The General's prisoner

This is a short hurt-comfort story in five parts, concentrating on Zero and Kaname and their relationship. It is an experiment of depicting characters who must deal maturely with a terrible past. Reader discretion advised.

~{}~ signifies a change in time or perspective

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, these awesome characters do not belong to me in any way. They belong to Matsuri Hino, I just love to use them over and over in my twisted stories... ;)

Summary: General Zero Kiryu has changed the face of the world, scouring it of the vampire race. Emotionally scarred by years of war and revenge upon all vampires, he nears completion of his life's work when finally the last pureblood is brought before him for judgement. What will his verdict be, when this pureblood is none other than Kaname Kuran, an old enemy from a time long gone?

Rated M: implied non-con & violence, emotional M/M lemon (if you're not into M/M, do not read)

AN: I apologize, if my description was deceiving and anyone felt this story was a waste of their time. That was not my intention.

To those of you who want to continue reading - I apologize for taking so long. A few things in my life needed serious sorting out. I will also be continuing my other story 'Unexpectedly Close To The Edge' as soon as possible. I hope you like it and feel free to let me know what you think.

Part IV: Love

Their relationship progressed tentatively.

Kaname fell back into his servant routine frequently. Zero kept reminding him that he needn't service him, but the pureblood did so anyway. He enjoyed cooking and didn't mind cleaning. He wanted to do these things. He wanted to do them for Zero. The hunter's smile was a reward that no money or wealth could ever compete with. Ever since he had found out how fragile the hunter truly was, he learned to pay extra attention to his scarcely expressed emotions. Zero still made no move to touch him and spoke little. Everything was almost like it had been before the pureblood had gone to the dungeon. Only now Kaname didn't need to fear physical punishment.

Time went by as Kaname re-learned to stay at the hunter's side and Zero adapted to not having to work anymore. The hunter's estate was an entire island, well-chosen for privacy. There was only one side where the beach offered a landing spot. Other than that, only a helicopter would be able to reach the island. Visitors could be spotted well in advance. Food and other supplies were brought by regularly every week by a human. The burly boatman stayed only for short chats with the hunter before his business called again and at those times the pureblood didn't reveal himself.

Sometimes an old hunter companion would pay a respectful visit and Kaname would dim his aura to avoid detection. But other than that, they were undisturbed.

Together, they would take walks or read quietly side by side by the sea. Oftentimes, Kaname wished that he could caress the hunter's face, hug him tightly or gently stroke his hair. But he didn't know how it would be received, so he never dared to. All Zero would allow of his own was a soft kiss on the knuckles of his hand, before he would gently pull away in embarrassment. But Kaname knew not to be frustrated. He didn't wish to upset the hunter with rash advances, so he retained himself.


Half a year had passed, and they lay in the bed next to each other as they always did. Their conversation dwindled slowly as they spoke about the blooming of the Sakura trees. Kaname had a feeling that the hunter was especially melancholy when it came to the Sakura tree, though he didn't know why. But he didn't trust himself to provide comfort with well-meant but wrongly phrased words. And physical closeness was still something the hunter was unaccustomed to. The pureblood was just about to drift off to sleep when he felt Zero's fingers softly weave into the strands of his hair.

He forced himself to continue breathing normally, but his heartbeat raced instantly. He knew Zero could hear it and the hand pulled back again as though it had been burned.

"S... sorry..." the hunter muttered.

"Please..." Kaname whispered. "Don't be. I... I like it."

Zero's fingers remained in mid-air, frozen in the middle of their movement.

"Are... Are you... sure...?" he asked hesitantly.

Kaname wrapped his own slender fingers around the hunter's and brought the large hand to his cheek. He kissed the palm and smiled.

"I am sure. You won't ever hurt me."

He found he truly didn't fear the hunter as Zero's fingertips slid across his face, their touch tingling on his skin. With painstaking slowness, Zero traced the pureblood's entire face until his fingertips finally came to rest on Kaname's lips. On instinct, the pureblood kissed them. Zero shivered.

