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It was lunchtime at Karakura High School, and on the roof sat a large group of people, male and female alike.

Orihime Inoue, and Uryuu Ishida were paired up as usual as they seemed to enjoy talking about Orihime's rather grotesque concoctions, or Uryuu's designs for his fashions class, a tall dark skinned male who Sado Yasutora, who sat silent often giving a brief smile at the jokes of, the other couple next him.

Tatsuki Arisawa, had been standing next to him silently, her eyes locked on Orihime's slender, yet busty form she had been love with the girl.

Renji Abarai, and Rukia Kuchiki, they both seemed to argue back and forth at times, simply insulting each other, or bringing up history between them both, their fights, and arguments were always playful so everyone would always have a good laugh at hearing what they had to say about each other.

Then sat across from the couple were Shinji Hirako, and Coyote Starrk, Starrk had his head buried in Shinji's lap taking their lunch period to nap. Shinji had been playful and so full of energy while Starrk was the complete opposite absolutely lazy, and constantly napping.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques sat with his best friend Ichigo Kurosaki.

The group had all been carrying on their own side conversations, until Ogihci Shirosaki, Ichigo's boyfriend had finally shown up whom everyone called Shiro, late as usual, as he had always been told to "stay after class" for bad behavior, which didn't surprise the group at all. As Shiro had no filter, saying exactly what he wanted, with no fear of what other's had to say.

Shiro had walked up behind his boyfriend, covering his eyes and whispered in the tone, that always made his mate shudder, "Guess who."

Ichigo gave a slight chuckle, moving his boyfriend's hands, and pulled him into a kiss. "Stop getting in so much trouble dumbass, we barely have 5 minutes left before lunch ends."

Ichigo had said complaining to Shiro. "Sorry King, ya know I can't do that."

Shiro said with a lazy shrug, he reached over to Ichigo's half eaten bento, as Ichigo always saved half of it for Shiro, picked up a rice ball and began to eat it.

Grimmjow had been eyeing him strangely since he walked up behind his best friend, something was going on. Shiro's collar, had been turned up, a button down the middle of his shirt had been undone, as if it were in a rush to be buttoned up, not to mention he had walked up to his best friend with a slight limp. Something had definitely been fishy. Before he could investigate any further the bell rang for lunch to end, and everyone had gotten up, with a brief sigh, and headed to their respective classes. Grimmjow, Ichigo, and Shiro had been in the next class together, anatomy.

In their anatomy class, they had a student teacher who had replaced the actual teacher. Aside from his flaming pink hair, and matching eyes, Dr. Szayel Apporo Granz had been a very strict person, and spoke rather proper.

Before class started, the student's had 15 minutes to converse amongst themselves, as if they were to talk while the anatomy teacher was teaching, there would definitely be hell to pay.

Grimmjow, Ichigo, and Shiro along with a flamboyant, over-the-top gay guy known as Yumichika, with his bald boyfriend Ikkaku had been sitting in a group, basically calling each other name's and laughing, basically what they normally did for fun.

"So, tell me Ikakku, how the fuck do you keep your head so shiny? I'm being dead serious bro, like I'll be sitting behind you, using your head as a mirror, what's your secret?" Grimmjow had asked, it was his third string of cracks against the male's bald head with a wide grin.

The other men, even Yumichika had been in an uproar of laughter, Ichigo had his face to the desk pounding on it, gasping for air. Shiro had been leaned back in his chair letting out a silent laugh, and Yumichika had been giggling to himself wondering just how his boyfriend got his head so shiny.

Ikakku only responded with a simple middle finger to Grimmjows face, signaling he had ran out of jokes against the blue haired prick. This made Grimmjow burst out into a small fit of laughter as well.

"Yumichika, I think your girlfriend's feelings are hurt." Ichigo had added in, as he looked up to see the bald male flipping off his best friend. Yumichika had taken to kissing the male's bald head, and rubbing it, and stating.

"Its okay baby, I love your baldness."

