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It certainly wasn't normal.

"Come on, Nee-chan!" Souta grinned, tugging insistingly on her hand, "Just give it a try!" He glanced at the object in interest, snickering as he watched the next person attempt and fail quite miserably.

"Just try and focus," Kagome sighed, giving her little brother a dry look, "You wanted me to teach you about spiritual power, didn't you? I'm sure that even the person down there can sense it's not normal." She gestured to the person who had just failed.

"But it will make a good picture!" Souta insisted, fingering his camera and pushing her passive self until they were only a few feet away, "Mama wants to see you have a good time."

Kagome sighed again, knowing that was the reason they were even in America in the first place, "Fine, I'll try."

She flicked Souta's head lightly as he grinned boyishly in response, "Then, we're leaving this place. It's way too hot here." She adjusted the baseball hat her brother lent her to block the sun from her eyes.

She narrowed her blue eyes, stepping up to it and ignoring the amused talk from the men who had seemed to make a contest out of this. She wrapped her hand around the handle, feeling her body tremble slightly at the feel of raw power, but pulled anyways.

The hammer lifted easily...

And Kagome certainly did not like the eerie silence that followed.