Then, he pulled his fingers away in embarrassment. There was that look of vulnerability again, Kaname thought to himself. It made him want to kiss the hunter's lips just to see if it would go away, but he refused to give in to that. Though the pureblood was beginning to long for more intimate closeness, he would leave the initiative with Zero.


It was quite a while before the hunter granted Kaname some of the closeness he longed for. He had already began to wonder if he should initiate a soft kiss and had decided not to. He didn't want Zero to feel overwhelmed and retreat into passivity. It really would be better to leave the initiative with Zero. But, of course, that was only half of the truth.

Kaname feared rejection himself. He didn't want to disappoint the hunter ever again. But he also wasn't sure about how well he could handle physical intimacy himself. He thought he could, but depending on the hunter's reaction, perhaps he might fear it. Touching the face was one thing, going lower something entirely different. He couldn't be certain that in the end he wouldn't shy away from Zero's touch, humiliating himself. And so he decided that he would admire Zero quietly from a distance. It was safer for both of them. After all, Kaname convinced himself, it would take Zero a while before he trusted Kaname - if he ever did.

But one day things did change. The hunter walked in on him in the bathroom as he was about to shower. That happened often and usually none of them thought much about it but for some reason, today was different. The pureblood stood there naked, laying out a towel for himself. He didn't pay the hunter much attention, but when Zero seemed frozen in the doorway, Kaname turned to face him with a question on his lips.

The look he received instantly made him blush self-consciously and all words eluded him. Zero's attentive gaze wandered across his entire body without restraint and the pureblood noticed that there was a distinct glint of curiosity in his eyes.

He felt undeniable heat rise in his body at that gaze. His heart pounded even harder as the hunter walked towards him. Bare-chested, wearing only slacks, Zero was a tempting sight to the pureblood and Kaname found himself craving more intimacy no matter the possible fear. So when Zero lifted his hand, about to grant that wish, Kaname's breath caught in excitement. Seeing that, the hunter hesitated.

"May I...?" he whispered.

The pureblood could only nod.

Kaname just knew his eyes fluttered as the gentle fingers caressed the skin of his torso, he knew his heart beat raced as the hunter's scent flooded his senses and he knew his skin rippled waves of goosebumps as he felt the warm breath brush past his throat. Yet, to his delight, Zero didn't stop. With seemingly endless patience, he explored the pureblood's skin with his fingertips, the lightly calloused skin tracing every inch it could find. Kaname was so caught up in the hunter's attention that all he could do was to reach out to hold onto the hunter's arms for fear of falling.

He felt like melting when Zero slid both arms around him and fully embraced him ever so gently, enveloping him entirely in the hunter's scent and warmth. He could feel every strand of the hunter's muscles press against him. Their cheeks touched. Kaname felt the hunter hesitantly brush their noses together as well, his warm breath ghosting over his own waiting lips. The pureblood closed the remaining distance and very softly kissed Zero. It was meant as an invitation and Kaname hoped he would understand it as such, because he just couldn't stop himself any longer.

When the hunter's soft lips answered tentatively, Kaname almost cried. The hunter took his time - holding the slender pureblood close and exploring the sensation of their lips together. Though Kaname's body urged him to claim that hesitant mouth with his tongue without mercy, he let the hunter take control, making this the most hesitant and yet sweetest kiss Kaname had ever had. He melted into it entirely. The longer it lasted the more he felt how the hunter strained to control himself. His hold on the pureblod became stronger, yet his kiss remained sweet and tender. It was barely more then a chaste ghosting of lips against each other and a soft nibble, but by the time Zero's questing lips pulled away, Kaname was breathless with need. His naked body openly betrayed his desire, it was all he could do not to moan wantonly.

"More..." he whispered shakily.

