Title: Not One of Them

Pairing: Rachel/Quinn

Summary: Quinn just wanted to be alone. Rachel just had bad timing.

Disclaimer: Glee is not mine.

Warning: G!P Rachel.

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She patiently waited a whole week.

Being Rachel's first girlfriend, she made sure to do things right for once. She went to greet the diva everyday before class, kissing her sweetly inside the choir room after morning practice. At lunch, she sat every day of the week with her inside the auditorium — she even made her a P&J sandwich on Thursday and ate basically the whole thing, much to Rachel's amusement. And then, after school, they went to the brunette's house almost everyday to hang out for a few hours before the blonde had to get home for dinner or Rachel had to go to her dance/singing/acting classes.

It was the exactly same thing they had been doing for months now, but it still managed to be different somehow.

When Friday came around, she dragged Santana and Brittany away from the other girls before practice started.

"Bitch, let me go or I'll slap you!"

Ignoring the Latina like she always did, Quinn only stopped when they were out of the other Cheerios's earshot. They didn't have a lot of time because Sue would be there any minute now and, if she didn't find the girls already ready for practice when she arrived, Quinn would be the one to suffer the crazy coach's wrath later.

"I need you to do something for me," she said, going straight to the point.

Santana's eyes narrowed immediately in suspicion; the last time the captain said those exactly same words, she ended up babysitting the dwarf for a week. And she just knew the tiny diva would be involved in this again in someway. "And what would that be?"

"Rachel's fathers work late every Friday and Rachel has dance class until seven," the blonde began and Santana huffed. She fucking knew it. "I would do it myself, but my mother wants to go shopping this afternoon and I have to go with her because she needs me to—."

"You lost me after 'fathers'," the Latina interrupted her. "Go to the freaking point, Barbie."

Quinn glared at her. "Anyway, I was thinking that it would be nice to have dinner together, just the two of us. But I won't have time to prepare anything and I can't really take her out to eat somewhere else." It wasn't even about being seen in public together; Lima just didn't have a place that served decent vegan food and she refused to take Rachel somewhere she would only be able to eat plain salad. "So that's where you come in."

"You want us to cook for you?" Santana barked out a laugh. "There's no fucking way I'm wasting my Friday cooking for you and dwarfed Barbra!"

"Hey, watch the way you speak of my girlfriend," Quinn growled without even thinking.

There was complete silence after that. The Latina froze with her mouth still open mid-laugh and Brittany blinked a few times, both of them processing what had come out of the still glaring blonde.

Everything came back to life suddenly with Brittany's excited squeal.

"You're dating!"

And then Quinn's world was spinning because the taller blonde picked her up in her arms and started to jump around, attracting the attention of the other girls that were now eying them weirdly from the other side of the gym.

"Wait a minute," Santana called when she recovered from her shock, her dark eyes following the bouncing blondes. "Wait a fucking minute! What the hell is— Did you just say girlfriend?!"

"I did," Quinn admitted after Brittany finally put her back down. The small but sincere smile that took over the smaller blonde's face shocked Santana into silence again. "I actually asked her on Monday."

She really tried not to show it, but the fact that both Barbie and dwarfed Barbra had been dating for five days — fucking five days! — and didn't even think about telling her kind of bothered her a little. Like, she had been saving their asses for months now, suffering with their constant and disgusting eye-fucking and all the other nauseating displays of affection! It wouldn't hurt to tell her, would it? Those bitches just had no consideration!

Crossing her arms over her chest, the Latina huffed and looked away to hide her frown from the other two girls.

"Hmmm... Santana?" Quinn called, but the brunette's only answer was another huff. Beside her, Brittany smiled amusedly at her girlfriend's behavior. "San?"

"I mean, it's cool!" Santana said suddenly, turning back around with one of her annoyed faces on. "I would say that I'm happy for you, but it's not like I care, anyway." Huffing again, she glared at her captain, that was trying not to laugh. "And it's not like you care, either, right? Because, if you did, you wouldn't have waited five fucking days to tell me that you're dating Hobs, for fuck's sake!"

Quinn shook her head. "San—."

