Chapter one:

A 25 year old Beck is walking up the stairs of a large house, holding what looks like a tray of breakfast food that has a little vase with a single rose in it. He is followed up the stairs by two gorgeous children, a five year old girl and a three year old boy. They both have dark hair and hazel eyes, and are all still in their pajamas, covered in food from making the small breakfast.

"Shhhh!" He whispers. "We don't want mommy to wake up, yet!" He murmurs, rustling the girl's hair. She smiles, her eyes crinkling in a way identical to her father's. On the white wall beside the black stair case there are photos, in big, fancy frames. Pictures of the gang in high school and more recent ones. Pictures of Beck and his wife at movie premiers. Pictures of the Beck's family. Pictures of the two children. They finally reach the top of the stairs, a large framed photo of the pair of scissors a small red head gave and angry girl nine years ago.

"Daddy!" The little boy exclaims, tugging on Beck's pants.

"What?" He asks, a smile never leaving his face.

"Will mommy be mad that we are waking her up?"

"No, not at all." He says, reassuring the child. They pass a framed picture of a drawing, made by a small child it would seem, it is done in crayon, but beautifully. It is a family of four, a little boy and a girl, and two young parents hugging and kissing. There is a large clock mounted on the wall, short hand pointing to nine, and the long to the six.

"Daddy!" The girl says. "I drew a picture for mommy! It is my room, can I go get it?"

"Of course. Just be quiet." He says, and the girl runs to her room, her feet padding the black wood hall. She quietly slips into her room and comes back out with a rolled up piece of paper.

"Can I see?" Beck asks.

"Not until mommy does." She says hiding it behind her back. She has her mom's attitude, stubborn but loveable. He nods down at her.

"Ok, ok." He whispers. They reach the end of the hall, and Beck slowly opens the door. They room has white walls with small black trims, a walk-in closet on the side; a big make up table and a dresser are also present. In the middle of the room directly across from the door is a big bed, painted black. The sheets are white, but the duvet has a black and white paisley pattern on it. There is a woman sleeping in it, her black hair around her pale face.

"SHHHH!" Beck whispers one more time before they enter the room, they all walk slowly towards the bed, and then the kids run and jump onto it.

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" They all shout, and the young mom bolts up.

"Mommy! We made breakfast!" The boy says, hugging her. She smiles, her hair messy, but she looks beautiful.

"Really?" She asks. "Thank you." She says, hugging him back.

"Mommy!" The girl exclaims. "I drew you a picture." She says, holding out the paper in front of her.

"Let me see that." Jade said, taking the paper from her. It is a picture of her and Beck, a copy of the photo from their wedding day. The little girl has unspeakable talent for a five year old. "It is beautiful. You are an amazing artist." She said, hugging her daughter. Beck places the tray of food in her lap; she smiles and kisses him, just like she did in high school. "I love you." She whispers.

"I love you, too." He replies sitting beside her. "Let me see the picture." He says, looking at his daughter's work. "This is amazing." He says, pulling his daughter into his lap. "How did we make two such amazing kids?" He asked his wife.

"I don't know." She smiles, kissing her son's head. "I just know that we did."

"I helped scramble the eggs!" A small voice pipes up from the happy father's lap.

"Ok, let me try them." Jade smiles, taking a bite. "Maybe you should be a chef, not an actor." She teases, smiling at Beck.

"I helped, too!" The boy says, tugging on his mom's sleeve. "Can I be a chef?"

"Of course." She says, trying to smooth her hair. "What time is it?"

"It is only nine thirty." Beck tell her, putting his arm over her shoulder. They promised to meet up with their friends for lunch, all of their kids, too.

"Can we put the picture on the wall? Beside the real picture?" Their not-so-baby girl asks.

"Whatever you want." Jade says, taking a bit of sausage. "This is great. Thank you." She said, pulling her family in for a hug. "God, I love you guys so much."

"We love you." They all tell her. Eventually they finish breakfast, and the kids rush to their rooms to get dressed, and play a bit before they leave. Beck and Jade go into their closet, pulling out some clothes.

"Today is going to be prefect." Jade says. "Now we just have to have a perfect Father's day."

"Aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself?" Beck asks, taking off his old tee-shirt. "I mean, the day has barley started."

"It has been prefect so far." Jade replies, taking off her shirt, too. "Only one thing could make it better." She said, pulling Beck's face down for a kiss, their bare chests rubbing together. His arms wrap around her waist, hers around his neck. "We have been together for 11 years. It's crazy."

"What's crazy is how I love you more every day." He said, his lips meeting hers again. They argue a lot less now. Probably because of all of the difficulties they faced in high school. "I think all of the ice is melted." He murmurs, referring to the song she sang to him just over eight and a half years ago.

"There isn't any pain anymore, that's for sure." She whispered back, her fingers tangling in his hair. "If you had told my nine years ago that this is where we'd be, I would have gotten my scissors out and stuck them-"

"I know, babe. But that doesn't matter anymore." He says, bringing his lips to hers again, nibbling on her bottom lip. They fall back onto the bed, moving in a passion that still hasn't escaped them after 11 years. "Do we have time?" He asks.

"Yes." She replies softly, kissing him again, undoing the tie on his pajama pants. He smiles at her, and slowly climbs on top.

Afterwards, they get dressed, stopping every minute or two to kiss again. When they are finally dressed, Jade does her make-up while Beck does his hair, which he still loves (so does Jade).