Zero looked at him curiously without speaking, a glint of amusement in his eye. But he didn't taunt or deny him. The lilac eyes fluttered shut as those soft lips met his again. Zero slid his strong hands across his back until one palm cupped his head and the other pressed his lower back even closer. In between surging waves of desire as their crotches met and rubbed, Kaname was amazed at the hunter's quick learning. Perhaps it was simply his intuition - but Zero managed to hold him and kiss him like no one else ever had. With ease he took control over the pureblood, cradling him gently, yet possessively and molding his lips onto his with infinite care but with clear intent. Kaname had never yet felt so cared for while burning up with need so desperately. Zero appeared to be a natural - with ease he made the pureblood weak, drawing embarassingly wanton moans from his mouth with just a kiss and a hug.

He opened his mouth in a low gasp for air and the hunter's tongue slid inside. Kaname delighted in the sensation of Zero's probing tongue exploring his entire mouth and sucked softly at the wet muscle to taste his flavor. A low rumble rose from Zero's throat and Kaname felt him shiver. Obviously, he was turned on by their making out as much as he was. Kaname took that as a good sign, but then Zero pulled away panting heavily. Still holding the pureblood closely he pressed their foreheads together and forced his breath to calm. Reluctantly, Kaname let it happen, though he wanted even more. He wanted to stay in Zero's arms and never let go anymore.

A few seconds passed.

Then Zero's eyes searched his with quiet thoughtfulness as he ran his fingers through the wavy dark hair. Through the hunter's slacks, Kaname felt Zero's arousal prominently throbbing against his own but there was no evidence of clouded lust in his lilac gaze as there should have been, only concern. Kaname was still entranced by their kiss, he didn't want the hunter to think too much, but perhaps it was still too early to have that wish granted. Zero's touch was instantly and entirely intimate. Wonderfully intimate - that kiss, the hug... never had he felt so cherished and cared for in anyone's arms before. How could the hunter doubt himself so?

But he could clearly see the inhibition in the hunter's look. He felt those talented lips brush his forehead before the strong hold loosened and the hunter released him.

"I refuse to hurt you anymore." he said quietly, dropping his hand from Kaname's hair.

"You aren't."

"But I might..."

He left the dazed and confused pureblood in the bathroom to deal with his arousal by himself.


Zero distanced himself from then on. Not only did he not make a move toward Kaname for over a month, but he spoke even less and trained his body with gruelling workouts for hours. Kaname was beginning to despair. Just when he'd thought the hunter would be inclined to grant more intimacy, he pulled back and left the pureblood craving for more. It was harder than ever to ignore his needs, knowing what those lips felt like, knowing what his kiss tasted like, remembering in detail every touch the hunter had given.

Kaname didn't understand why Zero believed he would hurt him, not after how he had managed to set the pureblood on fire so easily. With longing, he admired the silver haired hunter, watching him through hours of excercise imagining the strong arms around himself. He stole glances at the hunter's face whenever he got the chance and couldn't help the tightness in his pants as his eyes lingered on those lips. With growing desire, he followed the hunter's body with his eyes whenever he moved, desiring the soft skin against his own, imagining the strong thighs pressing his apart. Though they lived together, Kaname felt the huge distance of unspoken pains in Zero's past between them and it was killing him. Yet he didn't dare to push the hunter. So all he could do was wait and pray that the hunter might decide to share some part of himself.

Zero didn't miss a single look Kaname gave him. For an entire month, the pureblood looked at him with a longing in his eyes that tempted Zero to claim him hard over and over again. The pureblood's body language was clear. The prominent bulge that would form between his legs when he trailed his hungry gaze down Zero's body, the blush that spread across his cheeks when Kaname watched the hunter's lips close around a mouthful of food and the unmistakable racing of the pureblood's heart whenever Zero crawled into their bed naked.

With all the effort he could muster, he concealed the pureblood's effect on him. He tried to ignore how the quiet attentive burgundy eyes softened his resolve everytime their gazes met. He told himself he would not fall prey to the immaculate looks of his companion whenever the moonlight caressed his elegant cheekbone or brought out the gentle curve of his luscious lips. And though there wasn't much skin to be seen when the pureblood wore the simple black shirt and slacks, Zero had to suppress his burning need every time Kaname was close. There was simply no way to ignore that Kaname was perfect. Though his broad shoulders filled out the shirt effortlessly, the rest of his slender body was pleasantly highlighted with the way those slacks rested on narrow hips and fell down over his long legs.

