked out into the distance. During those early years, I was in constant turmoil with myself, at first I could never really quite come to terms with the change. And I never forgot the summer when I had first visited this place, there was never such peace I had ever felt before, until that one day in May, I kept coming back here ever since, It's like when I'm here, I feel like I don't have to be so alone. . ." He replied as he looked up into the sky.

There was a quiet dignity about the way he spoke.

He looked into her now golden eyes, his expression seemed pensive.

"Is something wrong?" She asks with searching eyes.

"No, everything's alright." A small smile on his lips.

Somehow I knew, He had tried to avoid the subject but, I knew what troubled him. His guilt for turning me. He once told me that he wanted me to have a choice, to know what I truly wanted, but that fateful night had changed the course of my life completely. But not once did I regret what had happened, if things didn't go the way they did, I wouldn't have the happiness I have with him now. I know the burden it brings him as I watch distress quietly make it's way into his gentle features.

"It's okay." She whispered to him, as she curled onto his chest, fumbling with the collar of his shirt. He let out a silent sigh, as he kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes as he smiled.

She could hear him as he whispered the words clearly in her ear. "I love you."

He held her closer as he began to read to her once more.

Her innocence like the breath of fresh rain, The fire within her which burns with great warmth.
The very heart of her, I love so dearly.

He reads to her for a while longer, as she listens to him, his voice never more sweeter.

Bella stops him on an impulse.

She playfully grabs his book and throws it to the side. He smiles as she teasingly grabs him by the collar of his shirt, their faces, ever so close to eachother. A gentle smile lights up her face as she wraps her arms around his neck, he places his hand on her waist as their lips meet in a loving kiss, their breath deliciously mingling as she felt the taste of him on her mouth. His soft lips gentle yet tender, the consistency of honey as his skin brushed against hers in an intoxicating rhythm. Her lips hungry for his as he kissed hers time and again.

Theyr'e probably won't be anyone like him. There probably isn't. And that I'm thankful for.
It didn't matter the kind of forever we are given. Forever in a century, month, day, second.
As long as he's always there.

My heart never felt more alive than when he looked at me.

His eyes like the golden sun. . .

Her lips found their way into his ear as she whispered "I love you too."

"Take my hand, .
I promise I won't let you fall.
Would you let me lead,
give it a try, it'll be alright.

Everything is silent,
and our time has come,
Take it in, feel it all and hold it.
Eyes on you, eyes on me.
This is right.

This is love.
The spotlight is shinning, and this time, it's all about us.
This is a feeling I've never felt but,
this time it's all about us.

Suddenly, we're feeling brave.
Don't know what's gotten into me,
why I feel this way, but.
Can I hold you, real close,
Just close your eyes.

Our moment has come,
Take it in and never let this go.

We watched as the seasons pull up all on it's own.
We catch the last weekend of the last month,
before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced,
Another autumn season fades away.

Invitation only grant farewells,
it's too early to say goodnight,
but rest assured as you lie here next to me,
sleep well, till morning greets us again.

Your eyes on me, my eyes on you.
We both look how we feel.

You have stolen, my heart."