Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

All in all there were about 150 talented vampires under the Volturi family. However, out of that number only about twenty-five were the core of the Group and utilized on a regular basis. These twenty-five were the most talented of all those that the Volturi had discovered in all the centuries of it's existence.

However, since missing Rosalie's talent, it was decided that the team that would be sent out looking for recruits for the Family must include Edward, for his mind reading abilities; Bella, for her ability to shield thoughts; Alice, for her precognitive abilities; Jasper for his mood alteration gift; and Eleazar, for his ability to sense what a talent might be. Finally, they would take Emmett for his strength. Rosalie would not be going anywhere until she was able to turn her attraction gift off and on at will.

Emmett was not happy about the thought of leaving Rosalie for even a moment. He went into full defensive mode of his mate. It took all of the verbal skills possessed by the newly assembled team to talk him down. Finally Emmett was calm and he and Rose were having an almost tearful goodbye.

Just as the team was about to leave, Aro appeared and told them he'd changed his mind that Bella and Alice were not going with them. He explained they were both still too new to the life to try and handle the "outside world". He proposed they take Fred with them since he had a talent for keeping those near him invisible, and that would be better than Bella's talent for their purposes.

Now, Edward was angry.

He was unable to hear Aro's thoughts, and he didn't like that one little bit.

Aro was up to something.

Rather than argue, the team left and traveled until they were a good distance away and out of hearing, before they stopped to talk.

"What the hell's going on Eleazar? Do you have any clue?" Edward quizzed.

"I honestly don't know Edward. I do know, however, if I was forced to leave my new mate behind who was beautiful as well as very talented, I'd be very angry too."

Jasper leaned into his mates side and put his head on Eleazar's shoulder.

"Couldn't you hear what Aro was thinking Edward?" Emmett asked, perplexed.

"No. I couldn't. And that worries me more than anything, Emmett. He's up to something that involves our mates."

It was then that Fred, for the very first time, spoke up.

"I think I know what's going on."

The rest turned and gazed at Fred. It was easy to forget what he was about as he wasn't always solid - he tended to kind of phase in and out.

"What Fred?" Edward was very anxious.

"Let me preface with this. You know I can be invisible at will and when I am, my thoughts seem to be invisible also. So one day last week I was prowling around the castle when I overheard Aro talking to someone I didn't recognize. I never heard a name either." Fred paused before continuing, "The sense I got was that Aro was wanting a couple of the newest discovered talents just for himself."

Emmett roared, "What the hell..."

Edward's eyebrows rose at Fred's statement.

"Are you thinking Aro was referring to Alice, Bella and Rose?" Edward's mind was spinning. If that was what was going on, then the bits and pieces of thoughts from Aro over the last several weeks began to make more sense.

Edward turned to Eleazar and asked, "Do you think it was our girls Aro was talking about, and who would it have been he was talking with?"

Eleazar just shook his head. "I'm sorry, I have no idea. The only time I come into contact with Aro is when he requires my assistance or I'm being given a new assignment."

Turning to Jasper then Edward asked, "Have you felt any emotion coming from Aro with respect to our mates?"

Jasper just shook his head no with a perplexed expression on his face.

Edward thought for a second and spoke again, "Well, it just seem almost too obvious that it's our mates that we've been ordered to leave behind. I don't think I've heard of this happening before." Edward paused before continuing, "And Alice not going with us...she would have been able to warn us of any plot happening or about to."

Edward began shaking his head as if trying to dislodge the thought, "He's either going to try and destroy us while we're away from the castle or is going to hide our mates so we can't find them...but that's not possible."

Emmett immediately went into a rage and turned to run back to the castle.

Edward managed to catch up with Emmett and talk some sense into him before it was too late. They ran back to the rest of their party and decided to find someplace out of the open in which they could discuss their next move.

Once they'd settled into an agreeable place, Edward called Bella on the cell phone he'd given her, and Emmett did the same by calling Rose.

Bella answered in a whisper. "Edward? What's going on. Aro is..."

Her phone disconnected and Edward knew then without a doubt that his mate, as well as Emmett's was in danger. He also knew that he, Eleazar, Emmett, Jasper and Fred were in danger of being destroyed.