The fire headed male sauntered over to position himself between his ice haired friend's legs. A warm hand wrapped around his lower back, to pull him even closer as he took a heavy drink from the bottle of strawberry-vodka. Just like that the alcohol sneaked up on him as bits of the liquor dribbled down the corners of his mouth. In a fluid motion Grimmjow brought the redhead down to slowly capture the falling liquid from the corners of his mouth by smoothly licking his skin.

Ichigo placed an open palm on Grimmjow's stubbly cheek as he pulled away and then handed him the bottle of alcohol. The blue haired devil grabbed the neck of the bottle and took the final swallows of the strong liquor finishing it off then tossed it behind Ichigo. Though the glass shattered neither of them turned around to look.

The vodka made everything pretty hazy and fuzzy in Ichigo's eyes, but when his eyes met with Grimmjow's things were vivid. His normal icy blue orbs were softened to a sea blue type hue, and they seemed to look straight through him. Ichigo held his ground and stared back into the intense cerulean spheres.

Things took a sudden change for the better when Grimmjow leaned up to gently brush his nose against Ichigo's. The redhead could feel his loins calling for Grimmjow. His deep honey brown eyes slipped closed, and the back of his neck was lighly gripped. The calloused fingers made goosebumps prickle his semi-pale flesh.

As if on cue Ichigo closed the gap between them by placing a soft kiss on Grimmjow's lips. No one wanted to claim dominance. Their lips just meshed together. Nipping, suckling, and subtle licks on their lips were exchanged between them both as the kiss progressed. Within seconds their tongues were then curling, and sliding against each other in a tango.

Grimmjow acted slowly upon asserting his dominance by letting his rough fingers crawl down from Ichigo's neck and down the outline of his spine. The smaller teen's back arched to the simple touch, and his need for the man's touch grew.

He let his own fingers find their way into Grimmjow's curly, electric blue tresses. Ichigo tugged at the silky curls very playfully as Grimmjow began to pull him into his lap. He manuevered himself gracefully to straddle his hips without breaking the breathless kiss.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the kiss slowly broke. A strand of drool kept them together before it too broke. Both of them huffed, and panted lightly for air. Within seconds Ichigo's huffs for air were replaced by soft moans, as his neck was ravished by Grimmjow's lips. His teeth seemed to tug and pull at the sensitve areas just right. His slippery tongue lapped up the curve of his Adam's apple, just before suckling it. And the underside of his chin received very soft, and peppery kisses. Kami he missed this...

The way Grimmjow was touching him seemed beyond perfect. It was like he knew exactly where to touch. A hand slipped underneath his shirt to hold onto his lower back. The other hand cupped his perfectly firm ass with the occasional squeeze. While his mouth did most of the damage by finding its way to his ear. His teeth nibbled at the cartilage, while his tongue flickered around with the outer ear. When Grimmjow pulled away to suck on the lobe Ichigo let out a shuddering moan, as his spine quivered.

When the slender fingers which tangled in Grimmjow's curls began tugging, and gripping with more vigor and enthusiasm, a low growl escaped. After the growl rang through Ichigo's ears, he felt his neck being ravished once more. Only this time there were sharp canines sinking into the tender flesh. Grimmjow was like a vacuum on his neck a second after, as he was sucking tightly on the rind which surely would leave a nasty mark.

"A-ah!" The redhead softly cried out as his silky skin was pierced. Grimmjow knew where the pain felt orgasmic. He knew just how to make his toes curl and his body scream for more. The others, including Shiro, just used his body as a means of pleasure. Quite simply it was sex. But with Grimmjow there was desire, need, lust, and as much as Ichigo didn't want to admit it love.

During Ichigo's small epiphany Grimmjow managed to get Ichigo's shirt off his body. Ichigo looked down at his chest to see that a small trail of blood managed to make its way from his neck, to underneath his shirt.

Ichigo was so soft. Even with the taste of burning vodka in his throat Ichigo still tasted sweeter than ripe peach juice. He smelled so fresh, and clean like he just stepped from the shower. And the sounds he made were just perfect. Grimmjow's instincts were on the prowl, and they knew how to play Ichigo like a guitar.

