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Chapter 12 – why is he so stubborn?

Gwen was getting annoyed at Arthur now. It was getting to be 7 months since he banished Merlin, but Arthur has been a misery. He keeps moaning that Merlin is gone but he won't go and find him, and tell him he made a mistake.

"Arthur, if you sack another manservant. I swear I will find Merlin and drag him back here or I will drag you to see him."

"I don't need him. He betrayed me."

"What do you expect in a kingdom where magic is punishable by death?"

"He wasn't lying all those years ago" the realisation hit Arthur

"What was he lying about?"

"Being a sorcerer. When you were arrested for sorcery, the time when you healed your father, he stepped in and said that you weren't the sorcerer, that he was. I thought he was madly in love with you and just wanted to save you."

"That's how he knew"

"He knew what?"

"That my father was better. He used his magic to save him."

Gwen was deep in thought. how many more people has he saved?

Gwen was brought out of her thoughts by her husband "are you still going to go on your pilgrim to your father's grave?"

"Yes" My father's grave isn't far from the border. If I get a couple of knights that want Merlin back. "I will probably go in the next couple of days"

"I will inform Leon"

"No, no you got a lot on your mind, I will go and do it"

On the way down to the armoury, she knew who she wanted to take with her. Gwaine always thought Merlin to be a friend, Elyan as he is my brother, Percival was quite friendly with Merlin, Leon wouldn't like to go against Arthur but has seen his change in mood.

In the armoury all the people she wanted was there.

"Your majesty" Leon bowed deeply "how can we be of assistance?"

"The pilgrim to my father's grave is going to take a bit longer than needed. I need to best knights for the job"

Elyan gives his sister a weird look. "What do you mean sis?"

"I want to go and search for Merlin. Tell him that my husband made a mistake and that we need him back."

"So when are we leaving?" Gwaine was smiling like his birthday and Christmas had all come at the same time.

It was obvious that most people missed Merlin's presence in the castle.

"Day after tomorrow"

"Don't worry milady, we will be ready". Leon said with another bow

That idea was quickly taken on. I thought I would have more of a fight.

"But what are we going to tell Arthur when we haven't returned, I mean our fathers grave is only a day ride way"

"Don't worry Elyan I will think of something"

She now just hoped she could convince Merlin to come home.

"Do you think I should tell Gaius of my plan?"

They all sighed. It was Percival that spoke up " maybe but we don't want to be giving him false hope now. Even if we do bring him back, will Arthur accept him?"

"I believe so, but he is to proud to admit it"