Author's Note: So this is basically my version of FF13-3. So, not suprisingly, there will be spoilers from the previous games. I'm sure that the real version will be better, but I feel like they should have stuck with the other characters instead of making the entire game about Lightning.

Here is the first chapter in a nutshell: After chaos engulfed the world, Hope was seperated from Noel and Sazh. Waking up on the shores of Valhalla, he tries to find someone, anyone. What does he find? I'm not telling...

Don't know how good this will be, but...

Serah was dead. Etro was dead. The world was falling apart at the seams. No, not just the world, but time itself. Chaos infected everything. Caius had won. There was no more death, or life. Yeul would no longer have to die.

But she wouldn't get to live either.

Neither would anyone else.

Hope Estheim awoke with no knowledge of where he was, or what had happened. The last thing he rembered was Noel telling him what had happened to... to Serah. He sat up and rubbed his head. His memory was fuzzy. He couldn't... remember.

He sat up slowly and looked around. He was on a black sand beach, the smoky-turquoise water was absolutely still. Unnaturally still. It looked like liquid glass. There appeared to be a city behind him, a dark city. A city just as still as the water. He stood and looked up at the sky. There wasn't one. It wasn't simply black, it wasn't there at all.

His memory was slowly unfogging. He remembered... Vanillle. Fang. Sazh, he'd rescued them. Serah, she... she... Hope shook his head sadly, Serah died. Noel said something about... about the goddess...

The silence of the place was deafening. The darkness blinding. Something dark was in his mind, he could feel it seeping in. He held his head in his hands and shook it. He couldn't... get it out of his head.

"Hope..." his name came softly from nowhere.

He slowly looked around, but no one was there.


Knowing that the voice was probably just in his head, maybe the darkness playing with his mind, Hope started forward. Even if there was nothing out there, he couldn't just sit tight.

His footsteps echoed around in the dark city. The sound bounced off the silent walls. The place was dead. Where in time was he?

"I'm here..."

That voice... But it couldn't be...

He looked around again, "Mom?" he called.

"My son..."

"Mom." He said this with longing. It had been thirteen years since her death, or rather, five hundred years. That is, before time became nothing but a suggestion.

He searched for hours. Or maybe it was minutes, or days, or years. Turning corner after corner, walking down street after street. But he couldn't find her. Maybe it was the darkness playing tricks on him. Maybe he was playing a trick on himself.

Or maybe she was right in front of him.

Suddenly, there she was, sitting on a bench that seemed to only be halfway into this world. He knelt down in front of her, "Mom?" he said softly.

She looked at him, and smiled, "Hope. I knew you would come."

"Where are we?" he asked.

"We are in a place where time has no meaning, yet from here, one can see all of time." she gestured to the sky, "This is-"

"-Valhalla." Hope finished.

She smiled at him again, "Yes."

"So... why are you here?"

"Because you are here."


He couldn't pin it, but something was wrong here. It tugged at his gut, it felt almost like the time when 'Serah' had came to speak to them in Oerba.

"I am so proud of you." Nora said, "You helped the world, Hope. You saved everyone."

"But the Chaos, it destroyed the world."

She chuckled, "No. Everyone is safe now. There is no more loss, no more death. You saved them."

"Mom, this isn't safety, this is hell."

"Now, I thought I raised you better than that. You know how I feel about language."

"Mom, I-"

"It's alright, Hope. Everything is fine." she smiled again. Suddenly, what can only be described as chaos surounded her. She began to fade away, the smile still on her face.


"Don't worry, Hope." She was consumed by the constricting chaos, and when it dispersed, she was gone.


Just then, an entirely different voice came from behind him.


So, what did you think? The whole Valhalla thing still kind of confuses me, even after beating the game, so if parts of it don't make sense, you can blame me for not understanding.

I've had this idea in my head ever since I beat 13-2, it just made sense to me. What about you guys? I wanna hear your opinions. Please review!