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Beck looks around the house. It is big. Almost too big. But sort of perfect.

"Do you like it?" He asks his pregnant wife.

"Yeah." She said, looking around. "We could hang all of our pictures along that wall." She said, pointing to the wall beside the stairs. "How many bedrooms?" She asks.

"Four." He replies. "One for us, one for this one," He says, patting her small baby bump, "and as of now, two spares." He wants two kids. Jade says she will decide after one if she wants more.

"What else?" She asks.

"Big kitchen, big living room, a large dining room, and there is also a play room." He says, leading her around. "Three bathrooms, one off of the master bedroom, one down here and one upstairs."

"God, Beck. It's huge. How could we possibly afford this place?" She raises a pierced eyebrow.

"It is crazy cheap, and after the money from the movie and a bit of our savings, we have it covered, and my parents are chipping in as a birthday present." He has taken care of everything. "Come look at the back yard." He says, leading her through the kitchen to the back door.

"Oh, Beck!" She says, her hands covering her mouth. The yard is huge. It has a pool and a hot tub, and a big deck, plus a lot of green grass for playing. "It's amazing. Is this all a part of it?" She asks.

"Of course." He replies, kissing her. "I don't want to raise our first kid in a ratty RV that is parked in my parents drive way."

"Seriously, how could we possibly come anywhere close to having enough money?" Jade squeezes his hand.

"I told you, it is crazy cheap. The owner lived here with her husband for like, thirty years and then they re-did the entire place, then he died, and she is really sick, so she just wants to get it taken care of and gone. If we want it, we need to make an offer now." He tells her, nervous she'll say no. "We were the first people to see it."

"Ok. Let's do it." She says. "How did you find it?"

"I was looking through listings at Jew Brew and this old lady comes up to me and asks if I wanted to buy her house. It was pretty weird, but, hey…" He says, pointing to the yard. "We could have all of this."

"I want it." Jade says. "I really, really want it."

"Ok, let me go talk to the realtor." He says. The man is standing at the front of the house, waiting for Beck's word. Jade keeps looking over the yard, imagining her and Beck with their little baby.

"She wants it." He tells the realtor.

"Ok, what do you want to offer?"

"I don't know how this works…"

"How old are you?" Their realtor asks.

"I turn 20 in two weeks." Beck replies, not expecting a good reaction.

"Are you sure you want to do this, kid? I mean, it is a big step."

"I have been with her for 6 years. She's pregnant. We're married. She wants it. We're getting it." Beck tells him. "I live in my parents drive way. I'm not having a kid there, sleeping on the couch."

"Hey, it's your decision." The realtor tells him, and then proceeds to explain how the offers work. Beck signs a few forms, and then goes to find Jade. He sees her upstairs, looking at all of the bedrooms.

"Any problems?" She asks, looking nervous. Beck shakes his head, and looks into the master bedroom. He could imagine them in there, laughing, talking, and playing with their baby, and doing other… things. "You OK?" Jade asks him.

"Perfect." He says, holding her tight.

"Can I go ask the realtor some questions?"

"Sure," Beck says, holing her hand and leading her down the stairs. Jade walk over to him, he is at the kitchen counter looking over some papers.

"Hi, I'm Beck's wife, Jade." She says, extending her hand. He looks down at it, disapprovingly. Jade retracts her hand, it falling to her side. She starts to silently fume.

"So I've heard."

"EXCUSE ME?" Jade shouts.

"Well, you guys seem pretty young to be-"

"Yeah, well, we love each other. I don't give a flying fuck about your opinion on our relationship. I just wanted to ask about how long the offer will take to go through." She says, and if looks could kill that guy would be so long gone.

"It should only take about 24 hours, at which time I will call you." He informs her.

"How much after that will it be move-in ready?" She asks.

"Right away." He says.

"Ok, so by tomorrow or the next day we might have a house?" Beck asks.

"Yes." He says. Jade smiles up at Beck, and they kiss, long and hard, so much that the realtor leaves them standing in the kitchen.

"This is so perfect." Beck murmurs.

"I know." Jade mumbles back, before Beck kneels in front of her, his hands on her stomach.

