Chapter 11


Alice, Bella and Rosalie have been picked up in a scoop of humans by the Volturi to be used as slaves and for various businesses they have in their dealings with humans. Bella and Rose are chosen as sex slaves, while Alice is chosen to be eventually changed for the bureaucracy due to her potential to see the future. What will happen to them? Will they eventually escape to freedom, will they be turned into vampires, or will they be drained of blood and killed?

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Chapter 11


"Bella, Rose is that you?" Alice's voice was faint but she was waking up and for the moment, all was right with the sisters' world.


"Yes Alice, it's us!" Bella and Rose cried out at the same time.

Alice's eyelids flutter more and her voice is croaky, "What happened, what happened to you both? I couldn't feel you or hear you anymore. I thought you both were," Alice starts sobbing, "I thought you both were dead and I was...I was alone. I couldn't bear it. I couldn't lose my family, not again." She was sobbing hysterically at this point.

"Shh, shh Alice." Bella has Alice in her arms and Rose is hugging them both.

Finally Alice calms down and looks around hiccuping, "I thought there were more people in the room."

Bella looks around and sees that the vampires have all left them for now.

Bella and Rose help Alice to sit up, get down from the gurney and walk over to a set of chairs and loveseat in front of some windows. Rose carefully moved the IV holder into position after Alice was more comfortably seated. Bella then fetched the tray of sandwiches and bottled water that Renata had brought in for them.

The three friends hadn't realized just how hungry they had become and silently consumed two sandwiches apiece and drank two bottles of water each before they felt satiated enough to begin speaking again.

"Bella, Rose, what happened to you to two? Where did they take you so forcibly?" Alice questioned.

"Well", Bella drawled, "I was taken into a room and strapped down to a table and had fellatio forced upon me...I mean I was forced to perform it on this hideous man with dreadlocks while I was strapped down." Bella shuddered. "He just rammed it in and put his hands on my throat and choked me at the same time he was gagging me." By now she was crying, but held up her hand to her sisters, "No I really need to talk this out. I have never been so terrified in my entire life. He told me he didn't care if I choked to death. I would 'learn to keep my mouth open and to be quiet'".

More sobs racked Bella's small frame but she had to continue on. She glanced up at Alice and Rose to see Rose nodding her head in understanding and Alice's huge eyes filled filled with heartfelt pain.

"The last time, he did it to me, I thought he was going to choke the life out of me. I was blacking out when...when Edward came bursting through the door." The mention of Edward's name caused Bella to begin to feel safe. Really safe. "Edward pushed Dreadlocks out of the way and untied me, covered me with a blanket and scooped me up and took me somewhere else." Bella paused to take a sip from a third bottle of water before continuing. "I awoke in a beautiful room, a bedroom - I think meant to be mine - with the woman who brought the sandwich tray, sitting beside me waiting for me to wake up.

"While I was terrified, she told me I needed to get up, clean myself up, and get dressed because you needed me. So, here I am!" Bella smiled at her tiny sister. She then looked to Rosalie.

"The way you were nodding your head and your facial expressions, the same thing happened to you? Was it Edward that rescued you too, or was it that huge man that brought you in here?"

Rosalie was actually smiling when she answered. "It was Monstro that saved me in pretty much the same way," Rosalie cocked her head to one side asking Bella, "Edward? Was that his name, Edward?"

Bella nodded yes.

"The same way Edward saved you." Rose continue, "He just burst into the room; pushed old Dreadlocks away from me and scooped me up taking me to another room where he handed me some clothing. He pointed to the bathroom and told me to clean myself up and get dressed that Alice needed me. So here I am."

Rose didn't bother to describe the state she'd been in when Emmett had burst in and removed all the devices that awful person had inserted into her body. The other two didn't need to know all the gory details.

Bella took Alice's hand into her own. "What happened to you Alice? Did that Dreadlocks person get his hands on you too?"

Alice reached for another bottle of water. She noticed that there were cookies on the tray as well and started nibbling on one and then took a sip of water. Her tiny hands fell to her lap. Not looking at either of her sisters, she told them how she'd panicked when both Bella and Rose and been taken so forcibly from her.

"I tried to keep up with you both on our special band width, but you both just disappeared. I couldn't see either of your futures anymore. Nothing! I was alone!"

Both Bella and Rose rushed to Alice's side to calm her again.

"Alice hush, hush, it's okay. It's okay Alice. We're together again. We're fine." They both cooed. Their words spilling out on top of each others.

"I wish I knew what was going to happen to us now." Bella wondered out loud.

"Yeah, me too." Rose added.

Alice got that dreamy eyed look she got when she was seeing a future, "We will be staying here now. We will never leave here again."

"What?!" Both Rose and Bella gasped.

"No! No! No! It's okay. We'll be alright. I see Bella with Edward. I see her smiling at Edward and him smiling back. You're very happy. You look different, but very happy." She looked at Rose then, "And you, you're smiling and happy with, with Emmett? Or you called him Monstro.? Emmett is his name."

"Emmett...humm. Nice. But we have to stay here. We don't escape?" Rose asked.

Alice shook her head. "Neither of you want to."

Bella and Rose looked at each other, then at Alice,."What about you Alice?"

"They have something else planned for me."

Bella gasped as did Rosalie, "What do they have planned for you Alice?"

A tiny secret smile touched Alice's lips, "Oh they just want to have me join their group of psychics and to make me a Vampire."


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