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Cody stood by the door of the locker room, waiting for his partner. The show had ended several minutes ago, and the locker room was full of various Superstars. Cody's match was earlier on the card so he was already ready to go, but he was used to waiting. It was one of the drawbacks of dating a main eventer.

"Waiting on your master Cody?" Cody turned his head to see CM Punk, Phillip Brooks, staring at him with that signature, dorky, open mouthed grinned.

"Ha ha," Cody laughed pointedly.

"Seriously, your match ended like what? Two hours ago? And then you just sit around here, waiting. There's a lot of living you could do in two hours." Punk continued.

"I'm happy to. It's not a big deal." Cody said calmly, looking away from Phill.

"Or does it make him happy? You wouldn't want to upset daddy!" Phill said in a sarcastic tone. Cody just looked away, attempting to ignore him. "It would be fun to have a whipping boy like that, don't you think Daniel?" Punk laughed, hitting Daniel Bryan on the arm. Daniel laughed as well, then turned to grab something from his locker.

"He was probably trying to avoid crazy fans at the hotel," Nick, Dolph Ziggler, chimed in from across the room. "Always better to travel in groups right?" He said, nodding at Cody.

"Oh yeah, I bet that's it." Punk scoffed, rolling his eyes. "I bet it has nothing to do with Randy's temper, or alcohol induced tantrums."

Zack Ryder, who was standing next to Nick, busted out laughing at that.

"C'mon Matt!" Nick said in a hushed tone, with a swift elbow to Ryder's gut to shut him up.

Cody was now just looking down, counting the seconds until Randy showed up so he could leave.

"Or maybe he fucks you so good, you've just become subservient? Randy's little sex slave. Now that's funny. I wonder—"

"Shut the fuck up Phil." Randy cut him off as he entered the room.

"Oh, look daddy's home!" Punk cheered with a huge, fake grin.

"Yeah, the main event keeps me out late. Not that you would now about that."

"Man, it must be great getting all that handed to you, Mr. Orton."

"Beats wrestling for fifteen dollars in empty warehouses for years and pretending that makes you something special," Randy said as he threw an arm over Cody's shoulder and walked them to the door.

"Entitled Prick!" Punk yelled to their backs.

"Indie Shcmuck!" Randy yelled back, throwing up a middle finger as the locker room door closed behind him.

They walked with Randy's arm over Cody's shoulder, and Cody's arm around Randy's waist out of the arena. Their bodies were flush, as the two pulled each other as close as humanly possible.

"I'm sorry about Punk," Randy said as they walked through the parking garage. "I think if you just stood up to him, showed him you had a backbone, he'd back off."

"Are you serious? All you ever do is show him your backbone, and all it does is make him yell back at you." Cody said. "What took you so long anyway?"

"I was talking to John."

Cody shot him a judgmental glance.

"I've told you so many times, we're just friends. We've been done for years. Ever since I first met you." Randy consoled him.

Cody smiled. "I know. I know. It's just… your Randy freaking Orton. Everyone wants you. I can only imagine how much someone who had you and lost you would want you."

"Thanks." Randy said, showing his cocky mug. Cody rolled his eyes at him. "But, John does not want me. We didn't work as a thing, and we do work as friends."

Cody nodded.

They continued walking until they just reached their rental car. Randy took the driver seat as Cody packed in their luggage. As soon as Cody took his seat Randy said, "I don't even know what Phil's problem is anyway. Everyone knows him and Bryan fuck all the time."

"What?" Cody asked as he strapped his seat belt.

"You didn't know that?"

Cody stared at him blankly.

"Well they do. So it's not even like he can be a homophobe."

"I don't know."

"Maybe it's another part of that fucking straight edge shit that I don't understand." Randy said, as he began driving.

"Yeah, maybe."

"He pisses me off with that shit. Like—" Randy was cut off by Cody holding his hand he wasn't steering with, shooting him a face that only Randy would be able to understand. "Fine, I'm done ranting," he smiled at Cody.

Cody smiled back.

