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"You're the girl that lifted it!"





"You were able to lift Mjölnir?" The blond human-but-not-human man asked incredulously and Kagome quickly averted her eyes and tried to hide her face with her hat.

"Sorry, no English," She said, making sure an Asian accent came through as she grabbed Souta's hand, "I speak no English."

"But, Nee-chan, I'm hungry!" Souta complained as he was forcibly dragged from the counter towards the door, "I didn't get to order anything!" At least he was talking in Japanese to reinforce her untrue claim.

Kagome had no idea what 'Mjölnir' meant and it seemed that no one else did either, except for the older man that had been sitting with the two young brunettes and he stared in complete disbelief at the blond male.

"It was you," The trucker said, bringing out his cell phone and a moment later, a picture came out with the truth, "See, it was you!"

The man grabbed the phone and stared at the picture intently and Kagome took this chance to hightail it to the door with Souta in tow, despite his whiny complaints.

Sadly, it was not to be as the humam/non-human being grabbed her shoulder and stopped her from leaving the small diner.

"Come, young maiden, and show me where Mjölnir is located."

Damn her luck...