"You not telling me, that I can understand," the Latina continued, ignoring her. "You are a bitch and we don't really talk about, you know, stuff. But Hobs? She can't keep her big mouth shut for five seconds and she actually failed to tell me that you asked her hairy ass to be your girlfriend. What the fuck?"


"But, hey, it's whatever. Again, it's not like I give a shit about your stupid relationship. Don't tell me, it's cool. I don't fucking care."

One of the HBIC's eyebrows were almost touching her hairline and she couldn't stop the small smirk that she knew would annoy Santana even more. "Are you done?" she asked after a few seconds of silence where the brunette just glared at her.

"No," she spat. "There's no way I'm not cooking for you, bitch."

Brittany snorted. "Don't worry, Q. We got this."


Ignoring Santana's whine, the smaller blonde squeezed one of the dancer's hand and offered her another sincere smile. "Thanks, B."

And even though the Latina promised multiple times she would poison their food, dinner was delicious. She later found out that Brittany broke into the Berry house and decorated their small kitchen — the Berry's didn't have a dining room — with all kind of candles; how she did that, though, Quinn had no idea. But she was incredibly thankful because Rachel's awed expression when she saw them was one of the best things of the night.

The food was good, the nice talk was good, the intimacy of the moment was good, but nothing was better than the hot, slow sex that happened after.

Feeling Rachel's lips, tongue and teeth against her skin, her whole body pressing her down on the mattress and the almost gentle movement of her hips made her forget about the rest of the world. Her own whimpers and Rachel's whispered words stayed engraved in her mind and she couldn't not think about it later that night.

And then it was Monday again. One week. Just enough time to make Rachel relax, thinking she forgot about her little stunt.

Tell her she went soft over the last few months, but she was still Quinn Fabray. The HBIC was still there and she wanted revenge. No one played with her without paying the price, not even her sweet, dorky girlfriend.

"Santana, Brittany..." She smirked. "I need another favor."


Rachel's fingers were dancing over the keys of the piano as she sang quietly to herself. When the door of the choir room opened and revealed the Head Cheerleader, she only faltered for a second before continuing, singing louder this time.

"I don't wanna close my eyes. I don't wanna fall asleep. 'Cause I'd miss you, baby, and don't wanna miss a thing," she sang, smiling gently as stunning hazel eyes watched her from the other side of the room. "'Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do. I'd still miss you, baby, and I don't wanna miss a thing."

The chords of the piano and the way Rachel sang to her so softly made the blonde's knees go weak. She knew it was just a song, but it still made her heart go crazy inside of her as brown eyes kept her glued to her spot by the door.

"Hey, beautiful."

Getting over her little moment, Quinn smirked at the other girl and calmly walked toward her, making sure to put some extra sway to her hips. She let her bag fall somewhere near the piano before she slid on the diva's lap, her arms wrapping around her neck immediately. "Hi," she said and leaned in to kiss her.

As hot lips massaged her own, the diva felt the hands that were previously scratching the back of her neck traveling down her shoulders and arms just before they disappeared under her sweater.

"Q-Quinn?" she squeaked when the blonde cupped her breasts over her bra and started to tease her nipples through the material. Not that she didn't like the attention, but the bell would ring in a few minutes and literally anyone could walk in on them.

Quinn hid her satisfied smirk as she buried her face in her neck, kissing the sensitive skin as she let her hands play with Rachel's now hard nipples for a few more seconds because she knew how much that drove the other girl crazy. When she had her squirming under her, she let one of her hands travel down her quivering stomach before playfully tugging at the hem of her jeans. "Yes?" she whispered.

The diva gulped. "What are you—."

Before she could finish her question, the bell rang.

As if nothing was going on, the blonde pecked the stunned girl's cheek and got up from her lap. Rachel blinked a couple of times before looking down at her lap, pouting at the noticeable bulge the other girl left behind.

"See you later, dork!"

Still pouting, she watched the girl walk away from her, those hips swaying as she disappeared outside the door without glancing back at the miserable brunette. Really, it was ridiculous how fast Quinn could affect her and she was really considering being late to her first period just so she could do something about that damn bulge when Brittany's blonde head poked inside the room.