Once they got settled in to their hotel room, they settled into the bed and turned on some random late night show. They laid next to each other with Randy's arm draped over Cody's shoulder and Cody's head resting on Randy's chest.

"Man," Randy said in a slow and flat tone, "this show sure is boring."

His acting was far from great but Cody could read him like a book. "Really? I think this is quality entertainment right here."

"Shut up," Randy said as he turned the TV off and sat up quickly. He could read Cody's sarcasm just as well. Cody sat up with him and as soon as he turned to face Randy their lips crashed together.

They kissed with quick ferocity, moving together in perfect synchronization. Randy's hands grasped Cody's back, pulling their chests together. His mouth opened as his tongue gently grazed Cody's lips. Cody's mouth opened to him and immediately his tongue entered the familiar territory. Cody's hands held his lover's face softly. He sucked on Randy's tongue as it continued its welcomed intrusion. Randy began to lie back, pulling Cody back with him. Their mouths parted for the first time as Cody settled, lying on top of his lover with one of his legs in between Randy's. Their eyes met for a split second as their kiss continued with renewed vigor. Cody's tongue entered into Randy's mouth first this time. Randy's tongue danced around his as his hands gripped his waist firmly. Their tongues continued to entangle quickly. Breathing started to become difficult so Randy pushed his hips up into his lover's while his hand's pulled Cody's hips down. Their clothed erections touched in a hot friction causing Cody to break the kiss and groan. Randy's mouth at once found Cody's neck as he sucked and lightly bit at it. Cody began to repeatedly grind their erections together. Randy's mouth traveled all over his neck, claiming his man. He leaned up quickly and yanked Cody's shirt. Cody reciprocated, throwing Randy's shirt on to the floor as well.

They laid back down as Randy's mouth began to kiss and suck all over his chest. His hands roamed all over his boyfriend's toned back. Cody's moans became louder as he continued the harsh grinding their hips and his hands traced all over Randy's sculpted chest and abs. Randy's tongue traced all around one of Cody's nipples before taking the whole thing in his mouth. He lightly nibbled on it and sucked hard.

"Oh my god!" Cody yelled between moans. His head quickly darted down as he kissed Randy again. His tongue immediately lunged down the other man's throat. Randy hummed and sucked on it. Their tongues continued to move against one another as Randy's hands firmly grabbed Cody's jean covered ass. After minutes of their renewed kiss Randy broke it off.

"Take our jeans off baby," he said in his signature deep, sultry voice. Cody instantly wriggled down the bed and undid his jeans and pulled them and his boxers off in one fell swoop. Then he leaned over Randy and undid his. Randy lifted his hips for him and he pulled down his jeans and boxers and added them to the collection on the floor. He returned to his former position on top of his boyfriend and their erections touched. They both moaned as they continued to kiss sloppily, their hands both roaming all over each other's hard flesh.

"You're so hot baby," Randy said between kisses, his hands now firmly planted on Cody's ass as he kneaded it.

"You are," Cody said back between their kisses. He had returned to grinding their hips together but now with the flesh to flesh contact their erections were making the most erotic friction against each other.

"Cody," Randy said slowly. Cody pulled his head back and stared deep into his eyes. They stayed there, still, making deep eye contact for a moment. "Prep and prep," he finally spoke.

Cody grinned and began to back up. He was stopped by Randy's hands on the back of his neck that pulled him back down for one more kiss and then released him. Cody slid down the bed around Randy's body. Randy scooted down until his head was off the pillows and flat on the mattress. Cody spun his body around placing his knees on both sides of Randy's shoulders, his balls right above his head, and his arms planted around Randy's waist and his head right above Randy's cock. Randy's hands grabbed Cody's waist as he arched up into Cody's ass. His tongue slid out and pressed right against his crack. He licked up and down slowly. Cody moaned at the sensation as his hand grabbed the base or Randy's aching dick. He leaned down and tentatively licked up and down the entire length before finally sucking the tip into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the edges of it as he sucked hard. Randy moaned whilst continuing to lavish his lover's entrance. His tongue was now situated right on Cody's tight hole, lightly pressing in slowly. Cody hummed around his cock as his mouth sank further and further down onto it. His mouth took all most all of his length in before he sucked on it and slowly moved up it. His lips stopped right on the edges of the tip to suction it as his tongue swept all the way around it repeatedly. His mouth sank back down and sucked again, starting a pattern. Randy was moaning loudly between thrusts of his tongues. He grasped Cody's waist tighter and pushed his tongue hard inside of him. He quickly darted in and out of his tight passage. He began to push against Cody's walls, licking all around the edges of Cody's hole strongly. Cody's moaning also got louder as he began to move up and down on the cock quicker, sucking every time he went down and licking all around the tip as he went up. One of Randy's hand snaked in between Cody's legs as he pressed one of his fingers into his entrance too. His tongue and finger worked in unison moving in and out of Cody. Cody mouth jerked off of Randy's cock and his entire body arched as he groaned louder than ever.