None of these details escaped the hunter. But he was afraid he might lose it again, that he'd repeat what happened so long ago. That he might hurt Kaname... he didn't want to risk it. And every time he remembered that shameful episode of his life, his disgust over himself won out against the consuming heat of pleasure. And so Zero urged his body through yet another series of kicks and punches that served mainly to tire him out as much as possible, because now there simply were no more enemies to fight.

Utterly exhausted, the former general lay in his bed under the covers next to the pureblood. They said nothing even though it was evident that they were both awake. Zero's distant behavior had inspired Kaname to serve him entirely like he had before and though it hurt the hunter, he said nothing to change that. He couldn't distance himself on the one hand and then ask for informality on the other. So he suppressed his wince everytime Kaname addressed him as Zero-sama and bowed to his presence.

But after a month of all his effort, even the horrible images of his past could not conceal it any longer. The pureblood was damn irresistible to him. And there was no way to ignore that forever.

He had hoped to fall asleep quickly. And by any standards, his exhausted body should have complied. But it didn't. He lay there staring at the ceiling while he heard Kaname's heartbeat right next to him. It was too fast. His breathing was too rapid. Zero could not ignore the pureblood's scent of arousal all around them. Though he was trying to hide it, Kaname was flushed and needy right there just a few inches away from him.

Zero could resist no longer. His curious fingers reached out and ghosted across Kaname's chest. He hadn't even truly intended to arouse the pureblood even more. Perhaps he had meant it more to be a soothing caress, but upon contact, the flushed brunette moaned wantonly, his heartbeat thudding loudly enough to make Zero wonder if it wouldn't jump right out of the pureblood's swiftly rising and falling chest.

It turned the hunter on incredibly. Unbidden, his fingers began to explore Kaname's body tenderly, drawing pleasurable sounds from the pureblood. Every contact between their skins had the perfect body under his hand tremble with the shivers that raced through it. Zero was fascinated. He forgot his inhibitions, he forgot the images of his terrible acts in the past, he even forgot his own exhaustion and unfulfillment. At the sight of Kaname so needy and sensitive beneath his fingers, he was wholly entranced.

Kaname didn't dare to open his eyes. This had to be a dream. And he most certainly didn't want to wake from it. Zero's fingers were on him. His fingertips were exploring his skin. It was heaven. Almost accidentally, they brushed the hard buds of his nipples and Kaname squirmed through a languid moan. He was too sensitive, he was too responsive to this hunter. He had never experienced anything like this before. It was like he had no choice - his body submitted to those touches without even allowing him to intervene. Kaname shivered helplessly under the soft caresses. When Zero's questing hands wandered south and reached the throbbing arousal between his squirming legs, Kaname's eyes flew open as he cried out and clutched at the hunter.

It took only a few strokes and the pureblood climaxed violently under his hands. Entranced, Zero watched him lost in his orgasm, watched the flushed lips part to reveal unsheethed fangs as his voice cried out, watched the pale body shudder uncontrolled in pleasure until a sated smile formed on his face as his movements quieted again.

It was a very beautiful sight. Zero didn't think as he kissed the pureblood and wrapped his arms around him. Kaname just melted into his embrace, his body still shivering. Silently, they both fell asleep.


As predicted, it took a while before the hunter became more comfortable with their growing closeness. Kaname wondered sometimes if he would ever get to see the kind of lover Zero would have been without his traumatic experiences. Strangely enough, Kaname himself had little qualms about their intimacy. Though he had also gone through terrible experiences, his fear was not as deeply rooted. Perhaps that was because as a pureblood vampire, he had been raised to accept a certain amount of ruthlessness and cruelty.

But as time wore on, their relationship slowly deepened. Zero became more open and their kisses became less hesitant. He stopped asking whether he was allowed to touch Kaname and just did it. Oftentimes he would sneak up on the pureblood from behind and before Kaname would notice him, he would nip at the skin of his throat raising an army of goosebumps from the hairline to his shoulders. Aside from the highly sensual experience of having Zero's lips brush his skin, it was also his amused chuckle that made the pureblood's heartbeat race every time. Knowing that the hunter enjoyed this made him very happy.

