I know this isn't what you're wanting to see but I feel like I should leave a note explaining a thing or two. First off, I'm really happy at all the reviews for this story because I never thought that it would get that popular but I don't know if I'll ever get back to it. Maybe if I play the game a few times more to get the motivation I'd probably be able to throw out another chapter but until then this story is kinda on a haitus.

Secondly, when I read my thirtieth review from Rukifellth I wanted to reply back 'I just discovered 'The Diary of Ellen' last night and am still reading it, so of course there's going to be mistakes. This story was made probably before the prequel was released and translated into English.' So putting that into consideration I may go back and edit some of the story so that it makes sense with the prequel pertaining to Ellen's degenerative disease.

So until the time comes where I'm finally in the mood to write more 'A Witch's Revenge' there won't be another update for a while. A thousand apologies for this.