The General's prisoner

This is a short hurt-comfort story in five parts, concentrating on Zero and Kaname and their relationship. It is an experiment of depicting characters who must deal maturely with a terrible past. Reader discretion advised.

~{}~ signifies a change in time or perspective

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, these awesome characters do not belong to me in any way. They belong to Matsuri Hino, I just love to use them over and over in my twisted stories... ;)

Summary: General Zero Kiryu has changed the face of the world, scouring it of the vampire race. Emotionally scarred by years of war and revenge upon all vampires, he nears completion of his life's work when finally the last pureblood is brought before him for judgement. What will his verdict be, when this pureblood is none other than Kaname Kuran, an old enemy from a time long gone?

Rated M: implied non-con & violence, emotional M/M lemon (if you're not into M/M, do not read)

AN: So here's the last part. Thank you all for reading - I hope you enjoy!

Part V: Devotion

Kaname thoughtfully watched the hunter slice the onions for their lunch as he set the table. Zero was desperately trying to hide it, but it was blatantly obvious to the pureblood that the hunter was trembling through every movement because he was simply exhausted. His morning training routine had taken all reserves out of him and even cooking a meal took too much effort. Kaname bit his lip. He didn't want to suggest helping him, because he knew it would offend the hunter. So he watched in silence as Zero struggled through the vegetables until he finished slicing them all.

Kaname worried about him.

Zero still trained his full daily routine of hunter exercises, refusing to let his strength deteriorate, but after nearly 200 years without a drop of blood, his Level D body was beginning to run out of life. Kaname trailed his eyes across the hunter's slimming figure. His slacks and shirt couldn't hide from the pureblood's eyes what he refused to acknowledge. Zero needed energy, his formerly well-muscled body had now become lithe and sinewy. His skin was too pale and the shadows under his eyes would no longer go away by sleeping. Just the thought of what these observations signified were heart-wrenching to the pureblood.

But he smiled when Zero turned to regard him. Despite his condition, the hunter held himself upright with the same discipline he had forced upon himself for so many years as a general in the military. The hunter's self-control and willpower was both admirable and painful to witness.

Zero had begun to age and Kaname truly feared to loose him soon. He didn't care for wrinkles or posture - Zero was beautiful to his eyes whether his body aged or not. Kaname's heart was as full of love for the proud and silent hunter as ever, his adoration for him growing every day. But he was worried. It wasn't food Zero's body needed, nor sleep. For the past months, it had more and more rejected even these substitues for recovery. Zero hardly slept through a night anymore and he barely finished child-sized portions of food. They both knew very well what it was his body demanded.


Kaname had offered. Without hesitation. The thought of what his blood could do to invigorate Zero's fading body alone was enough. He wanted Zero healthy. He wanted him happy. And he wanted Zero to live for as long as possible. But his offer, of course, had gone much deeper. He wanted a bond between them. He would gladly give his blood, his heart and his soul for the hunter. And giving it to the hunter would be a dream come true.

Zero, however, remained undeterrably possessed by the thought of his own debt towards his long deceased brother. He insisted that by kiling his twin he had every reason to suffer and even years of commiting to hunter law didn't relieve him of that. With that, he declined Kaname's offer and refused to speak of the matter again.

Kaname had tried to argue, but it proved a distressingly fruitless endeavor. Now, the pureblood knew better than to bring it up. Zero would only avoid him for the rest of the week.

With his head bowed, Kaname finished folding their napkins and lit two candles. Just like Zero didn't abandon his posture or training routine, Kaname never stopped making an effort to arrange their table nicely or to dress perfectly. The hunter never explicitly asked him to, but it was such small tokens of care and etiquette that frequently brought a faint smile to the hunter's face. And to Kaname there was no better reward. Lately, however, Kaname's attempts were always accompanied by the fear that someday it might be the last time he'd set the table.