"Hey, Rachel! Can you walk me to class? Santana is busy with coach and I don't wanna get lost today because the teacher said we'd talk about sharks." She stopped for a second. "That and because Santana told me to drag your 'hairy ass' away from the choir room after Q came out. Is your butt really hairy, though?"

Rachel had one hand still covering the front of her pants as she stared at the frowning blonde with her mouth open in shock.

"Brittany... What?"

"You have a cute butt." The blonde shrugged. "Kinda small, but still nice 'cause you're all tiny and it would be weird if you had, like, a giant butt. You'd look like an ant or a spider and I don't really like them 'cause they have so many legs. You know, sometimes I wanna touch it, but I don't think Q would like that. It's such a nice butt, though. Can I touch it now?"

"I— what?"

Brittany tilted her head to the side in thought and her blonde ponytail bounced behind it. "Is it hairy because you're a dwarf? That'd make sense..."

Finally getting over her shock, the brunette huffed in indignation and got up from the bench. Only when she noticed that Brittany's blue eyes were lower than they should have been, she remembered the state Quinn had left her and tried to cover herself with her sweater.

"I'm not a dwarf," she said as calmly as she could. She was blushing and her face was so hot it was uncomfortable. "And my butt is not hairy."

The dancer nodded. "Cool. So, can I touch it?"

Using her books now to cover her front, she walked toward the taller blonde and was about to open her mouth to answer her when the loud smack surprised her, making her close her mouth again immediately in shock. She just stared at Brittany, who was grinning like an idiot.

"Did you just... slap my butt?"

"Sure did." The dancer slapped it again just because she could and nodded her head in approval. "Awesome. Now let's go, Rachel. Sharks!"

And before she could recover, Brittany was already running out of the room in excitement. It took her some time to follow and, when she finally did, she found her outside, still grinning with her eyes shinning with mirth.

Brittany patted herself in the back mentally as Rachel guided her trough the hallways, her books still pressed against her front as she eyed her suspiciously every other five seconds because the dancer had slapped her ass six more times since they left the choir room.

She grinned. Rachel was just so easy.

The next time she saw another one of the cheerleaders was after third period. She was calmly walking to her next class now that her body had finally calmed down when Quinn grabbed the back of her sweater and dragged her toward the janitor closet. Her indignant rant never made it's way out of her mouth because the blonde girl kissed her as soon as the door closed behind them.

Her books fell from her hands when her back connected quite painfully with some shelves. The blonde cheerleader blindly kicked some of the cleaning products out of their way, her lips and hands never letting go of the panting girl in front of her. The closet was really small and dark and the diva was so sure she'd never find her books ever again with all the mess they were making, but she quickly forgot about it when Quinn's fingers found their way inside her sweater again.

"Do me a favor?" the blonde whispered against her mouth.

Moaning when one of her hands pushed her bra away and started to play with her nipple, she didn't even notice that the other one had disappeared from under her sweater. The blonde's free hand pulled one of hers away from her hips and pushed it inside her spankies when she got no response beside a few more low moans.

In the darkness, she didn't see Quinn's satisfied smirk.

When the diva's fingers met wetness, she lost it. Rachel blindly searched for the other girl's mouth as she circled her clit firmly, loving the way it made her squirm and pinch her nipple roughly in response. Slipping only one finger inside, she tried to muffle the noises that were coming out of her mouth by pressing it against the hot skin of Quinn's neck.

"Come on, dork," the blonde groaned lowly, letting go of the girl's abused nipple to play with the other one. Her teeth sank into her lower lip when she felt Rachel press her hips against her, letting her know just how much touching her was turning her on. "I need more." Her hazel eyes rolled back when Rachel immediately pushed another finger inside her, pumping them in and out just a few times before adding a third one.

It was getting uncomfortably hot inside that damn janitor closet and there was something that Rachel really hoped was just a broom poking her back, but she didn't stop moving her hand until Quinn was coming with a low, long moan. Using her thumb to play with her clit, she let the blonde ride her orgasm out and only slipped her fingers out when Quinn stopped trembling in her arms.

Just as she was licking them clean, the bell rang again.

