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(This take place just after Ellen escapes the house during the true ending.)


"Ghg... ...gha... ...hh... ...hh."

She said only for a day, she said that we would only switch bodies for a day, but she lied! She betrayed me and I was so foolish to trust her. Ellen's body hurts so much, the pain is unbearable, I want my body back!

It was so hard to continue dragging myself by my arms, how could Ellen be so cruel as to cut off her own legs? All I could see was darkness because she had torn out her eyes before we switched places, why would she do such a thing? It was hard to continue on when I couldn't see, couldn't walk, unable to speak and was in constant pain. I was able to use only a simple spell I found to give me enough strength to chase after Ellen out of the house, it didn't last long after I managed to get out of the house.

Bloody tears were streaming down my face from all the pain and the pain of betrayal as I kept pulling myself towards the path leading away from the house. I couldn't tell how far I was from Ellen but I wanted my body back from her, so I didn't care how long I had to travel, I wanted to be rid of this pain!

~Third POV~

As Viola in Ellen's mutilated body continued to crawl along the path leaving a trail of blood behind her, a young woman watched from behind the trees at the poor witch, well a human in a witch's body. Deciding not to hide any longer the woman walked towards the path to where Viola was crawling and stopped a few feet in front of her.

Her black hooded cloak covered the majority of her dark blue and black dress, the hood was down to show that the woman had silver hair put into a loose braid going down her back and her eyes were a reddish-pink that constrasted against her pale skin. When Viola crawled just a few inches towards her, the woman knelt down and placed her hand on her cheek.

"It feels horrible, doesn't it?" She spoke to Viola in a coaxing voice and to let her hear that she wasn't Ellen. "To be betrayed by a friend, forced to stay in so much pain in a horrid body while she selfishly keeps your beautiful, healthy body."

More bloody tears fell down Viola's face as the woman ran her hand through the purple locks of Ellen's former hair. Viola tried to speak but hardly any words were able to be formed due to the 'medicine' Ellen had given Viola for her pain which had no effect and only succeeded in burning her vocal cords. The silver haired woman kindly smiled as she pulled her hand back and looked behind her to see if the witch who stole Viola's body was still nearby. Since the witch Ellen was in Viola's body, she had no magic to sense which made it difficult to locate her but it didn't matter at this point.

The woman carefully began to pick up Viola, not caring if she got blood on her or not, and carried her into the forest that she came from but stopped when they were behind some trees. Viola tried to tell the woman that she had to go after Ellen but the silver haired woman put a single finger on Viola's lips to silence her.

"If you continue to go after her your life will end and you'll never get your body back." When Viola heard that being said more blood tears streamed down her face. "Let me help you and in time you will get your body back."

Viola had no idea what to make of the woman who was carrying her, she wanted to believe what she was saying but with what happened between her and Ellen she couldn't bring herself to trust the woman. She didn't even know who she was and had no idea why she was helping her but she knew for certain that she didn't want to die.

"I-i..." Viola tried to voice her wish not to die but the woman silenced her again by the same means she used.

"I know..." The woman paused as she muttered an incantation under her breath and on the path appeared a copy of Viola that was heading towards Ellen. "Now all there is to do for now is to make the girl think you're gone."


'Make Ellen think I'm gone?' The idea sounded impossible, 'Is she a witch too?'

"Viola, not all witches are wicked." The woman's soft, kind voice said to me, "The only time we're wicked is if there's something to gain from such a thing, like our magic."

After my little experience with witches I couldn't exactly let myself trust this woman, regardless if she was helping me or not. The last thing I wanted was to be betrayed again and possibly get killed later instead of now if what the woman said was true or not.

I felt the woman put her hand over my nonexistent eyes and before I knew I could see Ellen in front of me, looking down at me.

"Ghg... ...gha... ...hh... ...hh." I tried speaking but croaking sounds were all that left my mouth, "...grh... zh... ..."

"Boy, you're stubborn." She unenthusiastically said to me as she stepped closer to me then stabbed me with the knife she got from the locked cabinet. "How long are you going to chase me? You know that body won't last long." Her, my eyes looked cold as she stared at me with the bloody knife in her hand.

With blood running down the right side of my face from where Ellen had cut me, I tried speaking once more, "...gra... ...uhh... ... ...uff..."