When he peeled of Ichigo's shirt he noticed Ichigo was a little skinnier than before, and he had lost that sun-kissed glow. It didn't matter to him Ichigo was still damn gorgeous, and was still his. There was a trail of his blood going down his neck, but he knew he didn't hurt the redhead. Just to be sure he went straight to the source and let his tongue soothingly lap at the wound, then he carefully blew on it. He heard a soft moan leave his friend as his entire torso prickled with goosebumps.

Grimmjow turned the attention from Ichigo's neck to his collarbone. His lips barely brushed over the thin skin which covered the bone, before his teeth gripped it gently. His strong hands crawled up Ichigo's back to hold him steady as his teeth grazed against the bud of his nipple. The infamous tongue slithered out of his mouth to brush over the pert nipple. Once. Twice. And three times before he took the flesh into his mouth to devour it. He let go of the now hardened nipple which he had between his teeth, then switched to the other to follow the exact same course of actions.

Ichigo's soft whimpers danced around Grimmjow's ears. He was slowly, but roughly grinding against Grimmjow's raging, clothed erection. The boy was going to drive him insane if he didn't fuck him soon.

He laid the redhead's back on the soft cushions, and rested his head on the arm of the sofa. The blue haired teen stayed between Ichigo's long, slender legs and slowly progressed down his body.

Soft, slow ginger kisses were pressed to the redheads semi toned abdominals. Grimmjow's warm azure eyes stared up into the chocolate ones; melting them with desire. He nipped at the skin above Ichigo's naval, before dipping his tongue into the small ravine.

When he made his way to Ichigo's pant-line he began slowly pressing kiss on the outline of Ichigo's clothed erection which seemed to form perfectly in his thin, silky gym shorts.

Grimmjow yanked down Ichigo's shorts and was pleasently surprised when he wasn't wearing anything underneath. The member seemed to stand at attention upon being released. He grinned at the site and wrapped his fingers around the hot shaft. Ichigo's hips bucked and an absolutely delicious moan ripped from him as Grimmjow began sharply tugging at his cock. When his hand found its way at the top, his thumb brushed over the head smearing around the sticky precum. His slight teasing seemed to be sweet torture to Ichigo as he was mewling obscenely. It was as if he hadn't touched himself in ages.

He tightened his grip on the shaft and began stroking it at a much more decent speed. Hearing the teen's cries for more made his own cock stir in his pants in untouched excitement. Ichigo's eyes were clenched closed and his mouth open just a bit, with a frequent soft groan that left from it.

Grimmjow was almost too eager to take the throbbing member into his mouth. Without any intimation he slipped the soft head of Ichigo's cock past his lips. His tongue grazed carefully along the slit, and he graciously dipped the tip into the shallow hole as a small bit of precum leaked out staining his tongue. Kami could his reactions be anymore sinful?

Ichigo's svelte hips jolted up as if he'd been shocked. His fingernails dug into the soft cushions of the sofa. A salacious whimper escaped the redhead as just the head of his sensitive cock was pleasantly agonized by means of Grimmjow's tongue.

Grimmjow let even more of Ichigo's cock disappear into the wet cavern of his mouth. Even he couldn't help but let a soft moan escape him just at simple taste, and feel of Ichigo's cock. His precum was sticky, yet it was sweet like fresh honey. His cock was smooth, and silky which contrasted with Grimmjow's gruff textured tongue. Even the faint orange pubic hair was soft as it brushed against his nose. It smelled of the same Irish Spring body wash Ichigo used, along with his own sensual, masculine musk that screamed Ichigo. This boy was driving him fucking crazy.

It didn't help that Ichigo was practically begging for more. His smooth, slim, slender legs hooked loosely around Grimmjow's neck and his back arched up off the sofa cushions. Grimmjow placed his hands on the underside of Ichigo's thighs, just beneath his ass to hold him up as he began bobbing his head up and down.

