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* * *

The two men stood under the silvery-green eucalyptus trees. One held a rifle, the other a chainsaw. Both were big
and burly, and carried machetes at their belts. All in all, they did not look like people to mess with.

They were standing in the virgin forest of the Australian outback, and judging from the mean, ugly sneers on their
faces, they were obviously not supposed to be there. The man with the chainsaw approached a tall, beautiful tree.
High in its branches, there was a mother koala, its baby clinging to its back. The chainsaw man jerked his head at
his companion, who raised his gun and aimed.

All of the sudden, a rustle in the branches behind them suddenly magnified into a swooping breeze, and a pair of
strong, slim, muscular legs enclosed in khaki shorts and sturdy brown hiking boots kicked out in opposite directions,
knocking both men to the ground, rifle and chainsaw flying out of their hands with the sheer force of the kicks to
their backs. Dazed, the man with the rifle looked up to see an astonishing sight.

A tall, coppery-haired woman, wearing a white blouse, khaki vest and shorts, hiking boots, a safari hat and a pair
of binoculars on her chest, standing a good six feet tall in her boots, looked down upon their startled faces with a
pair of mocking green eyes hard and bright as emeralds. In one slender, slightly tanned hand, she grasped a smooth
green vine, that she had obviously just swung down from. She was a beauty, but in such a way as Queen Hippolyta
of the Amazons might have been beautiful. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw rifle-man's hand reach towards
his dropped weapon, and quick as a flash of lightning, whipped out a small hunting knife from behind her back, and
sent it hurtling towards the gun. The knife lodged right in the place where the trigger was, and effectively pinned
the gun to the ground. The woman looked at both men with a half-smirk on her feminine, one rosy-bronze eyebrow
quirked challengingly.

"You men DO know that felling trees and killing wildlife in this forest is illegal, don't you?" She said in a low, silky but
chilling purr. "Oh, how silly of me. You two make your living this way, how could I forget? Naughty, naughty..." As
she was saying all this, her hands were flying behind her back, and as she finished her statements, those two hands
once again appeared from behind her back, and in an instant, the men found their hands bound with lengths of black
rope, similar to the type used to make cables for rock-climbers. The woman then leaned forward, and jerked them
to their feet. Grinning at the mutinous expression on the face of the chainsaw man, she whispered, "I used to be a
girl scout, and old habits die hard. Don't even try to untie it, you'll just end up chafing your hands. Let's hike." With
that, she shoved the two with amazing strength forward, and gave a perfect whipporwill call. On cue, a lanky young
man, with a full auburn beard and twinkling blue eyes stepped out of the shadows from behind another tree, and the
woman nodded towards the chainsaw and rifle dropped on the ground. "Peter, let's get to the chopper."

"Sure thing, Lita." Peter was obviously an Australian native, and cheerily picked up the fallen items. Then, smirking
at the men that Lita had in tow, he led the way out of the forest towards a forest clearing, where a camouflaged
heliocopter stood. Peter opened the door, and mockingly bowed rifle-man and chainsaw-man to their spots, where
they were bound, and separated. Then, Lita got into the cockpit, and the chopper flew away from the middle of the
Australian forest.

~ ~ ~

A month later, Lita, no longer wearing her wilderness gear and slightly less tanned, sat in a comfortable office. She
was one of those rare people who could look equally at home in the woody wilderness and in the staid office. Now
dressed in a forest green cowl-neck sweater that brought out her eyes and a pair of slim black jeans, Lita sat in a
cream-colored armchair across from a dark-haired, business-suited woman who was rifling through a bunch of manila

"So, what have you done during your vacation, Leets?" The black-haired woman asked as she ransacked her filing
cabinet. Lita shrugged.

"Australia's beautiful this time of the year. It's summer there, and the outback is full of different types of landscapes
and terrain. Plus, the aborigine culture is quite interesting." Lita said, her cheeks pinked with enthusiasm. "Luna, we
should all go traveling there sometime. You and the rest of the girls too."

Luna quirked an eyebrow. "Perhaps we shall, someday. Oh, and one thing." Luna fixed piercing brown eyes on Lita's
face. "I got some news of some mystery woman foiling a bunch of land-rapers. The news report said that she was
tall and had an American accent. Would you happen to know anything about that?" At that moment, she seemed to
finally find the file she was looking for, and handed it to Lita.

Lita shrugged. "Perhaps. So, I'm taking it that my newest assignment is in?" Luna nodded, and Lita opened up the
folder. Her brow furrowed slightly as she read the contents.

"Wilson Wiley, known as the Wiseman. Serial killer and kidnapper. Known to masquerade as professors in varied and
numerous scientific fields. Victims always hard to find, expert in the wilderness despite old age and dimishing physical
strength. What joy..."

Luna nodded. "You're to work this case out with Agent Nephrite, I believe you met at that Christmas party at Darien
and Serena White's mansion, after Amy and Agent Zoisite's case against Demando? Is that right? Lita? LITA?!" Luna
stared at the junoesque young woman in front of her. Generally tomboyish and very down-to-earth, Lita now had a
glazed look in her verdant eyes, and a tiny smile played at the corners of her rosebud lips. "Nicholas Steller..." She
murmured softly. An image of a tall man, one who had a few inches even over her, with nut-brown hair spilling over
his broad shoulders and dreamy eyes like sapphire stars, appeared in her mind, and Lita's pretty face was suffused
with a hint of rose.

Luna smirked, "Yes, that's him. Now, why don't I have Art Cato call him in, and you two can get acquainted." Lita
nodded quickly, and Luna picked up her telephone. "Oh, and Lita, for heaven's sake, do try to spend your time with
him WORKING, not flirting, no matter how attractive he is, okay?"

Lita nodded automatically, a grin breaking out over her face. The other girls had found love. Maybe, just maybe, it
was her turn at long last.

* * *

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