"Kate? Kate, seriously, where the hell are you taking me?" Castle was so confused. Kate had not said anything in about 5 minutes and they had already been walking for what seems like forever, and to make matters worse Kate was walking much more Beckett like at her detective speed that Castle hated to keep up with.

"Castle, do you seriously not trust me?"

"It's not that I don't trust it's just that you are always armed and we're around a lot of dark secluded alleys."

A few minutes later they arrived at a place Castle knew he knew, but did not know why he knew it.

It was a play ground.

"Uh, Kate…are you trying to tell me something? Because if you're pregnant this is the worst way to tell a man, and…"

She leaned into him and shut him up with a kiss. "Why the hell would you think I'm pregnant, Castle?"

"You took me to a playground, Kate. That's where kids…play."

"Wow, another far-fetched theory, just the Castle I know and-" she didn't finish the sentence. Didn't want to ruin it. "Come on."

Kate led him to the swing set- they're swing set.

"Do you remember this place?" She wasn't really sure how to start, but she knew how to end, and that was what was important.

"Yeah, we, uh, we met here after the book signing, after your…" he didn't finish the sentence. She got the point. He knew why he knew this place now.

Kate looked down at the ground because she was so nervous. "I told you that I couldn't have the type of relationship I wanted to have until I put my mother's murder behind me." She took just another beat before continuing. "I came here before I came to see you that night too." She looked over at him making sure he knew exactly what night she was talking about. She was pretty sure he got it.

"I came here in the pouring down rain, just to…think, I guess. I have no idea why I really came here, but I needed a way to just think about you. Not think about the guy who had killed my mom, or the guy who was trying to kill me, or Gates, or anyone else. I just wanted to think about you- us."

Castle wasn't exactly sure where this little monologue was coming from, but he was going to wait her out. See if she would get to the point without him pushing.

"Cas, this was the place where I realized I had no choice, but to go over and risk my heart to get you. This was the place that I realized that I truly only wanted you."

Castle stared at her intently. She looked up, making eye contact with him. "Castle, this is the place I realized I loved you."

Castle was shocked. He was not expecting this to come tonight. He didn't really know how to respond. Of course he loves her, he told her that a year and a half ago, but he could see Kate getting serious, going off to that place she goes to every time she over thinks something, so he decided to make an attempt to lighten the mood.

"Loved? Past tense?"

"Really, Castle?! I tell you love you and you-" but he didn't let her finish. He grabbed the chains of the swing she was sitting on and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss.

Still holding on to the chain of her swing to keep her close he leaned his forehead against her's.

"I love you too, Kate."

She lightly touched her lips to his again. "Now will you do me a favor?" She asked.

"You name it. Anything."

"Take me home?"

"On our first real date?! Katherine Beckett, I can't believe you would be so promiscuous-"

She pressed her lips to his again this time hard, purely to make him stop talking with a little bit of lust mixed in.

"Shut up and take me home, Castle."


With that he got up put his jacket around her shoulders like a gentleman and pulled her up off the swing, whisking her away to a night full of passion and romance. The kind that, in his way of thinking, Kate Beckett deserved for the rest of her life. For always.


So, this is the end of this story. Thank you all so much for reading! This last chapter is kind of what I hope Beckett gives Castle for Valentine's Day. (My shipper heart can dream right?!) Anyway, hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think!