"We're doing this for you." He says, speaking to her tummy. "It is all for you." He whispers, leaning forward and kissing her belly. "I can't wait to meet you. I hope you have your mother's eyes." He said, his thumbs rubbing where his baby is hidden.

"Beck, stand up!" Jade hisses, and Beck rolls his eyes.

"I've gotta go, baby. Upstairs is calling." He says, standing. "I can't believe that we've made it this far." Usually this would offend Jade, it just makes her smile.

"Me neither." Jade says kissing him again. "God, everything is almost perfect. I keep waiting for it to get screwed up."

"Don't." Beck says, grasping her hand. "You wanna go home?" He asks,

"I think we're already here."

By the time they are at the RV, Jade is tired, turns out growing a person is pretty freaking exhausting. Beck gets out his computer and starts to check his email, scrolling through ones from Robbie and Tori and Andre. Then he sees one from his agent. He opens it and takes in a deep breath. Everything is going right.

"Beck? What's wrong?" Jade asks.

"I got another job. A big one." He says, kissing her. "Jade, the money is amazing. I don't even have to leave town. It is right here in LA."

"Beck! Oh my god!" She shrieks, kissing him back. "Oh god." She says, everything sinking in. She is in a long term relationship. She is married. She is living with her husband. She is three months away from being 20. She is thirteen weeks pregnant. They are going to buy a house. He is going to get to live his dream.

"Is something wrong?" He asks,


At exactly 3:22 the next day their realtor calls. Beck answers his phone and mutes the TV.

"Is it…?" Jade asks. Beck nods.

"Really?" Beck asks.

"That's amazing." Then a series of 'yeses' and 'I understands' are said, Beck is gripping Jade's hand. Jade is smiling widely.

"Yes, I have it covered." He says. "Ok, thank you." He is so excited. "When can we move in?" He asks. "Three days from now? OK." He hangs up.

"Beck?" Jade says, looking at him.

"We've got it!" He says, pulling her up from sitting on the bed, hugging her and spinning her around.

"Beck, stop. I'm gonna puke." She says, and he puts her down. Her hand goes to her mouth, but she gets a grip and smiles. "We need to buy furniture. I'm not moving into a huge house sleeping on this thing." She says, pointing to his twin sized bed.

"Ok, we can go right now." He says, grabbing his car keys and jacket. Jade follows right behind him, throwing on a jacket.

"I like this bed." Beck said, pointing to yet another bed.

"I hate it." Jade looks around at the other beds, until she sees one she likes. "I want this one." Beck looks at it, and decides he can agree.

"Ok." He says, sitting on the bed. "It is really soft." Jade sits beside him, nodding. He gently kisses her. "I'm gonna go find the saleslady."

"Not the one who hit on you!" Jade says Beck rolls his eyes.

"Excuse me?" He asks, tapping a sales woman on the shoulder. "My wife and I are interested in buying a bed." She looks surprised when he says 'wife', he barley looks older than 19. She nods and walks over to where Jade is sitting on the bed, looking at her black finger nails. Everything this week had made her feel like an adult… Buying a house, buying furniture for the house… Beck's new job.

"So can we get it?" Jade asks, looking up at Beck.

"Whatever you want, babe." He says, holding her hand. "Whatever you want." Jade smiles, squeezing his hand. They go through the process of buying the bed, and ask for it to be delivered to their new house in three days. "Everything is sinking in." Beck says, his arm around Jade's shoulders.

"I know." Jade says, her fingers linked with his. "Can we go home?" She asks.

"Yep." Pregnancy is definitely doing good things for Jade. She is happier, less argumentative, more excited for things. "We need more things, though."

"Can we get them tomorrow?"

"Sure." He says, leading her out of the store. "I'm gonna miss my RV."

"I think I will, too." She says. "But now we have another place to have memories." She whispers, shivering because she didn't wear a jacket. "Give me your jacket." She commands, and he shrugs it off, throwing it over her shoulders. He smiles to himself, remembering when Meredith agreed to everything he said, including wearing his jacket. The way Jade said it made him so much happier, no matter how rude.

"I love you." He says. "You make me happy."