He was so lost in thought that he only looked up when Zero placed two plates of food beside his hands. Startled, Kaname was brought face to face with Zero's empty look. For days he had searched those lilac eyes and hoped that time would be less cruel than it was. Every day, Kaname had been able to find something in Zero's gaze that justified his hope. But today the hunter closed his eyes as their gazes met and turned away to sit. Undeterred, Kaname kissed him softly before he sat down, too.

They ate in silence.

"It's delicious." Kaname said after a long while. Zero looked up from his plate and smiled faintly. "Thank you. I'm glad you like it."

Kaname finished his plate, but Zero stopped halfway into his meal unable to finish.

"I will do the dishes." he said.

Kaname reached out a hand and stayed him.

"You have already cooked. I will do them."

For once the hunter didn't argue. This made Kaname worry even more. He poured the hunter a glass of water, knowing that he didn't feel well at all. Then he left to do the dishes. When he returned, Zero still sat at their table as though he hadn't moved a fraction. The glass of water was still in front of him, untouched. Kaname couldn't hold his tongue any longer.

"Would your brother truly have wanted you to suffer for ages?" Kaname asked quietly. He knew Zero would not listen if he just flung his frustration at him.

Zero didn't move.

"I have already violated so much that I believe in." he said. "I cannot do that."

As if to prove he was fine, he rose from where he'd sat.

"But what is your belief worth, if you die so soon?" Kaname gave back, trying hard to conceal his desperation. "You said yourself that you can never be free. But it isn't true - this is your own prison. Your choice. Yours only. All the hunters you vowed to are dead."

"I am not." he said with a firm voice.

"I love you, Zero." Kaname whispered. "I love you and if you die, I can't go on."

"So you would have me commit sacriledge on my vow for your selfishness?" It wasn't a fair accusation and they both knew it.


Kaname's lip trembled slightly and Zero felt his heart ache at the sight. He didn't want the pureblood to be upset, and he regretted his words instantly when he said them. But his pride was too great. He knew Kaname would give anything he asked for. He knew it, and yet he couldn't ask for it. It was wrong. It was wrong for his body to need blood. It was wrong to need to drain life from another creature to live yourself. He had survived for too long. He was meant to die long ago. For almost two centuries he had defied the vampire race, he had refused his vampire body, he had kept his vow. He couldn't just throw all that away now. He couldn't become a vampire's plaything to extend his pointless existence. It was time to die, wether Kaname liked it or not.

After a moment of silence, the pureblood vanished and Zero sat down numbly.


Kaname stood at the beach and listened to the sea. There was no one to reprimand him for inappropriate emotional display anymore so he freely let his salty tears join the foaming ocean. He wanted to love Zero for a long, long time - but the hunter seemed to want to die an early death by torture. And dying of thirst was death by torture. If a vampire didn't feed, they didn't fall asleep like an aged human would. They wouldn't become sick and weary of life and breathe a labored last breath before closing their eyes forever.

No, a vampire dying of thirst would suffer terrible pain, loose all their dignity while clawing at themselves and going into a delirium until they lost their mind. It wasn't quite like becoming a level E - but it was a painful and humiliating process. How could he watch his love suffer through that?

He didn't want that. He truly didn't. It was heartbreaking to realize that even sharing a life together for a few decades could not erase what had been done to him. Was Zero really scarred so cruelly, that a 200-year-old vow to his now dead torturers meant more to him than Kaname's love?

The pureblood bit his lip. That hurt. It really hurt. But nevertheless, Kaname hadn't lied or exaggerated. If Zero died, he would not go on. He could not go on. It was meaningless without him.

Bitterness overcame him. He was probably a fool for loving the hunter. A complete and utter fool without pride or dignity.

For once, he should behave like the pureblood he was. He realized suddenly that for all their time together one thought had never crossed his mind - to override the hunter's will and force him to accept his. Kaname was a pureblood - it was in his blood to command those lower than him.

