This is my first fan fiction and I wrote this after the end of series 5. I have read so much fan fiction it is unreal but every fan fic i have read has given me strength to write my own. I am slightly dyslexic and i don't have much imagination (well i don't think i do) so if this is absolute rubbish, tell me please. I am the only one editing this so any mistakes are my own. This is a Mergana story. Enjoy.

Roll out the Cavalry

This is too easy, Arthur should work on Camelot's security. Morgana smirked to herself walking down the corridor to the Great Hall. There her plan to take over the kingdom again was going to start.

Turning the last corner to the hall, Morgana meets 4 guards. And when I get to my destination, roll out the cavalry. "Hleap on bæc"

The knights were flung back. A couple of dull thuds were heard when they hit the wall. That should have happen the last time, if it wasn't for Emrys.

Pushing open the doors with her magic, Morgana glided into the room. The room was empty with the exception of the idiot manservant standing there with his goofy grin.

"My my being brave today Merlin, where's Arthur?"

"No where you need to know" Merlin replied "now if I was you I would leave while I still could"

Last thing I need. Morgana turned like she was going to leave however she had other plans.

Unsheathing her sword, she turned to strike Merlin, however he blocked it with his sword

Where did his sword come from? I don't remember him having one. Morgana thought nothing more of it. He managed to hide that good.

"I remember the last time we were alone in this room" Morgana said with disgust. She remembered it a bit too well. How the 'water' burned her throat, how she was slowly dying, how he looked at her and how he held her. He may have poisoned me but him holding me in my last moments, which would have been a perfect ending. Morgana stopped circling Merlin and shook her head. What am I thinking he poisoned me, he betrayed me. I let him in which my secret and he poisoned me.

"I didn't want to" Merlin said bring her out of her thoughts

"Well it's too late for that. Do you like what you have made?" and with that they started off again

He ducked to miss the sword swing towards his head and manage to block most of her attacks.

"I meant it." he said

"Meant what?"

"We could have found another way"

"Merlin, are you that stupid? You set me done this road with you betrayal"

Ducking again to miss an attack and muttered under his breath "you betrayed us first" she didn't reply to that. Maybe she didn't hear me.

After what felt like hours of them fighting Morgana decides to use her magic "Ablinn ðu; forlæte ðu nu"

Merlin was flung back.

Now this is where Merlin made is biggest mistake, although he had made loads of mistakes. He screamed "Feoll bu brand"

Morgana only just managed to get a force field up in time to miss being knocked out by the rubble.

Staring at each other Merlin realised his mistake. You idiot Merlin, what happened to 'let's not have Morgana find out your magic at any cost', maybe she didn't see hopefully.

Morgana looked at him with disbelief. The bloody traitor.

3 words. 3 words he never wanted her to say to him.

"You have magic"