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Cody awoke to the unpleasant feeling of his arm asleep. It was trapped under Bryan's body. His left leg was hanging off of the bed, his toes centimeters above the floor. The bed's comforter was only covering the right half of his body leaving the rest of his naked form chilled. Bryan's arm was draped over his chest with his hand awkwardly resting on his face. He looked at the other man through half closed eyes. He was weary of making any movement and waking him up. The tingling sensation from his arm was getting more uncomfortable though. He slightly rotated his arm from underneath Daniel's stomach. The other man shuffled a little. The move gave Cody's arm a little reprieve but it was still asleep. He paused a moment before trying again. This time he tried to completely remove it from under Bryan. He pulled it back slowly. With one last pull his right arm was free, Daniel's stomach met the mattress and the hand on Cody's face fell and landed on his chest. He looked to Bryan and found his eyes open slowly.

"Sorry," Cody said softly, "My arm was asleep." He stretched his arm out as he spoke.

"Oh, my bad," Bryan replied with a yawn.

"No problem."

Bryan rolled over on to his back and stretched out. "So… Last night was fun."

Cody smiled. "Yeah. Yeah it was."

"Hard to believe it was your first time topping."

Cody chuckled.

Daniel rolled over to face him and smiled. "Wanna go again?"

Cody smiled back. "Now?"

Bryan nodded.

Cody launched himself at once. He trapped Daniel underneath him, his arms on either side of Daniel. He leaned down and presses their lips together in a succession of quick kisses.

"This. Is. Great," Daniel said between kisses.

"Yeah," Cody responded.

"Now we'll just keep this up until the word gets out and it gets to Randy and Punk."

Cody pulled back and looked down at the smaller man questioningly. "What?"

"You know how gossip spreads in the WWE. So once they hear that we're sleeping together they'll get jealous and come crawling back to us."

Cody stared at him confused for a couple of seconds before pushing himself off of the other man and back on the bed next to him.

"Wha—what's wrong?"

Cody's hand went to massage his forehead. "I didn't think that's what we were doing here."


"You said this was about comforting each other."

"Yeah, as an added bonus. And how can we better comfort each other than getting us back to the ones we actually want to be with?"

"I don't want to be with Randy!"

Daniel paused. "I didn't know that."

"And you still want to be with Punk…"

"Well yeah…"

Both men laid there for some time staring up at the ceiling.

Cody finally spoke: "So I'm going to go." He sat up, draped a sheet across his waist and stood up.

"Are you sure? I thought it was a good plan," Daniel said. Cody ignored him as he pulled his clothes on. He couldn't believe he had gotten himself into another situation like this again. Once he was fully dressed he turned and left the room with out another word.

Randy stared at his phone. Over the last week he had sent ten texts to Phil that weren't responded to and three calls that weren't answered; one of which that resulted in a drunk voice mail. He just wanted a chance to explain. Punk had surrounded himself with friends through out the night's Raw broadcast, keeping Randy away as well. He found out through some management people that Punk hadn't gotten a hotel room that night. Randy knew that meant he was sleeping on his tour bus. That's why Randy found himself standing right outside of it. He took a deep breath then knocked. A few footsteps later and the door swung open. Punk stood there in a t-shirt and gym shorts. The bags under his eyes were bigger. He looked like he was getting even less sleep than usual. After only a couple of seconds Punk began to swing the door shut. Randy's big hand stopped it.

"I want to talk. To explain," he said.

"I don't want to yet," Punk said through the small gap still left open by the door.

"It's been a week." Punk didn't respond, just kept pushing against the door. "I'm not afraid to make a scene out here," Randy said, raising his voice.

The pressure from the other side of the door left and it swung open by Randy's hand. He helped himself in and followed Punk. The older man crashed down on to the couch and looked up at where Randy stood critically. Randy wasn't entirely sure where to start. They had a lot to talk about.

"Look, the last time we talked a lot of stuff came out that I wish hadn't. I wasn't trying to keep that stuff from you, I just wish it could've waited."

"Till when?" Punk's face and voice were cold.

"Till we were closer."

"That's not the problem. We got into this without knowing anything about each other and it was a bad idea."