Pushing the diva away — grateful that it was dark enough to hide her disappointment in doing so because Quinn Fabray was nothing but determined in punishing the tiny dork for messing with her —, the blonde immediately pulled her hand away from her breasts and from under her sweater. "I don't wanna be late for next class," Quinn said from somewhere in front of her, her voice still huskier than normal, and Rachel let out a strangled squeak when she felt the blonde's bold hand squeeze her hard cock once before kissing her cheek and pushing the door open. "See you later, dork."

Speechless, the diva just stared at the open door with her mouth open, wet fingers still in the air.

"What the...?" she whispered to herself, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

"Why the hell are you talking to yourself, Hobs?"

Santana's sudden appearance made the diva scream and jump, bumping her head against one of the shelves and making more cleaning products and some small spiders fall all over her. Screaming again, she threw herself toward the door, ignoring the Latina's amused laughter as she desperately ran her hands trough her hair to make sure there was nothing that wasn't supposed to be there.

"God, that was so good," Santana said when she finally calmed down and smirked when the smaller brunette glared at her. "Don't look at me like that, dwarf. I can see just how happy you actually are to see me. By the way, hello."

Huffing in indignation, she pulled her sweater down again and glared harder.

"The bell just rang, Santana. Aren't you supposed to be in class right now?"

The Latina smirked. "Yep, just like you were supposed to, but you were still fucking blondie in that closet and not giving a shit about it, so don't give me that crap."

Rachel tried to ignore the other brunette because she clearly wasn't going anywhere and went back inside the small janitor closet to find her books. Kicking a few things out of the way, always eying the shelves suspiciously in case any spider decided it would be nice to attack her again, she finally found them beside a couple of old buckets. She was just bending down to retrieve them when she suddenly felt something she had not been expecting.

"Hmmm... Santana?"

"Hobs?" came the Latina's voice from directly behind her.

"Did you just squeeze my butt?"

There was a pause. "Kind of."

"... Why?"

Another pause. "Well, it was just there and I though 'why not?'."

"Because you don't just grab people's butt, Santana. And you are still touching it! Stop it!" She stood up and slapped the Latina's hand away.

"Hey, there's no need to be violent here, little one," she said. "And Britts was right. You do have a nice ass for a dwarf." Smirking again, the taller girl turned around and pretended not to see the small spider that was casually running up the diva's right arm. "Thanks for walking her to class earlier, by the way. I had to deal with some stupid freshman that thought it'd be funny to lock Becky inside a locker."

Rachel frowned. "But Brittany said you were talking with coach Sylvester."

"I was doing that, too," the Latina added without missing a beat. "Aren't you going to pick up those books, Berry?"

That made the diva pause. "That depends. Are you going to keep your hands to yourself this time?"

"Not really."

"You have no idea of how annoying you can be sometimes," Rachel grumbled as she turned back around, still oblivious to the small spider that was now sitting comfortably on her shoulder.

Santana snorted. "Trust me, I do. So just shut up and go get those damn books and, if you're lucky enough, I'll grab something else this time."

And, after slapping the Latina's hand away from her behind a couple of times and falling face first when she finally noticed the spider happily running down her arm again, Rachel closed the janitor closet's door with a triumphant huff, books pressed against her front to hide what spending a few minutes with Quinn inside that stupid closet had done to her.

Much to Rachel's annoyance, the taller brunette decided to follow her, casually insulting her and squeezing her ass every now and then until they reached the diva's classroom, where her teacher ignored her excuses and informed her she'd be getting detention for being late again.

Santana's amused laughter was the last thing she heard before she closed the door.

Damn cheerleaders.

When lunch came around, Rachel was feeling really uncomfortable. And by then, she had finally figured out what her girlfriend was doing and she was so not amused. Not being able to get release wasn't fun at all; she wasn't in pain exactly, but she was throbbing inside her compression shorts and she just couldn't sit still.

Quinn's smiley face was the first thing she saw when she exited her classroom.

"Hey, dork," she husked.

Huffing, the diva ignored her and started to make her way toward the auditorium without answering her. She knew Quinn was following her and that she would not be pleased with being ignored, but she was too pissed off to really care at the moment.

"What was that about?" Quinn asked as soon as the auditorium door closed and they were alone.

Rachel crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the blonde.

"I'm mad at you."