Every now and then, Kaname believed to catch a glimpse of the uninhibited Zero he longed to get to know. When the hunter forgot his qualms, he would kiss so passionately and dominantly that just the memory took the pureblood's breath away. He loved that part of the hunter, when he didn't doubt himself and shared his pleasure without restraint, when he would cradle the pureblood tightly while teasing him with kisses, when the hunter's mouth met his lovingly but determinedly and left him with no option but surrender. But still, it was yet a rare occurrence.


Calling out each other's names in hoarse gasps, both the pureblood and the hunter shuddered and trembled as the evidence of their combined orgasm dripped from the hunter's hot fingers. The two naked bodies fell back into the cushions of the soft bed, glistening with perspiration in the moonlight that filtered in through the curtains. In the silence of the night, their breaths slowly evened out while they rested together. Kaname relished the warmth of Zero's embrace as a cool breeze blew in through the open window. He liked to fall asleep in the hunter's arms and Zero never denied him. Content, he nuzzled into the hunter's chest.

It was strange in a very sweet way, he thought, that both he - the powerful pureblood and once revered king of his race - and Zero - the former general and strongest hunter of his time - needed each other's embrace like drowning men. But Kaname didn't mind. Becoming this hunter's servant had permanently changed him somehow. Until that day, he had known servitude to be nothing but an obligation of the weak and powerless. But Zero had shown him the other side of that coin. He had shown him that belonging to someone also meant being under their care and protection. And Zero's care had certainly not been a hardship.

After he had taken the hunter's advice to find purpose elsewhere than before, Kaname had been astonished to find that he was able to be content. Even during the years before the war he had never felt so calm and yes, as stupid as it sounded, happy. He had been happy. It was a gift Zero had given him - a very precious gift. He had decided a while ago that he wanted to give the hunter something in return, he wanted to give himself. But though the pureblood longed for more, Zero seemed adamant at never going beyond mutual hand jobs.

He ran his fingers over the hunter's arm, drawing invisible patterns onto the smooth skin, trying to find the right words.
"Zero, will you make love to me?" Kaname asked, finally plucking up the courage to voice his wish.

The hunter tensed. Kaname usually loved the feeling of Zero's strong muscular torso around him, but of course, the reason he tensed now was not at all to his liking.

Zero pulled away. Kaname knew the hunter would find his request difficult to accept. He hadn't expected him to be so opposed to it, though.

"I... I can't." he said with finality.

Kaname regarded the silent hunter as he sat on the side of the bed, his back turned to the pureblood staring out the window.

"Why not?" he asked.

Zero didn't answer. Kaname hugged him from behind. "You won't hurt me, Zero. I know it."

"You don't understand." the hunter said. Kaname frowned. Then he got up and knelt on the floor in front of the hunter just like he had in his days of being a slave. Only now, he chose to look up at the silver haired hunter. He knew about Zero's distaste of him behaving servile. But he wanted a reaction. He didn't want him to retreat into his dark memories and wait them out in silence.

"Make me understand then." he said softly.

"Don't kneel like that." the hunter growled. Kaname laid his head onto the hunter's thigh. He knew better than to misinterpret the gruff words. Zero didn't want him to be servile, that was all.

"If it's the only way you'll look at me, I'll stay here on the floor all night." Kaname said.

Zero closed his eyes and bit his lip.

"It doesn't matter. I can't. And I won't."

"Why?" Kaname asked simply.

There was a long silence. Kaname knew better than to become impatient. The hunter was very slow when working through his emotions and also very reluctant at explaining himself. Patience and subtle coaxing were the only way to get him to open up.

"You don't know what they had me do... Kaname." Zero whispered.

The pureblood plainly heard the disgust and regret in his voice.

"It wasn't your fault, Zero." Kaname said in a soothing tone. He didn't know what it was that had happened, but he was sure that it was not the hunter's fault.