"It just means we have more to learn about each other."

"There's too much Randy."

Randy shook his head and went and sat next to Phil on the couch. "So ask me anything."


"You say you don't know enough about me, so ask me. I'll tell you anything you want to know. I'll be completely honest."

Punk slowly shook his head. This is stupid… but he's trying. What more can I ask from him? He thought for another moment. "Why did you and Cody break up?"

Randy thought how to answer for a second. "Things got too routine. He was too perfect for me I guess, that things got boring."

"Why did you and John break up?"

"You mean like way back when?" Punk nodded. "I fell in love with Cody."

"Did you cheat on John with Cody too?"

"No. Cody and I were just friends and things with John had slowed down by then."

"So why did you sleep with John when you were with Cody?"

"I was trying to find excitement. I was feeling suffocated by what Cody and I had."

"Seriously? You think that's an excuse?"

"No. I'm not trying to make excuses. I told you I would be honest. And if I'm being honest, I've made a lot of mistakes before."

"Why would I want to go anywhere with you knowing you cheated on the last person you were with?"

"I can't answer that question. You have to. But I can tell you that I won't get bored of you. You're not perfect for me. You challenge me, test me. I think that's part of the reason we're so attracted to each other."

Punk nodded. That makes sense. "So why aren't you with John right now?"

"I didn't sleep with him because I felt what I used to feel for him. I mean yeah, there's some nostalgia there that feels good but that's all it is. I like you a lot more."

"But John asked you out?"

"Yeah. Apparently he had some lingering feelings while I was with Cody, which I made worse. But I've told him repeatedly that I don't feel the same way."

"But you can understand how you telling him about us could worry me?"

Randy nodded. "Yeah. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking about you and that was stupid of me."

"It was," Punk said. He saw the remorse in Randy's face. "Just don't do it again."

"Do what again?"

"Tell anyone… that… we're… you know. Whatever," Phil struggled to say.

"So… We're still a whatever?" Randy asked with a slight smile.

"Don't get sappy about it."

"I'm not the sappy one."

"Are you implying that I'm the sappy one?" Randy shrugged in response. Phil punched him on the shoulder. "Shut up." They both laughed. "So, while we're at it, do you want to ask me anything?"

Randy shook his head. "No. I'll learn as we go."

"Something else that's different about us."

"We should start making a list."

"Oh yeah, were you drunk when you left that voice mail?"

Randy hung his head. "You wouldn't talk to me and I was bummed. So yeah, I got a little drunk one night." He had no idea how Punk would take it. He slowly turned his head to look up at him. He was smirking down at him. A couple of months ago this is the kind of thing we would have been in a screaming contest about.

"You sounded like such an idiot," Phil said with a chuckle. "I—I just reeaaallly like how your hair is always like sooo messssy but still like, you know, sexy. Like it's sooo seexxxy," he said in his best mocking voice.

Randy stared at him with pursed lips. "That's your impression of me?"

"Yeah," Punk nodded. "It's easy. You've just got to your make your voice real low and slow and kinda scratchy like this."

"That's awful. I don't sound like that at all."

"You kinda do."

"Shut up," Randy said with a smile and slightly pushed Punk back on to the couch. The elder was quick to sit back up and push Randy back. Randy went to shove him again and Phil caught his hands in his own and pushed against him. Both men laughed slightly as both attempted to push the other. Randy over powered the smaller man and managed to push him down with his back on the couch. Randy hovered over him as they smiled and stared at each other. Randy leaned down and captured the lips that he had missed for weeks. Punk's immediate response to the kiss showed Randy the feeling was mutual. Their lips moved together sensually. It wasn't rushed, but it was heated. In moments there tongues were dueling. Randy began to pull at Punk's lip ring with his, before slightly nibbling at it.

Phil pulled back and gasped in response. Their eyes met again but now it was different. They were both dazed and lust filled. Both breathed slowly, together.

"So, we won't tell anyone? We'll just keep this as our secret for now?" Punk asked.

"Yeah. You can be my dirty little secret," Randy answered with his cocky smirk.

Punk smiled as his hands grabbed the back of Randy's neck and pulled him down to mold their lips together again.

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