His nails dug into Ichigo's thighs as he took the cock into his throat. When Ichigo let out a choked moan, his legs tensed around Grimmjow's neck. The redhead was on the verge of blowing his load, and Grimmjow couldn't have that just yet. He pulled up off Ichigo's cock; his eyes a bit misty from taking the teen's impressive length into his throat. The sexual tension was clearly taking its toll on them both.

Ichigo opened his eyes, and Grimmjow caught them with his own. Ichigo's eyes weren't the normal sweet honey as they were before. They were almost a dark red hue. The lust mixed with the alcohol was definitely having an effect on Ichigo. Though it was the sexiest thing Grimmjow had ever seen, it was the most submissive look Ichigo had ever given. He had taken his bottom lip underneath his top row of teeth to chew it. A tinge of pink spread across the bridge of his nose hitting both his cheeks. While his eyebrows furrowed upon his forehead. Ichigo needed to be fucked. Hard.

Grimmjow had something he needed to do before giving into his carnal desires. He hoisted his thin hips up. He spread Ichigo's ass cheeks open to slip his tongue into the quivering entrance and let it sink in deep. His tongue curled and lapped up the inner walls as he moved it in a circular motion. His lips curled up into a full grin as Ichigo's body seemed to demand for more. While he shoved in his tongue as deep as possible to swirl within him; not missing a spot. He dragged up his inner walls briefly, to let the slippery digit slip out. Ichigo had been properly lubricated.

After briefly rimming Ichigo he replaced his tongue with two fingers and began scissoring them in and out to stretch him thoroughly. Grimmjow's free hand went down to tease the head of Ichigo's cock, during his fingering.

"Oh fuck! Grimmjow yes!" Ichigo cried out as his inner walls were assaulted by his best friend's soft, slippery tongue then long thick fingers. He clawed at the sofa cushions as if he were trying to tear them apart. He had never felt so vulnerable, yet so shameless before.

It had been a while since he ever felt anything so good. Shit, it had been awhile since he felt anything.

His back arched off the couch, and yet another choked moan escaped him when he felt yet a third finger slip inside him then simultaneously his prostate being hooked into. His entire body shuddered and trembled. Like volts of electricity went from his head and left through his toes.

"G-Grimm st-stop teasing me. Fuck me—Fuck me now!" Ichigo slurred as his eyes began to roll to the back of his head.

First Grimmjow let Ichigo's legs down, so that he could properly prepare himself. He sported a devilish smirk as he slid the fingers out of Ichigo. He slowly and carefully pulled down his pants along with his underwear down to his knees, and watched as his throbbing, swollen erection sprang down from his stomach and began bobbing in midair. He hissed slightly as he was freed from his restraints.

Ichigo's legs wrapped loosely around Grimmjow's hips urging him to hurry. He reached his hand down to grab the thick shaft of his cock to guide it to Ichigo's taut ass. The head pressed at Ichigo's slick hole. Then slowly, oh so slowly, he pressed himself in. Inch-by-inch he let his cock settle inside Ichigo's snug entrance, before every bit of it disappeared within him.

"Fuck..." Ichigo spoke in a barely audible whisper.

Grimmjow retracted his hips back just a bit to pull himself out, then he slammed himself back into Ichigo's wanting entrance. Ichigo whined softly as he was emptied, but let out a yelp as he was penetrated once more. Grimmjow started a steady tempo of thrusts as his his hips slowly moved up and down.

Ichigo reached his arms up around Grimmjow's neck, to pull him down closer. Their lips slowly met in a deep kiss. It took no time at all before their tongues were dancing with each other to the basic beat of Grimmjow's thrusts. The kiss grew messy, and drool escaped from the corner of Ichigo's mouth as Grimmjow began slamming into him.

His legs tightened around Grimmjow's hips. He seemed to swallow back every loud moan that Ichigo let out. Ichigo was at the mercy of Grimmjow at that point. He had given the teen complete control as he was being viciously pounded into.

The thrusts seemed to be autonomous, and pulsating. Sounds of wet skin smacking against each other, along with muffled moans of pleasure echoed throughout the empty warehouse.

