Hey everyone!

These are just a small collection of deleted or alternate scenes from 'A Life with Rose', 'Through the Stars' and 'Through Light and Dark' (if I ever get round to that one).

I'm just slowly working on these as I write my other stories. I already have several others started. A lot of these actually popped into my head AFTER I wrote the story. I am happy to take requests, in fact, I already have a few requests. Send me anything you like!

(I know a lot of you are going to ask me for Rose and Martha Year that Never Was stories. Well, I already have started one of her regeneration, and I'm afraid it would take me too long to do the entire year, so if you want something specific, just tell me and I'll see what I can do).

So, I hope you like these, and I hope to hear some requests soon!


Words of a Genius


Kind: Alternate.

When: The Shakespeare Code.


Why this wasn't included: I was just reading over it and a whole bunch of things that Shakespeare would have said about the two of them being an almost couple popped into my head. So, this is a 'what if he hadn't stopped'.



"Anyway," the Doctor said. "Time we were off. I've got a nice attic in the TARDIS where this lot," he held up the crystal orb, "can scream for all eternity. And I've got to take Martha… and ah, Rose - back to Freedonia."

"You mean travel in time and space," Shakespeare said surprising them all.

"You what?" the Doctor said flabbergasted.

"You're from another world like the Carrionites and Martha and Rose are from the future. It's not hard to work out."

"That's... incredible. You are incredible."

"Though my guess is you're not dropping Rose off in the future. She's your… well, yours. Your woman, your almost lover. The forbidden romance of your people. Being so close, yet both craving for more… Oh, I could make such a wonderful play with you two!"

Both Rose and the Doctor were stunned speechless, standing there with open mouths. Martha began to laugh.

"I think you broke them," she said. "Those two don't know how to handle denial."

"Now that's… Don't be silly… We-"

"Yeah, we… No. I mean… He's- He's an alien! He…"

Shakespeare rose an eyebrow at Martha. "You're right. They don't handle it well."

"Th-there's nothing to handle," Rose said. "I'm just his companion. Sure, there have been… moments, but he- he was just trying to save my life… And I was possessed. And I wouldn't go anywhere without him. He's the only person I have left in the universe. And he needs someone there for him. We're just friends. Really good friends."

"Are you just friends, Rose?" Shakespeare said gently. Rose looked down at the ground, trying not to shuffle her feet. "And what about you, Doctor? Think of all the things, you've done for Rose. Would you do them for other people?"

"No," the Doctor said quietly. Rose's head shot up in his direction. "I never ask twice."

"Then… what made you come back?" she said curiously.

At this the Doctor looked at her and grinned widely. "A skinny bloke with really great hair told me to."