Red Puzzle

Story by: Yuki

Author's words: Any further updates after the next few chapters are warned to be different from the animation; the last few chapters will be focusing on an original character and ending itself.

Perhaps, it had been his imagination but Mikoto seemed more grouchy than usual that day. Even though Izumo hadn't spoken to him the entire day, Mikoto was glaring him with a scary expression on his face even during dinner with the others.

Izumo was feeling uncomfortable with that gaze of his… Did he do something to make Mikoto angry? Well, not that he knew of at the moment. Perhaps, Mikoto was just feeling moody?

Maybe he just feels irritated by me?

Negative thoughts clouded his mind and things didn't change after a week. Mikoto didn't seem to find it tiring by glaring at Izumo everyday but that intense glare of his appeared was wearing Izumo down.

How long was he going to keep this up? Mikoto was hard enough to keep up with usually but he was making it harder to understand his intentions now.

"Mikoto, what are you thinking?"


"Your glares are disturbing."

It was raining outside and everyone else wasn't around that day. It was just Izumo and Mikoto in the bar.

Izumo was on the verge of losing his temper but Mikoto's reply made him freeze…

"Do you like me?"

His heart was filled with mixed feelings. The feelings he sealed away were coming back after just one sentence, his calm looking face was cringing in slight pain as the cracks of the broken mask began to show. Izumo grasped onto the glass cup he was holding onto tightly, trying to control himself.

"W-what are you saying? Everyone here likes you, don't they?"

Mikoto didn't seem too happy with Izumo's general answer as he stood up and cornered Izumo.

"Are you seriously going to keep this up?"

As Izumo tried to struggle, he dropped the glass cup and hurried to pick it up the glass shards. The shards in his hands were shaking as Izumo tried to calm himself down; his heart wouldn't stop beating and his determination to let things stay the way they were wavered. His uncertainty was interrupted by the prick of the glass and red liquid began to spread throughout his shaking hand…

"Give it here."

Mikoto took Izumo's injured hand by force, as he licked the wound gently. His eyes were that of a piercing stare, passionate and possessive. Izumo didn't know what to do; he couldn't move a single inch except let the beating of his heart echo within him.

"Want to go on?"

Izumo then smacked Mikoto's hand away with much embarrassment and walked away.

"I'm closing the bar early, you should go now."

"Can't I sleep in today?"


Just then, a familiar female figure walked in. It was Awashima Seri.


As Izumo let a look of surprise escape his previously embarrassed face, he prepared to welcome her into the bar.

"I thought you said you were closing the bar."

"She came in before I prepared to close it so it's fine."

Mikoto's face began to twist in anger and Seri had noticed it.

"I'll come again another time."

"Don't come again."

"Mikoto! I'm sorry, Seri-chan… He's a little moody today—"

"It's okay, I have work to do. See you next time…"

As she left, Seri got a good guess of what happened before she arrived. She wasn't that stupid to interrupt the two and of course, she wasn't interested in making enemies with Mikoto.

"Mikoto, I have the right to invite whoever I want into the bar. What's with your attitude today anyway?"

"Just not that woman."

"Look, Seri-chan is a good girl. She—"

"Seri, Seri, Seri— Is she such a good woman?!"

Mikoto lost his temper and anger was showing in his eyes, it was the first time Izumo had ever seen him so angry but he wasn't going to back down either.

"She is, so what? I have the right to choose who I want to be with!"

Mikoto cursed as he pushed open the door of the bar.

"Suit yourself."

His mood just got worse after he got greeted by a gang of brats who picked a fight with him. Mikoto felt his anger erupt in the middle of the fight and a sudden blast of red flames surrounded him while the ancient sword hung right above him… At that time, he still had no idea what had happened… Everything nearby was set on fire but he didn't feel the heat at all as if… As if he was part of the flames himself.

"It's the Red King!"

That's when Mikoto realised, he became something he never wanted to be.

Yuki: I've been on hiatus for the past 2 months, I'm so sorry. The assignments and exams were really getting to me and a whole lot of problems popped up with my projects. /sob I promise to work on the fanfics asap; I just finished typing this chapter after figuring out the exact flow of the fanfic for this series.

Well, firstly as I've warned above, further chapters, probably after the next chapter, an original character will be introduced and the story may change drastically from the original animation after a few more chapters. What I have in mind is a original ending(if I do manage to pull it off with proper concepts) so some of you may or may not like it. Just a warning because I don't usually upload stories I type for OCs, but for Red Puzzle I decided to go for a different ending so hopefully I manage to get it done.

Next, I'm really curious but does anyone actually ship Gold x Silver King? I was thinking of writing a short mini story for them as a oneshot but I wasn't really sure if anyone actually supports them. LOL

Lastly, I know some, Idk how many actually, have been waiting really long for me to update this series. I'm really sorry, I'll try to type out as much as I can during my free time.

For AoKi fans, I'm sorry because I've been stuck with a new oneshot for AoKi that I really can't figure out a way to get through where I'm stuck at so once I get pass wherever I'm stuck at I'll update. I'm almost done with the last few extra chapters of Love At First Sight as well...

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