For a second, Quinn just stared at her, confused. But when Rachel kept fidgeting in front of her, glaring, a smirk covered her face slowly. "Oh, really?" She let the words roll off her tongue smoothly. "And what exactly did I do?"

Not giving her an answer, the diva uncrossed her arms and started fumbling with the button of her jeans. The cheerleader watched with wide, dark eyes as her tiny girlfriend pushed her pants and compression shorts down her thighs.

"Shall I show you what you didn't do instead?" Rachel taunted. "I think it might make things a little bit clearer for you, love."

So Quinn pressed her back against the door when the diva wrapped her hand around her semi-erect dick and started to pump it slowly. Her almost pained moan brought Quinn back to life and she immediately pushed herself away from the door.

"That desperate, dork?"

Rachel was torn between glaring at her and closing her eyes in pleasure, her hand never stopping. But, despite of what the blonde said, she was touching herself almost carefully, her free hand holding her sweater up so it wouldn't get in the way.

"Want some help?" Quinn continued when she got no answer from the other girl again, her eyes glued to what Rachel was doing to herself in front of her. As fun as it was to mess with her, it was still hard because one of the things she loved the most was giving that girl pleasure. To hear Rachel moan her name was something she could do everyday and never get tired of it.

Rachel grunted. "You want to help now?"

"Yeah, dork, right now," she whispered and fell to her knees. Just the sight of Quinn Fabray on her knees in front of her was enough to make Rachel almost lose it. Her low groans filled the silent air as the blonde's plump lips kissed the head gently. "Does it hurt?"

Shaking her head, the diva closed her eyes as Quinn started to take her in her mouth.

"It's just— fuck, Quinn— it's just sensitive."

Determined not to hurt her, she started to suck her gently, making Rachel's knees buckle and her breath hitch. With her tongue, she played with the tip for a moment before taking her again. Tasting her, feeling her hips buckle gently as Rachel tried to keep herself still and just knowing what she was doing to her girlfriend was enough to make her hum in delight, making the other girl shudder.

Rachel forced her eyes open and watched Quinn bobbing her head up and down her length. As she started to go faster, the brunette's breath started to get shallow until she was a panting mess. Her vision got blurred for a moment and she felt her body tense to the point it was almost painful just before the world exploded around her.

"Oh, my— Quinn!"

With a relieved sigh, Rachel fisted the blonde's golden locks with her free hand when she finally tumbled over the edge. Her whole body relaxed at once and her knees gave out, making her stumble back until her back hit the wall behind her.

When Quinn let her go, she slid down the wall as she tried to catch her breath, her partially naked butt hitting the floor with a soft thump. Still kneeling in front of her, the blonde licked her lips as she patiently watched the other girl recover.

"Quinn," Rachel called after a minute.

The blonde smiled. "Yes, dork?"

"I'm still mad at you."


From across the choir room, Quinn tried to hide her amused smile as the tiny diva glared at her. Rachel had refused to talk to her since lunch, but she knew the silence treatment wouldn't last; her currently pissed off girlfriend couldn't ignore her forever.

"Brittany, stop slapping my butt!"

"But, Rach, it's so nice!"

Snorting, the blonde got up from her chair and went after Santana. The Latina was loudly — seriously, sometimes she was sure the girl had no idea of how to speak at a reasonable volume — discussing song choices with Mercedes by the piano while Artie watched them with wide eyes. Not far from them, Brittany, Mike, Rachel and the Cheerios were sorting out some part of the choreography for the only song they had actually agreed on.

"Santana, we are not deaf," she said before the Latina could open her mouth to scream again, ignoring the girl's glare, Mercedes triumphant smile and Artie's relieved sigh. Her hazel eyes followed her girl, smirking when her brown ones met hers.

Mr. Schue was nowhere to be found, foolishly trusting them not to kill themselves while he ran after Ms. Pillsbury with his puppy eyes on. Earlier, he announced that they would be singing for the little kids from the only orphanage in Lima in a few days, so they should be sorting out a small set list and some simple choreography until the end of the day. Not even five minutes after Mr. Schue disappeared, Mercedes and Santana — but mostly Santana, of course — started screaming at each other and the boys simply gave up trying to help and decided to mess around with the instruments on the other side of the room, as far away from them as they could get.

