"So I see you survived another episode" said DG

"Yes we did" said Gumball "Okay Jeff you can send us down now, we're starving"

"Got it" said Jeff as he reached for the console again

"No, for the last time, DO NOT SEND THEM BACK TO EARTH" shouted DG

"Sorry sir" said Jeff nervously

"Well if we can't go back can we at least get our food?" asked Nicole

"Oh you want your food, fine, have your stupid food, but don't expect anything else from me except more episodes" said DG as he pushed the food into a teleporter tube. The food landed on the desk on the ship

"Thanks sir" said Nicole as she and her family scarfed down on the food

"Wow, this is delicious" said Richard

"It's better than the food we have up here" said Darwin

"Until next time Wattersons, okay Jeff push the button" said DG

Jeff pushed a button on the console but nothing happened

"Okay what did I do?" asked Jeff

"Don't worry just press shift and delete and push that button" said DG

"This button?" asked Jeff

"No, that one" said DG

"This one?"

"NO, it's that one, here I'll do it" said DG

The screen faded out and faded back in

"Sorry, he's new" said DG

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