It's Not Too Late

"Chief,Chief",said Jane Hathaway panicking and breathless.

"Look at this drapery material, isn't it a cheerful design? I'm having the whole office done in money green", replied her boss, Mr. Drysdale holding up green drapery w/ the $ sign.

"Chief get a grip on yourself something terrible has happened."

"The bank has been robbed?"

"Worse, your wife."

"My wife has been robed?"

"No it's worse than that!"

"My wife and the bank have been robbed."

"Mr. Drysdale it does not concern money!" Jane was getting impatient.

"Then don't scare me like that."

When Jane told her boss that his wife was missing from the hospital, he was furious.

When Milburn Drysdale reached the hospital he, talked, well screamed at the head of the hospital.

"As head of this hospital I hold you responsible!"

"Mr. Drydale calm down. I assure you we will try to solve the mystery of your wife's disappearance."

Meanwhile Margret, who had been given a sedative at the hospital, was just waking up and discovering where she was. When she opened her eyes, she didn't know where she was. She thought she was blind. She couldn't see!

"Doctor, nurse!", she screamed in terror, but her scream was muffled.

"The doctor and nurse are not here. You are not in a hospital. You've been kidnaped. Ah ha ha!"said a voice. Margret thought it sounded like a cross between a Hungarian man from San Francisco whose cousins in law stored money in Milburn's bank, Dracula and an evil Russian spy.

"Let me go, you evil man!" Tears poured down Margret's cheeks. She was terrified and began to pray, knowing that if she made it out of this alive she would thank God and attend church more regularly.

"Not until I get a lot of money from your husband! You'll be a poor woman by the time he gives me ransom!"

Poverty, Milburn could never live a poor man, he'd rather die. Oh God no, would he..? The thought of her husband possibly committing suicide was painful. She prayed it wouldn't happen.

"As long as you are here, I won't leave you tied up forever. Someone to cook and clean would be nice, or maybe I should treat you as a prisoner and keep you in this room. After all what does a rich lady know about being a maid? Sveet dreams, ah ha ha" Her kidnaper smiled an evil grin.