As Ellen began walking away from me in my own body she cocked her head slightly to the right, "Hm?" She sounded like she had tried to make sense of what I was trying to say, " 'Give it back?' No way. This body hurts much less."

Hearing her say that made me so mad, mad at her and mad at myself for being so foolish to think she'd ever agree to give me my body back when her day was up. Now I'm facing the consquences of my naivety.

"You gave it to me in the first place." Ellen said to me, acting as if I just handed my body over to her as a present, she walked closer to me and had towered over her breaking body, "Why should I give it back?"

'BECAUSE IT'S MY BODY!' I mentally screamed at her but if I tried to voice my anger and reason she should give it back it would only come out as incoherent.

"Right..." she knelt down to be eye-level with me, "Viola?" Then as quickly as she knelt down, she got back up and began walking away again but stopped, "You felt so sorry for me. I couldn't even move from my bed." I couldn't see her face since her back was facing me but I could tell she was smiling, relishing that she tricked me to get my body. "That's why I used my magic to trade bodies with you. Just for a day?" She lightly laughed as if it was a joke she only knew, "I guess I did say that." She turned to me once more and looked amused, "I'm surprised you were able to trap me with my own power... but, to no avail."

'I did well enough, practicing was all I could do because you forced me to be bedridden.'

"After all, it's my house, yes? It wouldn't be killing me anytime soon." She smiled, "I was guided by that house all the way. So I was ensured to escape."

I should've known that since that huge mansion was her house, she'd be able to escape even with my using her magic. There was nothing else I could do other than to make the house constantly change and make things difficult for her, I wasn't as skilled as she was.

"..." Ellen looked at me with a puzzled look on her face, "Still not dead? I have to applaud your tenacity." Suddenly she looked at if something had hit her, "Ah, could it be... Are you that worried about your father?"

I felt the anger inside me boil even more but now it was mixed with worry, 'Stay away from him!'

Ellen turned away from me yet again, refusing to look at what she used to be. "Oh, I know. You and your father, Viola. A close family of two."

I wanted to tell her that she knew nothing about my father and I but when I tried to think back on my memories, I realized that this body, Ellen's body, didn't have my memories.

"Those memories stayed in your body. He's a kind man. A hunter, isn't he?" She asked even though she knew the answer already, "And he even sent you that letter. What a good father." Ellen turned back to me and began getting closer to me once more, "So then, I suppose you're worried about what'll happen when you're gone?" Ellen walked back over to me, knelt down and held my face in her hands, "It'll be just fine. I'll give him Viola's share of love." She smiled even more, "And I'll take her share of love, too. So..."

"Viola?" A man's voice called out and footsteps running on the path were getting closer.


When my father got closer to Ellen she ran up to him and hugged him! "Viola?! Are you safe?! Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I'm okay daddy," Ellen had the nerve to call my father her own, more tears ran down my face as he didn't know what had happened.

'Daddy... That's not me! Daddy..."

Ellen then went to my father's side and feigned fear, knowing that once she moved he would see me. "What?! Why..." he then looked back towards me as I started trying to crawl to him.

"Fh... ah... aa... th..." I tried calling my father but not even I was sure he could understand me, "...dh ...dha... di..."


Hearing that shattered my heart, he couldn't hear me, he didn't know. In one last attempt to tell him that I was his daughter and not the witch in my body I tried reaching out to him, but he raised his gun. He must've been hunter before coming out to look for me.


Pain enveloped the left side of my head, it hurt so much that I couldn't bring myself to move anymore. Even though I hadn't moved, my father shot me again as if to make sure I was dead. Once he believed that I had truely died, as I thought I had died right there, I could still see my daddy walk back towards Ellen and tell her that they were going back home. I had no control over the body that had been shot and I wanted to cry even more when Ellen stopped and giggled at what happened then went to catch up with my father.

"She now believes you're dead." The woman's voice whispered in my ear as her hand uncovered my eyes and I went back to seeing darkness. "Now it's time to go home and for you to start healing."

(This is my first attempt at a 'The Witch's House' story. I've played the game and went through the Normal Ending and the True ending. I'll have to play again for the third-psuedo ending, but I saw a video of it on youtube. I know this isn't my longest first chapter I've ever written but I felt it was okay for a start. Hope this isn't too confusing for a read and hope you enjoy it, please read and review.)