"You're ready baby," Randy said from behind him.

They moved and maneuvered around each other until Cody lay flat on his back, legs up and bent at the knee and Randy on his knees facing Cody, his cock inches from Cody's ass. He urged forward until the tip prodded at it. He and Cody stared into each others again. Randy's hands fell to the mattress around Cody's body. His hands fell to hold Randy's as his legs lightly draped around his waist. Randy pushed forward slowly as the tip began to breach. They both moaned simultaneously. He slowly slid in more and more, his cock entering inch by inch. Cody's clutch on his hands tightened and his back arched. Randy was now in to the hilt. Their eye contact resumed while Randy waited. Cody relaxed against the intrusion, and started to become comfortable. He nodded. Randy began to pull out excruciatingly slow, stopping when only the tip was still inside of Cody. Then he pushed back forward, a little faster this time. He did the same thing again and again, picking up his pace a little more every time. Cody's moaning resumed.

"Oh my God, Cody. So… tight… every time." Randy said between thrusts in.

He was now moving quickly, rapidly pushing in and out of Cody. He continued his movement as his body leant down until he was chest to chest with his lover and took his mouth with his again. Their tongues danced together as Cody started to push himself onto Randy's thrusts. Their sensations over took them as their kiss became a sloppy mess, tongues dueling, and sliding in each other mouths against each other's lips. Randy broke it off as leaned back up and began to slam into Cody harder then before. Cody's legs tightened against his waist, pulling him in as much as possible. Randy was jackhammering into him as fast and hard as he could, grunting each time. Cody's hands flew up to grab the back of his neck and their eyes met again. They stared at each other as Randy continued his erratic movement. He angled himself perfectly and with his very next thrust in hit Cody's prostate easily. Cody nearly yelped. Randy stayed at the angle and pushed in as far as he could every time.

The tingling sensation started and he knew he'd be done soon. One of his hands found Cody's cock as he began to jerk him off roughly. Cody lay there moaning more so than ever, still pushing down on every single one of Randy's thrusts, trying to get his lover as deep inside of him as possible. The continued prodding of his prostrate had him hot all over and out of his mind. He finally broke their eye contact as his back and neck arched. Randy's hand continued jerking him off while his other hand found Cody's chin and pulled it down. They looked into each other's eyes yet again.

"I love you Cody." He groaned.

"I… I love you too… so much." Cody managed to say between pants. His feelings and sensation took over him as he burst his seed, leaking all over his and Randy's chests.

His hole clenched around Randy's cock as he came and after a few more thrusts Randy exploded inside of his love. The room was filled with both their pants and the smell of sex and sweat. Randy thrust into Cody slowly a few more times, finishing off his orgasm. He slowly pulled out, both men slightly moaning at the feeling. Once he was out, Cody instinctively laid on his side. Randy collapsed onto the bed behind, rolling on to his side and pulling Cody flush against his front. Randy rested his chin on his shoulder, his head right against Cody's.

"I love you so much," Randy almost whispered. "I don't even know how it's possible for some one to love some one else so much Cody, but I just do."

Cody grinned widely. "Randy, I feel the exact same way. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Randy said back with a slight smile on his face.

They both quickly fell asleep; staying entangled just the way they were all night long.