This is my usual directionless, angsty crap, this time brought on by the scene in Hellboy II (so yes, this is strictly movie-verse, as I don't read the comics) in which the public attack Hellboy for "harming" a baby and "destroying" the city, and Liz defends him for "trying to help". I only own the DVDs.


What makes a man a man?

What makes a man a hero?

Does courage make a hero? Loyalty? Determination?

Does love make a hero? Friendship? Family?

Does loss make a hero? Sacrifice? Death?

Courage to be different.

Loyalty to his cause.

Determination to keep fighting.

A hero?

Love enough to cross over.

Friendship strong enough to die for.

Family, not by blood, but something greater.

A hero?

Loss of a father, turned him around.

Sacrifice of his freedom, to help the world.

Death was his destiny, he fought it.

A hero?

Is it action that makes a man a hero?

Saving lives, saving cities, saving the world.

Can a man do all this and not be a hero?


Then why can't people see he's a hero?