Sam snuggled into Dean's chest, sighing as he tangled his legs with the elder Winchester. Dean stirred a little and half-consciously, his hand reaches to stroke Sam's hair – just like he used to whilst they were little; Sam has always been scarred of loud noises, especially thunderstorms. So whenever Thor was angry, Sam would jump into Dean's bed and wouldn't let go of his shirt until morning.

Sam nuzzled Dean's hand, smiling at the familiar sensation. Fully awake, Dean smiled too, then said in a raspy voice, "The puppy's awake, I see."

A low, playful growl escaped Sam's throat, followed by a chuckle. "C'mon, will you let go of that rabbit foot incident already? You would be pouty too if you lost one of your Rocky boots."

Dean sat up a little and pulled Sam close. "Well, I am your brother. Making your life hell is in the job description."

"I think Lucifer may have got you fired."

Sam said that in a joking manner, but Dean's smirk disappeared from his face. Sensing the tension in addition to Dean's sudden silence, Sam turned around to face his brother.


"I'm good."

Sam threw himself at Dean and hugged him tight. Dean didn't hug back, but he didn't push Sam away either. The last thing Dean wanted was to be reminded of that sonofabitch Lucifer. Anyone else would have said that time heals, but to Dean Winchester, that's a whole load of bullcrap. Sometimes he wished he has amnesia so that he can forget everything. On second thought, forgetting Sam would be torture, so…

Dean lost his trail of thought as he felt warm lips on his. He kissed back and ran his hands through that mop of brown hair. When they stopped for air, he took Sam's face in his hands and squished his cheeks together. "You know what, Sammy?"

"What?" Sam mumbled as his lips resembled a fish's.

"You are my temporary amnesia."