It was weird, but she was actually feeling excited about it. Something no one knew about her, not even Rachel, was that she loved kids; their innocence and their simplicity were fascinating to her, it was something she wanted to protect. She honestly couldn't wait to have some of her own. And that was one part of herself that she really liked, so she kept it hidden, protected behind her cold mask all this time.

"I'm gonna strangle you, Wheezy!"

Mercedes scoffed. "I wanna see you try, Lopez."

"Guys," Artie called while Santana tried to grab the other girl's hair with both hands. "Guys, the kids... The songs... What are you doing?"

"Come on, Artie." Quinn pushed his wheelchair away from the girls and sat down beside Tina and Kurt, who eyed her suspiciously. For them, it was still unfamiliar to have the HBIC so close to them, acting like it was something she'd done her whole life. "So, do you guys have any ideas of good songs? Because I don't think we're gonna get anything out of that," she said, pointing at Mercedes and Santana.

When the blonde girl just calmly waited for them to answer, Kurt let himself relax and smiles proudly. "Well, I do have some good suggestion, if I do say so myself."

When the Glee meeting was over, they already had their setlist and part of the choreography done. Mr. Schue complimented them on their good work, all the time frowning at Santana and Mercedes, who were covered in scratches and still glaring at each other.

"The kids will love this, guys!" He grinned.

Later, she found Rachel sitting outside with her book bag beside her.

Sue decided they should practice again because their morning practice that day had been "simply pathetic". By the time it was over, Rachel was already done with her detention and she would have gone home, but apparently she was wrong.

"Do you need a ride, dork?" she asked. When the girl just huffed and refused to answer her, Quinn rolled her eyes and gently ran her hand through her messy locks because she knew Rachel loved it. "Are you still mad at me?"

Rachel pouted. "Yes. That was mean, Quinn."

"I know. Come on." She helped her get up and led her toward the almost empty parking lot. When they were inside of her car, she pulled the diva closer by her sweater and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "It was kind of mean, but you know you deserved that, right?"

"But I'm your girlfriend. You can't be mean to me," Rachel whined playfully, pushing Quinn's hand away when she tried to grab her sweater again.

Smirking, Quinn shrugged. "Consider it a lesson," she said before starting the car and the Porsche came to life with a satisfied purr. Leaning over, she stole one last kiss from the pouting brunette. "Don't mess with me, dork."

It was Rachel's time to smirk. "Like you didn't like it, Fabray."

Choosing not to reply because she really wouldn't mind repeating what they did after the game, she drove away from school.

"Are you excited?" Quinn asked after a few minutes of silence.

"About what?"

"Singing for the kids," she answered as casually as she could. It was another part of herself that she would be sharing with the other girl and she wasn't sure why it felt like a delicate topic, but it did. "I mean, I am. A lot, actually."

Rachel smiled. "Really?"

"Yes. I just— I guess I just want to make them smile, you know?" She could feel her cheeks getting warm and couldn't help but feel a little bit silly for admitting that. "I can't imagine how hard it must be for them. If I could, I'd probably end up adopting all of them."

There was silence again after that and Quinn started to worry she'd said something wrong. She was about to ask when the diva's quiet response came.

"Yeah, me too."

After hesitating for a moment, Quinn decided to take a risk and just ask. "Did you ever live in a orphanage?"

"No, I didn't," Rachel answered and just then she noticed that they were already parked outside her house. Beside her, curious hazel eyes watched her fidget with her hands as she debated with herself if she should elaborate. But after everything Quinn had shared with her, it was only fair that she did the same, so she continued. "I never met my mother, but my dads say she was a beautiful woman. Her name is Shelby."

"And what happened?" the blonde encouraged.

Rachel sighed. "She got pregnant when she was seventeen and her parents kicked her out. At the time, Daddy had a restaurant and she used to work as a waitress there to make extra money for college. She asked for help because she had nowhere to go, so they took her in.

"She stayed with them at their house and they supported her throughout the pregnancy. But after I was born, she told them she couldn't keep me and that was thinking about giving me up for adoption, so my dads asked her if they could adopt me instead.

"They said the last time they saw her, she said she was going to New York and asked them to 'take care of her little boy'. She thinks I'm a boy, Quinn. When my dads found out that I was actually a girl, she was already gone. And sometimes I wonder what would she say if she saw me now, you know?"

