Sequel News:

Hi guys! Thanks for reading as you probably know there is sequel coming out. I will either post it on the 5th January 2014 because then it will mark the 1st Anniversary of this one but if I get enough people saying they can't wait that long I can post it On Christmas Eve (the time I came up with the idea and started writing it) So review if you want it for a Christmas present

Although I have hinted a lot there will be a sequel I've not told you guys what it will be about.

Now that all our amazing characters have been though the Time Mirror I think it's time to mix it up a bit and explore further into the strange world of the Dracula Mirror.

The mirrors guards are messing with time again; they have taken our characters from their timelines (2014-2008) and randomly spread them in different directions of the mirror room, randomly pairing them together in one huge mess. The aim of the game is to find their other selves before time runs out or forever wonder though the darkness…

So what did you think? Would you read it? If not just say and give me a suggestion!

And be honest!

I don't have a title yet, I was going to call it Adventures in The Time Mirror but I think it sounds to corny- Suggestions please!