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Goði = Norse Priest

'That little brat!'

It was the only thing Kagome could think of when Souta offered his 'help' to help recover that damn hammer, 'Little brat knows I won't let him do anything by himself!'

Sure, Souta had a little bit of spiritual power, but not nearly enough to help this Thor character retrieve his Mjölnir or whatever he had called it.

"I applaud your bravery, little Goði!" Thor rumbled with laughter and gave Souta a firm tap on the shoulder, "I surely cannot retrieve Mjölnir without your aid!"

Kagome honestly could not tell if he was joking or not, but Jane clearly took it in a non-joking manner, "You can't be serious, Thor!" She looked at the blond God incredulously, "You'll get arrested, thrown in prison, and never seen again if try to steal from the Feds! And even considering bringing a young boy into this...!"

"Jane is right," The older man, Selvig, rubbed at his temples, "What you are considering is preposterous!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Kagome hissed in Japanese, giving Souta a glare, "We don't need to dragged into this! You are actually thinking of stealing from the American government!"

"This is just what you wanted, isn't it, Nee-chan?" Souta asked with a knowing look, "I know you hate the normalcy that you've been forced in to."

She paused, staring at her younger brother with slightly wide eyes. She didn't have a single word to argue against Souta's impression of her.

He was right.

She did hate the normalcy, but that certainly didn't mean...

"So, when do we go?" Souta turned back to Thor before giving her that annoyingly knowing smile, "Night would be better because–"

Kagome practically shoved Souta behind her and threw in all her might behind her glare at Thor, "Fine, I'll help you get back Meallnear!"

The Miko almost jumped back like a startled cat when Thor eagerly grasped her hands in response and his proceeding smile was almost golden in nature, "Lady Priestess, you will have my eternal thanks!"

Too bad she didn't take 'eternity' very seriously...