"Do you like this shirt?" Beck asks.

"No." Jade replies, brushing blush over her cheek bones. She still has strong opinions, her expression is just nicer. "It's disgusting." Well, most of the time.

"Ok, how about this one?" He asks, holding up another one.

"It's better." She mutters. He pulls the one he is wearing off, revealing his still toned stomach. "Are you almost ready?" Jade asks. Beck nods.

"Are you nervous to see them?" He questions.

"Tori is gonna be all big with pregnancy fat. We haven't seen her since she told us." Jade reminds him. He nods, hugging her from behind.

"The kids are so excited to see Cat." He says, kissing the top of her head. Jade finishes up, and they leave their room, Beck going to their son's door, Jade going to their daughter's.

"Maddie, let's go!" Jade say to her daughter, who gets up off of the floor. She has dressed herself, wearing a black overall dress with a white long sleeve shirt under it, and a pair of black boots. She looks exactly like Jade. They walk downstairs together, getting everyone's jackets.

"Nate, c'mon bud!" Beck shouts from outside his son's room. He is wearing a dark green tee-shirt and a pair of black pants that are on backwards. "Here." Beck says, helping him turn the pants around.

"Jade, where are the car keys?" He yells.

"On the key rack!" She shouts back, grabbing her purse, and holding her daughter's hand. Her son toddles down the stairs and Jade picks him up, holding him on her hip. "Beck, get down here!" She yells, and he bounds down the stairs. "Can we go?" She asks, annoyed.

"Yes, babe." He says, quickly kissing her and grabbing Nate. "Are you guys excited to see Cat?"

"Do you mean Ariel?" Nate asks. Her hair was still red, and he recently saw 'The Little Mermaid', and he had heard Cat sing. Jade smiled at Beck, still holding her daughter's hand, walking out the front door to their car which was, to be quite frank, a soccer mom's van. But it was still black, which made Jade a little happier.

"What about Uncle Andre?" Beck asks.

"God, Beck. I hate that." Jade mutters. The only reason he was 'uncle' was because Beck said he should get to have at least one god-parent for their children. She strapped Maddie into her car seat and Beck got Nate into his. "You're driving." Jade says, she still doesn't like to drive in the sunlight.

"Alrighty, let's get this show on the road." Beck says, getting in the driver's side. "So, are you guys excited to see Tori and Andre?"

"Yes! Do you think Uncle Andre will sing?" Maddie asks.

"Maybe, if you ask him." Beck says, pulling out of their drive way.

When they finally arrive at the restaurant that Cat chose, they find a parking spot right in front. They walk in a few minutes late, but immediately see a very excited Cat and Robbie, a very stressed looking Andre and a very, very pregnant Tori. They walk over to the table, Cat standing and hugging everyone.

"HI!" She says in her signature way, grabbing Jade. "I missed you!"

"I missed you, too." Jade admits. "Stop hugging me." Cat jumps off and picks up Nate. "Hey, bud. What's up?"

"Nothing. What about you?" He asks, trying to sound smart. It makes Cat hug him to her chest.

"Dude, why are you so stressed?" Beck asks Andre.

"She is due next week. Babies come early all the time! What if it just… slips out?" Andre asks. Jade laughs, so does Beck and Robbie. Tori rolls her eyes. "It could happen!" He says, causing Maddie to giggle.

"See, Andre. You're being so stupid a five year old is laughing at you." Jade says. They continue to have a great lunch, dessert and everything. At the end, Robbie stand up.

"Ok, Can and I have something to tell you." He says. They are stare at him quizzically.

"We're gonna get married!" Cat screams, kissing Robbie.

"Oh my god! Cat!" Tori screams excitedly.

"Dude, that's amazing." Andre says.

"Oh, Cat!" Jade says, hugging the petite girl. Beck just nods, smiling up at everyone. His son is sitting in his lap, his daughter beside him, colouring. After lunch, they all go to the park, and hang out and talk, just like old times, except there are two children and Tori's on its way.

Eventually, it is time to say good-bye, but they know that they will see each other within the week, because they want to see Tori's and Andre's baby. By the time they get home it is almost dinner time, so Beck starts to make pasta, Jade starts with homemade meat balls, and their kids playing in the living room.

"Today was fun." Beck comments.

"I know. Tori looked the best she has in a while." Beck rolls his eyes at his wife's sense of humor. "And Cat and Robbie. They seem so excited. She asked me to be her maid of honour."

"That's great." He says, dropping some chopped up tomatoes in a pan.

"I know." She says, and gently kisses him.

They eat dinner, their children excited; they love this type of dinner. Beck is between movies, Jade is taking a break from everything so she can stay with her kids, so they all eat together.

By the end of the night, the young couple is exhausted. They flop into bed together, like they have for the past 10 years.

"Tell me that you love me." Jade whispers.

"Magic word?"

"Please?" She asks, interlocking her fingers with his.

"I love you." He replies, kissing her forehead, down her nose to her lips. "How come you never tell me you love me after you ask for me to tell you?"

"Because I asked in the first place."


"That's my way of saying it." She whispers, holding his chin, waiting for him to lean forward to kiss her. When he does, she leans into it, gripping onto his shoulders.

"You up for round two?" Beck asks, his hands sliding up from her stomach.

"Always." Jade replies.