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Cody's match had just ended on tonight's Raw. He walked back through the curtain and immediately was greeted by Randy. He pulled him into a hug.

"Your match was great," he said in his ear.

"Thank you," Cody smiled.

Cody went to pull back from the hug but Randy's big hands on his back stopped him. They ran all up and down his toned frame.


"I'm sorry. I just love it when you're all hot and sweaty. It sends my mind places." Randy said, and eventually released his boyfriend.

Cody just continued to smile at him. "You better get your mind out of that place. Your match is in like ten minutes." Randy stared at him with lust filled eyes. "So I'm going to go shower, before you get any ideas and get yourself in trouble." Cody said as he squeezed Randy's hand and walked past him.

"That's why I love you," Randy called after him.

Randy continued to stretch in preparation when he saw John from across the room. He was staring down at his phone, looking downright depressed. "John," he called to him. Cena stuffed his phone in his jean shorts pocket and closed the distance between the two of them. "What's up man?"

"I was gonna ask you the same thing. D'you have something to tell me now?" John looked down at his feet but didn't say anything. "John."

"Fine," John said and grabbed Randy's arm. He pulled him with him over to guerilla. "It's just… I'm getting divorced."

"Oh, man," Randy said, genuinely feeling bad for him. "What happened?"

"She just sorta started catching on that I wasn't really into it. That it was more for the image, so the "face of the WWE" was married and all."

"I didn't think it was all for show. I mean, you did love her right?"

John shrugged. "Yeah. Yeah, I loved her. I was just never in love with her. I haven't been in love with anyone. Not since… um… since…"


"Well, since you," John said, looking back down at his feet.

"Oh," Randy said wide eyed.

"But anyway, now I got Vince and everyone stressing me about what this is gonna mean for publicity. It might get pretty ugly in court too. She's pretty upset, which I feel even worse about. I never wanted her to get hurt or anything."

Randy placed a hand on his shoulder. "I am really sorry man. Look, I've gotta go out now but I'll come over to your hotel room tonight, okay? We can hash it out or not talk about it at all or get wasted or find some ring rats for you to hook up with—whatever you want to do. Alright?"

John smiled. "Yeah, okay."

And with that, Randy's music hit and he walked past John and out on to the ramp.

Punk walked into the near empty locker room with intent. He locked it behind him, and quickly walked over to the only other man in the room. Bryan had his head down, rummaging through his bag when Phil's hands shoved him against the lockers behind him. He looked up quickly, alarmed. Punk moved in closer, pressing their entire bodies together.

"Hey," he said.

"Uhm. Hi." Bryan said with a slight chuckle. "What's up?"

Punk responded with a jut of his hips forward, into Daniel's.

Daniel moaned. "Okay?"

"I want you. Right now." He ground their hips together again.

"Okay then." Punk's words made his cock harden more.

"I want you to top. Kinda got an itch I can't scratch, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah. Yeah. That's cool by me."

"Good," Punk said with a grin. His hands reached down to his trunks as he pulled them off quickly. Daniel watched him, his eyes gazing up and down Phil's entire slim, firm frame. When the trunks were off, he stared at Phil's hard, groomed manhood. His eyes filled with lust.

"Bryan." The words shocked him back into reality as he looked back up at Phil. "Like what you see?" He asked with a cheeky grin.

"Sorry. Zoned out," he said, shaking his head. He followed suit and removed his trunks too.

Punk walked over to the lockers as he positioned himself with his body facing them, arms leaning up against them, legs spread open and ass out. Bryan stared at his ass for a moment before realizing and stopping himself. He placed himself behind Punk, his hard cock inches from his entrance. He spat into his hand and stroked his cock in an attempt to slicken it. Both of his hands then grabbed Phil's hips.


"Yeah," Punk said between slow breaths, trying to relax himself.

Daniel pushed his hips forward slowly. When the tip was in Punk gasped and he stopped.

"Don't," Punk said, "Don't stop."

Daniel nodded, but only continued to push in ever so slowly. Punk tried to push himself back on the hard cock, but Bryan's hands on his hips held him place.

"Come on Bryan, give it to me," he said, a little more demanding.