When the bundle of nerves known as Ichigo's prostate was found, and hit over and over again the redhead was on the brink of his climax. With each sudden hit to his sensitive prostate, Ichigo let out a sharp grunt, and he could feel his hole tighten around the thick cock inside him.

Grimmjow went into overdrive and began mercilessly ramming into Ichigo. The kiss was abruptly broken, and the blue teen roared out, "Fuck, Ichi I'm cummin'!"

Within seconds of the Grimmjow's words, Ichigo was pumped full of his seed, followed by something short of a few weak thrusts. That alone triggered his own toe curling, back arching, climax, in which he clawed his nails down Grimmjow's strong back and silently screamed in sweet bliss as his own sticky seed covered their pressed together bodies. Grimmjow rested his head in the crook of Ichigo's neck, and wrapped his arms around him embracing him.

Time seemed to completely stop. Nothing nor no-one else mattered. It was just him and Grimmjow. It felt right. It felt perfect. He didn't want this feeling to ever leave. Ichigo closed his eyes, and placed a soft kiss on Grimmjow's ear, as they held each other and stayed together as one.

A few days later...

Ever since that night him and Grimmjow went to their secret hideout Ichigo couldn't keep his mind off his blue haired companion. Being with Grimmjow felt so right. It was like they were destined to be together. Whenever he was up, Grimmjow was there. Whenever he was down Grimmjow was there. No matter what Grimmjow was there.

He texted Shiro and Grimmjow both to meet him in their first period class a few minutes before the bell rang as he needed to speak with them.

When Ichigo stepped into the school entrance to greet his friends with a smile on his face, a pep in his step, and the healthy sun-kissed glow on his skin his they had to do a double take. His eyes seemed to be gleam, whist his hair shined a sunny luminescence. He loved Grimmjow, and today was the day he was going to tell him. By the looks of it he had gotten to classroom before Grimmjow and Shiro was the only one there. Perfect.

Shiro stepped out of his seat upon seeing Ichigo enter the classroom with such a healthy gait. Ichigo spoke directly to him with the confidence in his voice he had lacked before. "Shirosaki, thanks for meeting me, but I have something important to tell you."

The albino raised an eyebrow and leaned against a desk behind him before responding, "Talk ta me King. I'm listenin'"

Ichigo gave a soft sigh, and spoke, "Shiro do you love me?"

"A'course, I'do. Why ya ask such a silly question?"

"Then you've got to understand why I can't get be with you."

Shiro sat up off the desks he leaned on and his face cringed a bit, "But, ya love me King. Y-ya can't leave me. Ya need me."

Ichigo smiled a bit and shook his head, "No Shirosaki you need me. I—I love Grimmjow."

"I love ya too Ichigo." A deep baritone boomed from behind him. Ichigo turned around to see Grimmjow standing directly behind him.

After that amazing night with Ichigo, Grimmjow wasn't able to mask his feelings for his best friend any longer. He loved him. He wanted everything in the world just to make the teen happy. He in fact planned to tell him that day in class. No matter if that albino asshole was in Ichigo's life or not, he needed to tell Ichigo how he felt. Even if they would still remain friends, and Ichigo stayed with Shiro he would still be by his friends side.

First, he had to get up for school which he still hadn't successfully done. Grimmjow rested peacefully on his stomach, only clad in his boxers. His arms around a pillow and his body half covered by a blanket.

Nelliel knocked on his door, and spoke softly. "Grimmjow? You awake?"

He didn't respond.

The mother spoke once again, "Son?"

He didn't respond, but simply put the pillow over his head.

She tried opening the door, but the handle was locked. "Grimmjow Jaegerjacques unlock this door, and get up NOW!" Her tone was slowly growing dangerous.

He didn't respond.

"Okay. Now you're in trouble." She chuckled before ramming the door off the hinges with impressive strength. She made her way to Grimmjow's bed surprisingly he was still sleeping, and tore the blankets off his body. She rubbed her hands together and then raised her hands high in the air to slam down open palms onto Grimmjow's back.