This made the small group of men laugh roar in a fit of laughter, and making Ichigo fall out of his seat holding his sides, all while Ikkaku sat with his face in a scowl.

Szayel had raised his voice a bit, in order to calm the men down a bit.

Grimmjow's laughter had died down a bit, when he noticed how hard, Shiro had been staring at the student teacher, he shrugged it off thinking it was just Shiro catching an attitude with the teacher who told them to quiet down.

Ichigo's phone had begun vibrating in his pocket and he had weakly stood up to leave the room, as his laughter died down. The contact flashed, "Dr. Unohana" who had been Ichigo's family doctor since he was a child.

He answered the phone, wiping away the few tears which seemed to build in the corners of his eyes.

"Hey Dr. Unohana, can't this wait I'm in class?"

Her normally sweet and light tone was bit more solemn, and serious, "Ichigo, I would prefer if you knew this now."

Ichigo knew something was up, for the last time Unohana spoke like this, his mother had passed away under her care. "What is it Dr. Unohana?"

"I found something in your urine from your routine checkup, Ichigo have you been having sexual relations with more than one person?" She asked carefully.

The only person Ichigo had been sexually active with was Shiro. "No…and what do you mean you found something...?" He shook his head in disbelief of what he was hearing.

"Ichigo, you have gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease in which the-"

He cut her off rather harshly in disbelief of what she was saying, "I know what it is, my dad is a doctor you know…but the only person I ever slept with was…"

Ichigo stopped in his tracks drawing together conclusions in his head, immediately figuring out what just happened.


He said softly, to himself not allowing the woman on the other line hear him.

He held his phone a bit too tight in his hand as he was clenching both of them into fists and it broke.

His eyes had narrowed, and his entire body tensed. He kicked open the classroom door, and barged in heading immediately to Shiro's desk.

The class had begun when Ichigo was taking his phone call, and everyone was taking notes from the board, as Szayel wrote.

The small group of males sat in the back of the class room, considering anatomy was a rather small class; there were a lot of empty desks.
Ichigo kicked about three desks that were sitting in front of Shiro out his way, and approached him.

"King, whats'a matter?" He said standing up, placing his hands on Ichigo's shoulders.

That had been the final straw, Ichigo responded with a firm right hook to the other male's jaw, he had begun huffing, tears stinging at his eyes, and eventually rolling down his cheeks. Shiro fell onto Grimmjow's another student's desk, rubbing his jaw, wondering what the hell just happened.

"Are you FUCKING kidding me? You're cheating on me?! We've known each other since second grade Ogihci! And I find out your cheating on me because YOU gave ME the clap! I fucking trusted you, I gave you my virginity for God's sake!" Ichigo shouted out at the male, his voice cracked, and trembling with pain.

This was all new to him, he had been cheating, but he didn't know he had gonorrhea.

He stood up off Grimmjow's desk, and mistakenly responded, "What're ya talking about?"

Ichigo felt as if now Shiro was lying to him which hurt him even more, caught him with a heavy blow to his abdomen causing Shiro to double over letting out a grunt in pain, then Ichigo brought his knee up to his nose, crushing it, and sending him flying back to the ground.

"YOU LYING CHEATING MOTHER FUCKER DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN!" He writhed and ran out of the class room, the tears now flowing heavily down his cheeks.

His body trembling, his heart feeling as if it were caught in his throat, he could hardly breathe.

The entire classroom was dead silent, and had been watching at what just occurred, Szayel demeanor had changed, and he walked over to aid the fallen Shiro. "Are you alright? Do you need to go to the-"

Shiro's fist had connected with Szayel's face, causing him to fly back a few feet away from him. "You never told me you had the clap you fucker!" He shouted, sounding a bit funny as his nose was definitely broken, and was oozing blood.

Grimmjow had darted after his best friend seconds after he left the room; he figured Shiro had enough taste of his own medicine, for now at least. This was all messed up, Ichigo didn't deserve that, he knew exactly where his best friend was headed knowing he was the only one who would get through to him.

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