Dean was going to kill Sam.

His little brother always seemed to know the wrong time to show up. Or call. Or breathe. Sam Winchester was a living, breathing cock-block. It's been non-stop for the past six months now and Dean was close to killing him. Dean hadn't been laid in God knows how long and this frustration didn't go away with his usual jerk off session in the shower or his porn videos.

"You ok, Dean?" Sam's sleepy voice sounded again, a hand rubbing at his bleary eyes as he peered into the darkness.

"Yeah," Dean growled. "Just peachy." A vision of Sam somehow being dropped down a bottomless pit appeared in front of Dean's eyes as he fingered his now throbbing erection, shaking his head in frustration. His mind was fuzzy from the events of the last few minutes, breath shaky as he remembered the look in Castiel's eyes, the way he claimed dominance with his tongue as he rutted hard against Dean's hips.

His hands clutched the sheets, unable to stop himself from arching as the sensitive skin of his cock tingled. His pants were drying into a nice semen crust, confusion crossing him as he felt this. He didn't remember releasing when he was with Castiel.

His most recent dream came flooding back to him, the feeling of Castiel's lips on his cock, licking and sucking drove him out of his mind, cock twitching, pre-cum flowing from his slit once more. Flaring heat pooled in his abdomen, an aching need in the pit of his stomach as he growled out a curse of frustration. If it was the last thing he did, Dean was going to kill Sam.

"Dude, what the Hell happened last night?" A cheeky grin plastered itself across Sam's face, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth as he fixed his gaze on Dean. He ignored him, gurgling his mouthwash for as long as he could before spitting it out, turning away from Sam as he crossed to his bed, throwing stuff into his pack.

"Come on!" Same urged, following him.

"Leave it alone, Sam." Dean said in a gruff tone, embarrassment flooding him. His breath still hitched as he remembered last night, Castiel's hands gliding up his body as his tongue took control, hips grinding against his. Dean stopped, hands clutching the shirt he held as he tried to steady his breathing. He could feel a hard on coming, he'd have to quit thinking like this if he didn't want a very curious Sammy on his tail.

"I swear, I thought I heard Castiel..." Sam trailed off, arms crossing over his chest as he leaned against the bathroom door frame. Dean's face flushed, heart stopping as he continued flinging shit into his bag, almost missing what Sam had said next.

"But it must have been my imagination, because then he was gone."

"Just drop it!" Dean growled, narrowing his eyes as he zipped his bag shut, leaving Sam chuckling as he went to pack the rest of his stuff up. Stiling a quiet sigh of relief, Dean shouldered his bag, heading to the door. He had to get out.

Dean dreamt again that night. It was somewhat different from the last time. Last time, they were in an empty warehouse, Dean laying flat on his back as Castiel revenged his scarred body with his tongue. Now, Dean lay among grass, the blades tickling his bare back as he looked up into the white mist that shrouded him. The mist rolled across the ground around him, blotting anything from view. He was nowhere he recognized and was utterly alone.

Before he had time to blink, Castiel was there, licking and sucking at the soft skin of his neck, crawling all over Dean as his hands gripped his back, low grunts of pleasure leaving Castiel as he nipped and sucked at him, short spasms shooting through Dean as he felt teeth scraping his flesh. His eyes were those of predator looking at it's prey, a look that sent shivers down Dean's spine as he suckled on his skin.

Dean let out a few whines as Castiel drew himself up, applying pressure to Dean's groin as he claimed Dean's mouth his own, tongue twisting in ways that should be illegal as he kissed him, taking every shred of dominance Dean had once held before.

"Dean." Cas panted into his mouth, licking at Dean once more as he gasped for air, hands fumbling for the belt of his pants, desperately wanting to free his hard on. "Dean." he said again, lips pressed to his jaw, stubble tickling him.

Dean ground his hips up, meeting Cas' every grind with his own, heated friction passing between them as a whimper worked up Dean's throat. "Oh my God, Cas!" he moaned, thrusting up once more, pleasure shooting through him as Castiel feverishly pulled Dean's pants down off his hips.

"Dean." Cas repeated, his voice low, pupils wide with pleasure as he ran a hand over Dean's tented boxers, a strangled shiver passing through Dean's body as he thrusted up to meet his hand.

"Dean!" He jerked away. clothes sticking to his body as cold sweat rolled off his skin, erection throbbing painfully as he took a bleary look around, eyes fogged with sleep and lust.

"What?" he snapped, half annoyed, half frustrated at the interruption, eyes meeting the gaze of a bedraggled Sam. A growl nested itself in his throat, frustration pumping through him as his little brother sat there smirking at him.

Sam wasn't even letting him get any in his dreams.

"I was just checkin' to see if you ok. You were making quiet the raucous." he chuckled softly, sleep coating his words as Dean tilted his head back into the pillow, a ragged breath passing through his lips, annoyance making his hands twitch.

Dearest Castiel, if you don't smite Sam, I will.

Throwing back the covers, Dean got up with difficulty, heading for the bathroom. Release would help...maybe. Yet under the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, Dean couldn't find it in himself to take care of the problem as he stood over the toilet, mind wandering as he lightly finger his erection once more.


Abandoning the bathroom, Dean crossed the room slowly, tripping over a patch of carpet before reaching his bad. He swiped the pillow and blanket, casting one burning glare towards Sam.

If his brother was going to cock-block him in his dreams, he'd just have to sleep in the car.