"Is that the real reason you wanna go to New York after high school? To find your mother?" Quinn asked when she was sure Rachel was finished.

Still playing with her own fingers, the brunette shook her head softly. "No. Broadway has been my dream since I can remember and that's the main reason I'm going to New York after graduation. New York is about me, not her. But I can't say that I don't want to meet her and maybe I'll never get the chance to do it, so I think being in the same city as her would... make me feel closer to her, I guess."

Done with seeing her girlfriend fidgeting beside her, Quinn undid her seatbelt and leaned over to rest her hand over Rachel's.

"I feel selfish when I talk about her," the diva admitted quietly.

That made the blonde frown. "Why?"

"Because I have two amazing fathers that love me unconditionally and I still miss this stranger that gave me up seventeen years ago." Rachel scoffed and started to play with Quinn's fingers instead to give herself something to focus on. "Think about all the kids without a family in that orphanage. I am lucky to have my fathers, but I still want more."

Sighing, Quinn wrapped her hand around the diva's restless fingers and waited for her to finally look at her.

"Those kids, I can assure you each one of them want to meet their own mother just as much as you do, dork. It's the person that brought you into this world and it's not selfish to want to meet her," she told her, squeezing her hand when she started to shake her head. "Stop. Your parents love you, Rachel. And, somewhere out there, there's a woman that loves you, too. You're their daughter. And it's not selfish to miss any of them."

Before she could understand what was going on, Rachel's arms were wrapped around her, squeezing her to the point it was hard to breath. With a surprised grunt, she sat back and tried to push the other girl away.


"That was so sweet," the diva gushed against her, squeezing her one last time before letting her flushed girlfriend go. Quinn tried to glare at her, but couldn't when she saw the genuine smile on the diva's face. "Thank you, beautiful."

Still blushing, the blonde smiled back.

"You're welcome."

"I want to make them smile, too," Rachel added. "I know what it feels like to think your parents don't want you. For a long time, I didn't understand why she went away. And it sucks."

The diva pecked her girlfriend's smiling lips before getting out of the car.

"Hey, beautiful," she called.

Quinn was getting out of the car, keys in hand. "Yeah?"

"I'm still mad at you."


The kids were laughing and dancing around the small living room. There was a big group running after a smiling Brittany and another running after a scowling Santana, and Quinn watched her friends with an amused smile on her face.

Looking around, her eyes fell on a small girl sitting by herself on the couch, away from the other kids. When the girl did nothing but watch, she sat down beside her and smiled gently when big, brown eyes met hers.


The girl's voice was husky, like she didn't use it a lot. When Quinn didn't answer her immediately, she started to nervously play with her dark hair — darker than her eyes.

"Hello," Quinn finally replied. "What's your name?"

"Jenna," she answered.

Quinn tucked a strand of Jenna's hair behind her ear, chuckling when the little girl blushed.

"Nice to meet you, Jenna. I'm Quinn." Her eyes scanned the room, stopping when they found Rachel dancing and singing Disney songs with the kids and Kurt. "Why are you sitting here? Are you not having fun?"

Jenna shook her head vigorously, her pale cheeks getting redder.

"No, it's fun!" she exclaimed. "But I'm not a good singer."

"Hey, don't say that. Come here." Getting up from the couch, she offered the little girl one hand and patiently waited for her to take it. With Jenna's small hand in hers, she led the little girl toward the small group surrounding her girlfriend and sat down with them.

Rachel grinned at them as Kurt waived his arms around, making the kids laugh. Beside her, Jenna squeezed the blonde's hand and smiled shyly back.

"You sing pretty," the little girl told the diva, squeezing Quinn's hand harder when Rachel's smile grew wider.

"Thank you!" Just like Quinn did, the diva offered her her hand and waited. Shy, brown eyes met the blonde's for a moment, almost like she was waiting for permission to go. Smiling, she nodded and watched her go sit beside her girlfriend. "Come on, sing with me now."

Sitting back, Quinn just watched them as Rachel sang with the shy little girl and felt like the world was right for just a moment.

And in that moment, everyone was smiling.


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