"Yagari said the same thing, you know." Zero said quietly. "But you're both wrong."

Kaname waited for an explanation and indeed, the hunter started to speak haltingly.

"Yagari... worked them so long that they finally agreed to let me return to being a hunter. But... they made... demands to my redemption." he paused, his gaze lost in memory.

"They locked me in a cell with her. Left me starving and wounded... She was a little girl, no more than ten years old - she had nothing to do with the war or anything. Nothing at all... Her only fault was that she was born a vampire..."

Zero's jaw clenched in anger.

"They gave me a choice: prove that I was a hunter or go back to the dungeon."

Weary eyes met Kaname's patient gaze. The silver hair trembled as he shook his head in regret and disgust.

"I was weak, Kaname." he said, his voice laden with self-condemnation.

"I should have refused and gone back to the dungeon. I knew it was wrong... I... I should never have been so... weak to accept that deal. But I was."

"What was the deal?" Kaname asked.

"Rape her. Without biting her... until she..." Zero didn't finish.

"How can you want me, Kaname!" the hunter cried out "I raped a little girl to death..."

Kaname reached up to soothe away the tears that fell from the hunter's eyes. With all he had already told him and everything he'd gone through, this was the first time the pureblood had seen him cry.

"I can't ever do that again..." he whispered hoarsely.

"You won't." Kaname said. The pureblood rose and pulled the hunter up with him. "I asked you to make love to me. Not to rape me, Zero. To make love - I know you can. Certainly, when you were young, you must have had somebody to make love to...?"

The hunter shook his head.

"You never...?"

"No. I only know how to rape and be raped." he said with bitter resentment.

"Then let me be the one to teach you otherwise." Kaname said, nuzzling the hunter's cheek and hugging him fiercely.

Zero nodded numbly.

"Hey." Kaname stroked the silky silver hair. "They blackmailed you, Zero. Surviving that doesn't make you a bad person. I know better than anyone that you don't take advantage of the weak."

He kissed the hunter every bit as softly as he had been kissed at their first kiss. "You can't possibly know how much I adore you, Zero." Another kiss.
"Because you care." Kiss. "Because you are gentle, despite what they tried to turn you into." Kiss. "You are strong, Zero. So strong. And still so gentle..."

Kaname snuggled in close to the hunter. Burying his face in the crook of his neck, he inhaled deeply. The hunter's blood tempted him greately, but years of attempting co-existance left the pureblood with immense control over his thirst.

"Make love to me, Zero. Please." he asked softly before kissing the pale skin.

Kaname didn't wait for an answer. Instead, he pushed the hunter back onto the bed and straddled him. He didn't want Zero to linger with those memories. He wanted to erase them all and have the hunter in the present with him. Not in the past. Leaning in, he kissed him with all the passion he had. He wanted the hunter to answer that kiss every bit as passionately.

He poured what he felt into those kisses, he pressed himself close to the hunter's strong body, moving over him and kissing him. He wanted to leave no doubt about what he wanted and how good it felt. The hunter was reluctant at first, but Kaname knew he wouldn't be able to resist for long. And he was proven right. It wasn't long before he responded, first with hesitant kisses and then with soft touches.

When the pureblood grew impatient with the hunter's slow progress, Kaname took the hunter's fingers and sensually ran his tongue over them. He watched the hunter shiver at the touch before he sucked them into his mouth and made them as wet as he could while fixing the hunter with a steady gaze. He guided one of Zero's fingers into his own entrance and saw a shocked expression cross the hunter's face, but Kaname was too far gone now and desperately wanted this.

He pressed himself onto that finger, giving Zero no time to think and himself no time to adjust. But it didn't matter. He pushed back onto that finger sensually and watched the hunter's expression as he begin to ride it.