He could force the hunter to drink his blood.

But Zero would hate him to the end of his days for it.

He is dying.

Kaname trembled at the thought. He was losing Zero to a slow and painful death that he could prevent. And here he was, hesitating... no pureblood hesitated to prevent something they could and wanted to prevent. Especially when it considered a loved one.

But could he really force something upon the hunter that he knew Zero didn't want?

Kaname made up his mind. He shook his head. He couldn't do it. If it was Zero's wish to die then he would not stand in his way. He would stay by his side until his love turned to ashes and then he would kill himself as well.

Without Zero, there was no point in living for him. He loved him too much. And there was no one left in this human world for him. He only wished that Zero would allow him to prolong his life, to become blood bound mates so they could share more of themselves and live much longer. Their end would be less painful and Kaname would not have to kill himself when his mate died. He would die the same instant anyway.

But it was not Zero's wish.

The pureblood sniffed. Then he nodded. He would apologize to the hunter for demanding something that his vows could not allow. He would accept his decision to refuse his blood and he would never bring up that topic again. After all, the few months they had left would be more precious than ever. He would not stain their time together with a pointless argument.

Collecting his shreds of resolve, he wiped the tears away and went back into the house.


"I apologize." Kaname said solemnly. He couldn't help noticing the way Zero slumped in the chair of their dining room. He pushed past the pain it brought him to finish his apology.

"I should not have asked for something you feel you cannot provide. Please do not be angry with me. I was being selfish - but I won't bring it up again. I promise."

Zero looked at him and Kaname couldn't help taking a step back in startled surprise. The hunter's lilac eyes were now the crimson of a thirsty vampire. Kaname hadn't seen him like that for over 200 years. But it looked wrong and horribly out of place. It didn't even match his facial expression at all. The crimson eyes that usually went with elongated fangs and a hungry piercing gaze looked nothing but haunting on the hunter's pale and tired features.

"It is I who should apologize, Kaname." he said softly and a tear crept down his cheek.

"How can I call you selfish after what I have done to you?" he asked.

"You are right. What I have vowed so long ago became invalid when I resigned as a hunter. It is only my pride that kept me from accepting your blood. I fear to... become your slave." Zero admitted. He closed his eyes and then looked down at the table.

Kaname was stunned into silence, somewhere between hurt and disbelief.

"I have been thirsty for so long that I do not know anything else, Kaname. I would drink from you. But I understand the implications as well as any other vampire. I would be dependent on your blood. The only way to repay you would be to allow a bond between us."

Kaname was about to argue, but Zero continued.

"I would even allow you to drink from me, Kaname. But I know better than anyone else what it means to be bitten by a pureblood. You would easily control me - my will would make no difference. I would be no more than a puppet in your hands."

Kaname had never thought of it that way. With the way things lay between them, this outlook hadn't even occured to him. But he understood the hunter immediately. And he knew in the same instant that none of his words would make a difference to the hunter. He could promise that he wouldn't control the hunter all he wanted. If Zero didn't trust him, there was no chance he would believe it.

He bowed his head. It wouldn't have made a difference anyway, he told himself. Kaname had made up his mind to accept the hunter's choice whatever it may be. Though he was still more than a bit hurt at the hunter's obvious lack of trust, still, he understood his decision.

"I hadn't realized that. I am sorry, Zero. I will not bring it up again. Please forgive me."


But the pureblood barely listened. Another thought had occured to him. A last straw... All of this hurt was needless. There was another option.

"Zero..." he began, plucking up enough courage to offer this one last possibility.

"Do you wish to be human?" he asked.

It was a simple question and so simple a solution. Kaname could just sacrifice himself to make the hunter human once more. It had been done before in the Kuran family. He had the strength of the ancestor, surely it was in his power as well. It would solve their dilemma. Zero would live perhaps another three or four decades and then die human. Without bloodlust. Kaname could even make him forget all of his terrible experiences. Surely, it would make the hunter happy.