The blue haired teen's eyes immediately opened along with a string of words he soon wished hadn't left his mouth, "GAH! SON OF A FUCKING BITCHING SLUTTY WHORE! FUCK YOU IN THE ASS IN WITH A FUCKING SCREWDRIVER YA—mom?" He turned his head to see his mother boiling with anger as she raised her open palm to smack her son once more. "Mom! Mom! Wait! Please let me say something first!"

She tilted her head and huffed out of her nose in response postponing the punishing smack on her son.

"I-I love Ichigo." He said with a smile. It felt good to finally get out in the open. "Yeah, I'm in love with Ichigo."

Nelliel's face softened as she let out a soft giggle, "Oh honey, I'm glad you finally realized it. Isshin and I had a wager on who would admit it first. Thanks for the easy three hundred bucks son."

Grimmjow deadpanned and spoke plainly, "Ya knew, and ya bet on me? Only three hundred? Hey! I want in on tha-" He was immediately interrupted with a hard hand that smacked at the back of his head.

"Get in on that, while I get in on this ass fucking screwdriver yes?" The mother barked out a bit of laughter, before she turned around to head out the door. "Now, get up and get dressed. You're already late for class. And for the record I'm your mother, I know everything about you two boys."

Grimmjow rubbed the back of his head, while letting out a soft chuckle. He had to love his mom. Even if she was a little crazy at times, he loved her. He was just in a loving mood today, and honestly could he be blamed?

He immediately hopped out his bed, and quickly got dressed. For once, he was excited as all hell to go to class.

Upon heading to the classroom, he peered through the small window to see Ichigo talking to Shiro. Grimmjow opened the door and silently stepped in. He wasn't going to just stand around this time, his voice was going to be heard.

Before he could even open his mouth to speak, he heard Ichigo say something that made his heart skip a beat.

"I—I love Grimmjow." He heard Ichigo said with a great sense of pride.

He couldn't bite his tongue for another second, "I love ya too Ichigo." Once Ichigo turned around to face him he added on, "Always 'ave. 'M'sorry it took so long for me to say it, but I do. I love you with everything I've got Ichi."

It felt perfect to finally say what needed to be said to Ichigo.

Shiro's entire demeanor seemed to droop as he watched his now ex-boyfriend and Grimmjow express their love for each other. "Grimmjow, treat 'im right he deserves it. King, I do want ta see ya happy, an' 'm sorry for causin' ya so much hurt."

Both teens turned their attention to Shiro, and both gave a smile before the albino flashed a weak one in return, and left the room to leave the two teen's alone.

"Hey Ichi? One last thing." Grimmjow said capturing Ichigo's attention.

When the redhead turned around to see what the blue haired teen had to say their lips were crushed together in a soft, brief kiss. When the kiss broke a few seconds later he smiled trying to hide the blush which fought to appear on his face and finally responded, "What is it Grimm?"

"You lost the punch swear." He gave a playful smirk, and lightly caressed Ichigo's slightly pink cheek.

"It was worth losing Grimmjow." Ichigo responded, while placing a hand over his new love's on his cheek as their eyes locked once more.

After over a decade of being friends. One abusive dad. One dead mother. Twelve years of high school. One cheating boyfriend. One sexual transmitted disease. One Rangiku. One Kensei along with countless other guys. Two epiphanies. One punch swear. One bottle of vodka. And two amazing rounds of mind-blowing sex, Ichigo was finally his. Grimmjow would've done everything again, experienced it all the pain, and the drama if that meant that in the end Ichigo was his.

AN: And there it is, Friends With Benefits. I've got a lot of editing to do on previous chapters, but other than that I had so much fun writing this. It took me seven months to write this, and I got so many fans of this. It's my first story and I'm so glad that I shared it with you guys. The reviews were so much more than generous and I truly thank you all. Those who didn't review I thank you for being loyal readers. I like to thank Racey as well. Throughout all the e-mails, and PM's she's still been a huge part of me writing this story and continuing to write it as well. I'll be posting the sequel to "The Awakening" in a week or so. Um...I think that's it. :') Alright peace out everyone.