Daniel continued to push in. "Ok, ok, I'm almost all the way." Seconds later he was, with his hips flush against Punk's ass. Punk moaned loudly. Bryan couldn't resist pulling back quickly and slamming back in.

Phil moaned, "Yes," in approval. That was the only sign Daniel needed and he continued moving in and out of Punk at a harsh rate. His hands were firmly holding Phil's hips when his mind started picturing Phil's slim frame, his tight torso, those sexy tattoos. His hands slowly started to move gently up and down Punk's hips. His thrusts continued at the same rate as he warily started to roam further up Punk's body. Phil continued to moan and Bryan couldn't be sure if it was entirely from his thrusts or if he was into Bryan's curious exploration. He bit his lip thinking about what to do next. His nerves got the best of him as his hands eventually fell back to Punk's hips and stayed there. Phil rested his head against the locker wall in front of him, showing his partner the side of his face and displaying his pleasure stricken and sweaty features. The sight turned Bryan on more so he stepped closer to him, pressing his front completely to his back and slammed into him with renewed vigor. Punk moaned again, and Bryan couldn't help but do the same, the new depths he had reached inside Punk felt like a vice grip on him. Daniel's face was now inches from Punk's neck. He stared at the hot flesh in front of him. He watched as a bead of sweat formed and trickled down the side. He wanted nothing more than to lick it up. To kiss and suck every inch of the skin displayed before him. His mouth slowly moved closer and closer to what he desired. He slightly opened is mouth as he got closer, mere centimeters from Punk's neck.

"I'm close bud," Punk said. The words shocked him back into reality as he jumped back, away from Phil's neck. He looked down to see that Phil had started jerking off at some point.

"Almost there," he replied. He was. The exploration, the almost kissing, the danger and thrill of it all along with the tight confines of Punk's ass was too much. He slammed in with a few more hard thrusts and came with a groan. Phil continued to jerk through his orgasm and soon followed, exploding all over the wall in front of him. Daniel thrust in and out of him slowly a few more times before finally pulling out. He and Phil both quickly sat down on the bench behind them and panted.

Instantly Bryan's mind ran through the whole ordeal and he second-guessed his decisions. He thought to himself that he should've felt all up and down Phil, he should've kissed every part of him he could reach, he should've kissed him. Phil was blatantly unaware as he stood up and put on his discarded attire.

"Thanks for that," he said.

Bryan was still in his own head when he said it. It took him a couple seconds to realize his crush had spoken. "Yeah, anytime man." He hated this. Anytime, man? You're so dumb, just say something to him. He couldn't bring himself too though. He just sat there.

"See you in the next city," Punk said now fully dressed. He turned and exited the locker room.

Bryan sat there alone, staring at the wall.

Cody was in he and Randy's hotel room for the night when he got the text from his boyfriend.

"From: Randy

Hey, im goin over to Johns room to hang out tonight. Hes goin thru some stuff. Dont wait up, I'll try not to be too late."

He told himself it was fine and that he wouldn't go down that jealousy road again. Deep down he knew he was right and that he could trust Randy, but still that part of him creeped back in. That part of him that knew Randy was one of the hottest guys around, that Randy was probably the hottest guy John knew, and that if Randy was even half as good at making love back when he was John as he was today, there's no way John wouldn't want that back. But John's married now. And Cody didn't know John to be a cheater. He'd never heard about him running around on his wife at least. He couldn't stop his mind from racing with all these thoughts, so he elected to just go to sleep.

At 4 AM Randy finally entered their hotel room. He slowly and quietly opened and closed the door. He undressed down to his boxers and as he was about to get in bed next to his love he stopped. The moon shined at just the right angle through the window to light up Cody's face. He was fast asleep, slowly and quietly breathing. Randy just stared for moments at his beauty. When he moved towards the bed, he pulled the covers up he scooted all the way in next to Cody, and wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him in tight.

"Hey," Cody breathed softly, barely awakening.

"Shhh, shhh," Randy whispered. "Don't wake up."

Cody nodded and drifted back off.

"Cody?" he whispered still.

"Yeah?" he said without even opening his eyes.

"I love you."

A slight smile graced his still asleep features. "I love you too."