Red Puzzle

Story by: Yuki

Author's words: This fanfic contains BL and does not follow the original animation or manga.

Slowly, the people around Mikoto increased… Perhaps it was because of Tatara that his expression softened and Izumo was definitely happy for him; the lone wolf was finally not alone, he was appreciated for who he was. But as time passed, Izumo felt his heart squeeze tighter every second.

This was… for the best, isn't it?

Izumo enjoyed the company of the new guys although the bar was often messed up and noisy all time the time. Izumo had been alone from the start but now he had gained so much more so he won't ask for anything more.

Just let time stop now, it doesn't matter how much my heart hurts. Even if it is a little lonely, at least I don't have to face the silence alone again.

He secretly prayed that the happy times would never change; he loved the way Mikoto unknowingly let his expression soften and melt away his stern looking face with a gentle smile. Izumo loved how the others looked up to Mikoto and were willing to stand up for him… He loved how Mikoto would protect them no matter what happened…

But somewhere in his heart, Izumo hoped that Mikoto could treat him a little differently from the others. It was a tiny wish to be special to the person most important to him but he knew that it was a wish that could never be fulfilled so he locked away his feelings.

"Martini. Four parts gin to one part vermouth…"

"Oui, Mademoiselle."

"And… five scoops of red bean paste, please."

"Oui—Wait, what?"

"I said, five scoops of red bean paste."

"Are you serious?"



Kusanagi put on a dark face as prepared the Martini the lady was asking for… This was the first time he heard a customer ask for five scoops of red bean paste. Most customers asked for a scoop or two at maximum since the taste was quite strong…

"Here's your Martini, Mademoiselle."

She took the glass gracefully and had a taste of the Martini before mixing the red bean paste into the drink. Having a contented look on her face, Izumo let a chuckle escape his mouth and received a curious stare in return.

"What're you laughing at?"

"Nothing, it's just that this is the first time I've seen someone drink Martini like that."

She flushed and became flustered as he said those words.

"I- it's just tasty to me that way!"

"I guess we all have our own preferences."

Izumo smiled again; her reaction was priceless. Her dishonesty seemed to have softened her ice cold expression as she began to pout…

"Ah, what's your name?"

"Kusanagi Izumo, the owner of this bar. Yours?"

"Awashima Seri."

"I'll call you 'Seri-chan' then."

"Don't give me nicknames!"

The two were enjoying their conversation so much that they didn't notice a certain someone sulking at the door. He didn't like Izumo smiling at another woman when Izumo hadn't smiled at him like that for ages.

Mikoto wasn't happy, not at all.

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Yosh, so in this chapter, Mikoto finally shows signs of jealousy and there will be finally a little progress between them in the next chapter. I know it's better to follow the animation but since I wanted to describe the depth of their bonds, I decided to write the fanfic this way by adding in original ideas. For once, perhaps, I may be writing something less angst than usual~

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