Red Puzzle

Story by: Yuki

Author's words: This fanfic does not fully follow the anime or manga.

Eight years ago, their first comrade joined them. It used to be the two of them but now they made three with Tatara Totsuka running in and out of Homra every single day.

The kid wasn't one to enjoy fighting and would probably get targeted the moment they got into a fight. Totsuka was powerless but he loved to hang around Mikoto and join them down at the bar for mini conversations before opening hours.

Izumo didn't mind Totsuka at all since it made the lone wolf have some sense of responsibility to take care of the young one who was too naïve for his own good. The constant increment of random items Totsuka bought irritated Izumo though; it was a hassle to find a place to keep all of them.

He let out a sigh unknowingly which caught Totsuka's attention.

"Are you perhaps irritated by me?"

"No, not at you personally at least."

He cleaned the cups skillfully, not leaving a single drip of water or dirt upon the sleek and clear glass which glistened upon the click of the door.

"Sorry, the bar is not opened yet—"

His eyes first fell upon the faces of the people who had came in.

All of them were obviously, up to no good with those scars and pissed off looks…

"Totsuka, take care of the bar for me."

"Eh? But—"

Izumo ushered all the men outside towards the dark alley.

"Tell us, where is Suoh Mikoto?"

"I don't know."

"Do you want to be beaten up?!"

"Try me."

He replied with a smirk of utmost confidence as his eyes reflected fearful expressions on their faces. Izumo's tone wasn't that of a joke but a real hint of anger to threaten his opponents. Nevertheless, they chose to fight despite fearing Izumo and got trashed until they could no longer stand. None of them managed to escape… Or rather, Izumo didn't let a single one of them escape.

"Leave and never come back for Mikoto again or I'll kill you."

His silhouette amidst the setting sun was a figure which striked fear in their hearts and they swore never to come close to his bar ever again.


Leaning against the wall in the alley, the redhead stared at him.


"Why did you fight them?"

"They dirtied my bar."


Mikoto muttered it under his breath and shrugged. That was the kind of guy Izumo was… He was one to be feared if anyone should incur his wrath and that had been perfectly proven through the events of that day.

"Let's get in and treat your wounds."

Mikoto reached out to Izumo and he took his hand.

That night, Izumo decided not to open the bar for business and cook for Totsuka and Mikoto instead…

Ignoring the fact that his bar was "ruined" and his hectic days were far from over, they were his most precious comrades, forever.

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