Yes, perhaps that was the best option. Zero would not have to suffer. And Kaname would not have to witness his suffering.

The pureblood watched the hunter's face wince at his question, watched traces of emotion flicker across his tired features until he finally answered.

"Yes..." it was just a whisper from the hunter's lips, a whisper that held too much self-disgust and regret to not be painful to the pureblood.

"I can make you human again, Zero." Kaname offered.

Zero fixed his gaze with scrutinizing suspicion.

"Juri Kuran did it... for Yuki..." Kaname said quietly. "As the ancestor of the Kuran bloodline, it is not a difficult thing for me to accomplish."

Kaname's offer hung in the air as Zero silently searched his eyes.

"At what cost to you?" the hunter finally asked.

"My life."

Zero shook his head.


Kaname fought despair. It was the last bit of proof the pureblood needed. Zero had no trust in him or their relationship. Not even this affirmation of his love was enough. Kaname would be left alone to watch his demise and die with the knowledge that he was following someone into death who couldn't let love win over a pointless vow of guilt.

Feeling rejected and hopeless, Kaname was about to turn away, but Zero stopped him.

"Wait." he said quietly, his voice strangely laden. Kaname stopped but didn't turn. He couldn't face him now. Not when his tears were so close.

"You misunderstood me, Kaname..." the hunter said.

"How could I..."

"I don't want you to sacrifice yourself for me, because you are..." he stopped.

"I... I had never... expected to... live this long." Zero began again haltingly.

"I had never... wanted to live this long. But now that I... found you..." he trailed off. Kaname turned to face him.

"You don't need to feel obligated to prolong your life on my behalf, Zero." he said with a firmness in his voice he didn't feel.

"But I want to be happy with you for a long time..." the hunter whispered defeated.

Kaname thought his ears might be deceiving him.

"Please..." the hunter continued in a fading whisper, his crimson eyes staring at the pureblood in their full haunting emptiness. "Please... I don't know... how to... ask for..."

Kaname was at Zero's side in an instant.

"Anything. Zero. You can ask for anything. Even... even if hurts me... even if it will kill me. I will do anything but one thing. I will not live without you. You can ask for anything else."

Zero's hand caressed the pureblood's cheek. "I love you, Kaname."

The pureblood's heart fluttered at that confession. He had known for a long time of course, but those words had never before left the hunter's lips.

"I love you and I hope my trust... is not... misplaced when we share a bond."

Kaname's eyes flooded with tears of happiness. Through his blurry vision, he pulled the slumped hunter into a strong embrace where he stood and kissed his lips sweetly.

"It couldn't be." he said as he stroked the hunter's hair lovingly.

"A bond out of love makes us a part of each other. It won't make slaves out of either of us." he said, relishing the feeling of Zero's body against his, loving his wonderful scent and enjoying holding the hunter's head close to his heart. Over and over he trailed reverent fingers through the soft silver hair.

"I want to be a part of you, Zero. I want to share my strength with you so that we can be together for a long time. I want nothing to change between us, except that we are more intertwined. I don't want to rule you, Zero. I want to give love to you and receive your love. Trust me on this - you have already provided blood for me to keep me from dying. Your hold over me is no less strong than mine over you. I assure you that a blood bond formed out of love is just that - a bond of love. But even if you don't want a bond, I will not hold it against you. All I ask is for you to accept my blood to prolong your life."

Kaname kissed his hair and released his hold on the hunter. Then he stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt.

"My blood is always yours, Zero. Always, whenever you need... or want it."


The hunter hesitated as he watched in rapture how the parting buttons revealed a temptation he had always ever refused to acknowledge. He struggled internally and then looked up into the pureblood's rosewood eyes. Kaname was watching him, offering himself and waiting. Zero chewed his lip to keep it from quivering. His fingers trembled slightly, as he reached out to caress the well-known planes of the pureblood's chest. He had touched this skin over a thousand times by now and yet he never got tired of it. He knew too well how quickly everything could be lost and he never took for granted the intimacy they shared. He always did his best to cherish the pureblood.

