"YOU DID WHAT?" Mandy screamed in the face of the red headed youth. Billy thought nothing of telling Mandy he had accepted Mindy's invitation to the dance.

"I-I don't see what the problem is you didn't even want to go with me" Billy said a little shaken. "and I think you insulted me." He added.

"Of course I insulted you idiot." She said voice saturated with malice " Why wouldn't I when your always doing idiotic things like this."

"Well I wanted to go, she asked me and I said yes." Billy said seeing no reason why she would be mad. " What's it to you any-"

He was cut off by a very unholy combination of momentum, anger and her fist connecting to his gut. "Idiot." She said gathering her things. "Feeble minded dork." She added as she walked out of his room.

A few minutes later Billy got up and sat on his bed in lost in thought 'What a jerk…' he thought clenching his fist ' I don't have to ask her permission to do stuff...It's not like we go out…. I can do what I want…'

The next day at school Mandy pretended as if Billy hadn't ever even existed. She made light work of finding reasons not to acknowledge his presence. She even talked to Irwin. ' What? She doesn't even like Irwin.' Billy thought as he moved around the food from one square on his tray with his spork make quick glances at the two. 'Whatever, it doesn't matter.' He thought as threw his tray in the trash.

In class she even went through the trouble of changing seats with a kid so she could sit next to Irwin. Billy tried not to pay attention but the feeling of being ignored by his supposed best friend for some stupid reason he didn't know angered him. It was first time in very long time he remained silent the entire class.

At the dance

"Aren't you going to open the door for me?" said Mindy angrily

"Oh, yeah." Said Billy as he stopped the door from closing in his date's face.

"Where are you because clearly your not here on earth?"

"Ah, well I got into a sort of fight with Man–'

"I don't really care just pull yourself together." She cut him off.

'This was probably a mistake' he thought as he walked into the gym and sat down with Mindy and her friends ' But she's right I need to focus. I'm hear now and I have an obligation.' Sadly this new found maturity went right out the window the instant he looked to see Mandy in a blue dress looking stunning, just perfect , next to Irwin.

Suddenly it hit him he didn't want to be here. He didn't want to dance or partake in these tacky little rituals being observed by the people of this planet. He only wanted Mandy and to experience new things with her. He'd give up any and every holiday up for her. ' Perfect ' He thought as Irwin got up and started walking towards the punch bowl.

"Mindy, do you need a drink?" he said quickly as he started to stand.

"Why su-" She started

"Course you do, look at you, your positively parched." He stated as he walked away from the table and over to Mandy.

Mandy, very unhappy to be there hadn't noticed billy standing up and walking over to her. She hadn't even realized he had gotten there until he grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the gym. And just like that both of them were gone and no one noticed.

They were in the parking lot when Mandy had decided enough was enough. " Let go of me " she said pulling her arm away. " Why did you grab-" She was cut off.

Billy had kissed her.

After what felt like eternity passed he unlocked their lips only to be greeted by a slap. " What do you think your doing?" she yelled.

"Well I was ki-"

"Shut up know what I mean, you simp, You're here with that narcissist Mindy. why did you kiss me?"

Then there was a painful silence. Swore her heart was about to explode.

He knew why there was not need to think he paused to brace himself "Cause, Mandy, I love you."

"If you love me then why'd you come here with her?" his eye widened in shock at the fact he hadn't received any physical pain what so ever. " I told you I didn't want to have any parts in this stupid holiday and you find someone else as if I were nothing to you."

"I… I had no idea you felt that way about me… with the way you acted it seemed as if you were denying me not the holiday."

She grabbed his tie. "Well then I guess I'll make this clear, right here and now," she pulled him in for a deep kiss after a few seconds she pulled away " You are my mine. Next time I hear of you going behind my back and doing something like this you're a dead man."

Billy couldn't do anything but smile " Yes Ma'am."

"Shut up" She said as she pulled him in for another kiss.