The hunter's face was a mask of confusion. He was definitely turned on, Kaname could tell - but he also seemed very uncomfortable with Kaname's pace. The pureblood allowed him no time to think as he guided a second finger of the hunter's into his entrance. The hunter looked beautiful in a mixture of shock and embarrassment, but he let Kaname do as he pleased and watched the pureblood get off on riding his fingers. It wasn't long before Kaname inserted the third finger ignoring the slight sting. Instead, he concentrated on the hunter. He focused on the Zero's flushed face while he prepared himself eagerly.

By the time Kaname felt sufficiently prepared, the hunter was also moaning quietly under his sinuous movements. Zero was hard and Kaname pulled out the fingers to prepare the hunter's twitching flesh. Zero arched his back as the pureblood's mouth closed around his arousal, lathering it. But before Kaname could impale himself onto the hunter throbbing member, Zero had turned the tables. Flushed and panting, he straddled Kaname and pressed him into the sheets. The startled pureblood moaned as their erections touched. He wanted this so much.

Zero kissed him softly but kept him pressed into the sheets. Then he kissed again sensually and with more passion.

"I'll give you what you want, Kaname," he said. "But not like that. I want to do this right. I want to be gentle..."

Those words thrilled the pureblood to no end. The hunter licked his fingers and slowly slid down until he knelt between Kaname's parted legs. He let his dripping fingers slide across the pureblood's aching flesh. Kaname shuddered and moaned. He teased the pureblood's entrance and pumped his erection a few times earning him moans of delight. Only then did he continue to explore his entrance with two fingers. When he was absolutely certain that Kaname was tossing in nothing but bliss he inserted another finger, stretching the opening very slowly.

The sight of Kaname so wanton in front of him, did all kinds of things with the hunter's senses. But the most prominent of all was arousal. The longer he explored the tight moist heat inside the pureblood, the more he wanted to be inside, the more he wanted to feel it. But he waited until he felt Kaname was really ready. Zero's own precum made him so slick that he didn't need any further lubrication. He fixed Kaname's gaze.

"Please, Zero..." the pureblood panted answering the unspoken question.

That was just too irresistible. He pushed into the tight entrance paying careful attention to Kaname's expression. Together they moaned loudly as his entire length slowly filled the pureblood. It was unbearably good, hot and tight and wet. Though Zero feared to be hurting the pureblood, he saw the unmistakable pleasure written across Kaname's face, the undeniable proof that he was making the pureblood happy. Only then did he give a few experimental thrusts and held on to Kaname who was mewling in delight.

Zero was feeling the pleasure as well. Thrusting into the tight entrance, he felt like he was in heaven. But still, he didn't want this to be just sex. He wanted intimacy. Slowing his pace, he hugged the pureblood close to himself as he thrust in slowly and deeply, taking in his scent, holding his body and kissing Kaname's soft skin.

"O God, don't stop..." the pureblood moaned, his body spasming in the hunter's arms. Hearing those moans, seeing the pureblood so heavily lost in their coupling and feeling him shudder around his throbbing arousal - all of it combined was the ultimate proof to Zero that he was still making Kaname happy, that he wasn't a raping monster, that he was giving pleasure. Though thinking was impossible in that moment, his heart warmed with the knowledge that even he could learn to provide something other than pain. Only after that realization did he allow himself to truly savor every thrust and every moan.

Where Zero only noticed his heart fill with warmth and his inhibitions crumble, Kaname instantly recognized the deeper change within the hunter. The care with which he made love to him didn't diminish, but his inhibitions gave way to indescribable passion. Their lips met hungrily with their tongues mirroring their combined movement. Kaname loved every second in which he got to see the brooding, controlled hunter lose himself to pleasure. He was beautiful this way - a heated blush on his face, his lips parted for countless moans and his eyes clouded with pleasure.

When Zero thrust into him especially deep, their gazes met and locked. Kaname could see everything in that gaze. There was no more emptiness there. The look those lilac eyes gave him was warm and soft but full of desire. Desire for him - for him alone. There was no more distance in those lilac eyes and it made Kaname come on the spot. Zero didn't let go of him the entire time they rode out their climax together. And for the first time ever, Kaname saw the hunter's eyes shine with unguarded happiness.

It was just the beginning of very many long nights.