Still, this time was different, was special. He felt almost like he was about to commit sacriledge. Sacriledge, not only on his vow, but also sacriledge on the beautiful creature in front of him. Suddenly uncertain, he lifted his eyes to the pureblood's face. Kaname smiled encouragingly and then softly put a hand around Zero's waist, gently pulling him closer.


Kaname's heartbeat raced at the familiar and yet unfamiliar touch. The hunter's hands slid slowly across his skin in a seductive pattern that made him yearn for something other than blood sharing. Zero's ability to captivate him with just a touch or a hug or a kiss had never faded. Kaname was entranced by the slow and uncertain ministrations. But when he saw Zero's fangs slowly protrude from behind his lips, he shuddered. He had never seen his hunter like this. Thirsty, and yet in complete control over himself, only slowly allowing his long suppressed vampire instincts to surface under his own careful supervision.

The hunter's eyes unfocused slightly as he inhaled the pureblood's scent and shuddered ever so softly. Kaname found that so unbelievably erotic that the fabric of his slacks instantly moistened with precum through his underwear. Inhaling softly, Zero let his nose caress the pureblood's clavicle, taking in the wonderfully tempting scent, relishing it instead of forcefully ignoring it. Kaname gasped lightly as Zero's tongue licked across his skin soothingly. He could feel Zero's fangs graze the surface very slightly without drawing blood and the sensations only became more erotic as the hunter's lips gently nipped his skin before giving his throat a languid kiss.

Overwhelmed with the sensations, Kaname's knees gave way immediately as Zero sucked his skin into a hickey.

The hunter caught him and in one fluid movement, and then slid his hungry fangs into the soft flesh.


Zero was in heaven. No other bliss compared to the taste of Kaname Kuran. It entirely overwhelmed his senses, the strength of his blood pulsed through his veins and he could feel all of Kaname's feelings, he could taste the truth behind his professed love, and he could feel - even while he drank, how his body was slowly rejuvenated. With every mouthful of blood, he cradled his precious lover closer to himself, pressing their bodies together, trying to get closer and closer together.


Kaname moaned. Zero's fangs were deeply embedded in his sensitive flesh, but he felt no pain at all. Only intense pleasure. That was only ever the case with lower level vampires when the person biting you truly loved you. The pureblood could not remember this much pleasure ever when being bitten. His earlier thoughts of hopelessness were entirely gone out the window. This more than anything was proof beyond doubt that the hunter loved him from the bottom of his heart.

The pleasure built with every drop of blood that left his body to invigorate Zero. Kaname was shaking as he was pressed ever closer to the hunter's body. Their rubbing movents made him dizzy, the thirst-driven passion boiling even hotter, building the heat further and further until Kaname thought he would loose his mind for good.

By the time Zero found the strength to pull his fangs from the pureblood, Kaname had spilled his seed into his slacks, even though there were four layers of clothing between them and the hunter's hands hadn't even gone near his belt or beyond.

It should have been embarassing to the pureblood to have lost himself so. But if he came in the hunter's arms because Zero's love induced so much pleasure, there was no reason to be ashamed. His lips found the hunter's and he tasted his own blood on Zero's tongue. A pair of lilac eyes refocused and looked at him. Kaname tried not to feel too self-conscious about his no doubt entirely dishevelled appearance.

But Zero smiled happily and cradled him in his arms like he was someone infinitely precious.

"I had hoped that you would not feel much pain... but it seems that I worried needlessly..." the hunter said.

He kissed the pureblood deeply and rubbed against his still twitching arousal. Kaname moaned helplessly in his arms. He couldn't stand right now and he was shaking with the aftermath of his orgasm.

