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Just what the hell was that anyway?

Kagome darted away from the hand that had been placed on her shoulder and gave the man, whom she noticed was absolutely huge compared to her tiny frame, a steady glare, "I don't know what Meallnear is," Even she winced at her horrible pronunciation, "And I don't care."

"Yet you were able to lift it when no one else has been able to, other than myself," The blond man said and Kagome knew that he would not let her leave on her own, "How peculiar. I wish to see it with my own eyes."

"Thor!" One of the brunettes from his table quickly stood up, grabbing onto his arm and attempting to pull him away from Kagome, though the blond refused to budge, "You can't see the satellite anymore! There's no way you'll get past the government."

At least she knew his name was Thor now.

"It is not what they think it is," Thor stated, "And I intend on retrieving what is mine. Nothing you can say will change my mind, Jane Foster."

"So you plan to waltz in there and just take it like that?" Jane asked with exasperation, shaking her head in disbelief when Thor simply nodded his head.

"I will not be alone." Thor smirked, glancing over to Kagome, who was halfway out the door, obviously planning to escape when he had been distracted by Jane's question.

And his next words had everyone rather surprised, especially Souta who seemed to choke on a piece of bacon he snatched from the trucker's plate.

"I will have the aid of a Priestess."