Considerate of the pureblood's condition, Zero carried him to the bed effortlessly with his newly regained strength. Gently, he placed the pureblood onto the sheets and lay down beside him. He kissed the pureblood deeply. Then he slowly unbuttoned his own shirt.

"Drink from me, Kaname." he whispered.

The pureblood shivered. He could tell, Zero was nervous. But Kaname would retaliate with at least as much pleasure as he had just received, he decided. Not only did he love the hunter more than he had ever loved anyone before, but as a pureblood, he had some extra abilities where blood sharing was concerned. Purebloods could actively induce pleasure if they so chose. And he would not be merciful on the hunter with it.

With still trembling limbs, Kaname turned Zero onto his back and crawled over the hunter. Aware of the hunter's aversion against being bitten, he kissed him languidly, and licked his throat seductively. The hunter's already heated body was easily stimulated. Zero moaned softly under him and writhed a bit as Kaname trailed his hands across hard nipples and down past his slender hips. Then, without warning, Kaname slid his fangs in softly.


Zero's body exploded in pleasure. He writhed and moaned under Kaname's gentle thirst, his arousal straining against its constraints. A few instants after Kaname began to drink, he felt their fledgling bond already. He could feel the pureblood's happiness reverberate throughout himself and again, felt the undeniable love he had for him. He needn't have feared it at all.

There was no pain in sharing blood, only beautiful pleasure.

He didn't lose control over his thirst, only over his arousal.

He wasn't controlled by the pureblood, but instead could now feel him through their bond.

And whatever other thoughts he might have had were swallowed up by Kaname sliding lasciviously across his burning body.


Kaname was well aware of how close Zero was to coming hard. But he didn't want to take too much blood. Lovingly, he licked the wounds closed on his new mate, denying him his exultant release. The hunter panted heavily, his eyes glazed with lust and Kaname realized only now how much he had wished for this moment to happen. With one last lick, he relished the crimson elixir. Zero's blood was strong and powerful hunter blood. It dazzled his mind and clouded his senses with brilliant intensity. It was as strong as the hunter's will. And Kaname was certain that even if he had tried to control Zero through their bond, the hunter would have ultimately resisted.

But the pureblood truly had no interest in enslaving his new mate.

The only thought on his mind now was... sex.

And with the way Zero moved under him, with the way his face was flushed and his body heat spiked, he was certain the hunter wanted it as well.

"Don't prepare me, Zero. Just bite me." he said after catching his own breath. He wanted to waste no time, he needed to feel Zero. Now.

Zero rolled them over glared at him playfully.

Kaname smiled. He loved a playful Zero. He loved a happy Zero. He adored a sexy Zero. But what filled Kaname with happiness the most, was that finally, the hunter was no longer a prisoner of his misguided pride anymore. Finally, the general had reliquished his prisoner. Finally, after years of barring his heart, Zero was free to love again.

"Just bite you...?!" Zero questioned. Then he literally pounced onto him with a sweet growl.

Kaname looked up innocently into his lilac eyes, his pureblooded heart stampeding its happiness across his chest at the youthful mischief he saw there.

"No way, pureblood." Zero pinned him harmlessly to the bed. Deliberately, he dragged his suddenly elongated fangs across the pureblood's pert left nipple.

"First, I'm going to bite you..."

Zero's eye-color wavered toward crimson.

Kaname's breath hitched at the promise.

But Zero's hands were now sliding off his belt and unpeeling his damp slacks.

"... then I am going to prepare you... thoroughly..."

Kaname could prevent himself from shuddering to the bone as Zero's tongue trailed across his exposed arousal covered in his earlier orgasm.

Zero chuckled quietly, his voice low and seductive. Kaname found his tip leeking again just at the sound of his hunter's passionate joy.

"...and this time... you'd better not come before hand... or else..." at this Zero looked up from where his tongue slid across the pureblood's trickling precum and grinned mischieviously.

"... we'll have to do it all over again."