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Chapter 1: A Drunken Opportunity

Naruto sighed as he struggled to support Tsunade's weight, who was currently drunk beyond belief and passed out. The sixteen-year-old blonde had randomly stumbled upon Tsunade causing a ruckus at a local bar. She was complaining when the bartender refused to give her more alcohol and asked her to leave. Naruto had arrived just in time to prevent an accident that would have made the Godiame Hokage of Konoha look bad and possibly cause a scandal. Fortunately, before Tsunade could start a fight, she had promptly passed out and here he was carrying the busty Senju back to her home at the Hokage Tower.

'Damn old woman. She's got to learn to stop drinking so much,' Naruto thought with a grunt as he adjusted his grip on Tsunade's waist. Tsunade's head was currently leaning on his shoulder and Naruto shivered when he felt her drool trail down his neck. Seriously, the one time he decided to wear a normal shirt instead of his trademark jumpsuit, Tsunade was drooling on his neck. This was the last time he decided to add a little variety in his fashion sense.

"Drink...more…sake…" Tsunade muttered as she buried her head in his neck.

Naruto chuckled despite the situation.

"Even when you're dreaming, all you can think about is sake. Why am I not surprised?" He asked, but received no reply. The familiar sight of the Hokage Tower got closer with every step and Naruto sighed in relief when he reached the door. He used his free hand that wasn't supporting Tsunade to try and open the door. He growled when he realized it was locked, 'The key should be on her,' Naruto searched her pants' pocket, but no luck, 'Where else could it be?' He thought. His eyes landed on her bountiful cleavage and a light bulb went off in his head, 'Hey, don't girls keep stuff….in there? Maybe I should…No; she would kill me if she found out. But…' He glanced at her closed eyes, '…she's passed out. It'll be quick…'

Naruto moved his hand above her cleavage, stopping when it was just a few centimeters away. He cast one more glance at her sleeping face and gently reached in. As soon as he placed his hand inside her robe, it was immediately enveloped by the soft mass of her big globes of flesh. The warmth and softness that greeted him surprised him greatly, and he couldn't stop his hand from giving her breasts an experimental squeeze. He almost pulled out when he heard Tsunade moan and stir a little, "Oh..." She shifted a little more before returning to her still posture. He sighed in relief and slowly searched the area around her large breasts. After several minutes of searching (it was a large area), Naruto's hand closed around something metallic and he reluctantly retreated his hand from between her two soft pillows.

'Huh…I guess it is true,' He thought as he identified the metal object as a key. He unlocked the door and quietly pulled it open. Tightening his grip around Tsunade's waist, Naruto entered the large building and closed the door behind him. He moved through the darkened house with caution, carefully keeping his free hand out in front of him to prevent himself from colliding with an unseen object. After a little while, he finally found the door that led to Tsunade's room. Upon entering the room, Naruto's eyes widened when he realized just how big it was. The room was easily the size of his entire apartment, with still some room to spare. A very large bed dominated the middle of the room, complete with a least a dozen pillows and blue sheets. A large, full-length mirror was situated next to the bed, and several cabinets lined most of the free space along the walls. All in all, it was a room fit for a king, or a Hokage, as the case was.

Naruto moved toward the side of the bed and gently laid down a dead drunk Tsunade on its sheets. His shoulders immediately felt relief when the extra weight left, 'Damn, she was heavier than I thought. That's probably because of her…' His thoughts trailed off when his gaze landed on her now uncovered breasts, 'They…They must have spilled out when I lowered her on the bed,' His eyes roamed the milky white orbs of flesh hungrily and he felt his erection strain against the fabric of his boxers and pants. He literally began to drool when he caught sight of her huge tits. They were a pink color, with the areola a light brown. Every time Tsunade took a breath, her magnificently wonderful bust moved and slightly jiggled up and down.

Suddenly, an idea formed in his head and a perverted grin spread across his face.

'Well…she is heavily drunk and passed out. There's no way she could wake up…and she'll never know,' His conscious was telling him how wrong it would be to take advantage of her in this state, but another head kept saying, 'She won't know. Besides, she owes you. You saved her from making a fool out of herself AND carried her home. It's only fair you get something in return,' There was still some doubt, 'And look at those wonderful tits,' That sealed it. All doubt was gone.

Naruto climbed onto the bed and straddled Tsunade's waist. He checked one last time to make sure she was still passed out, and then grabbed a handful of her breasts with both hands. They were so soft; his hands literally sank into them. He groped and massaged them with eager hands, marveling at the sheer size of her breasts. They were humongous, easily twice the size of his head. His hands moved to her giant, erect nipples and began to tease and squeeze them. He heard Tsunade moan a little, but barely paid attention. Feeling rather daring and unable to resist any longer, Naruto's mouth latched onto one of her nipples and began to suck on them. He ravished them with the intensity of a newborn baby seeking milk from its mother. While he sucked on her fantastic tits, Naruto's hand groped the rest of her body.

His hands reached her pants and, growling against her breasts, pulled them down with great speed and strength. Like how she didn't wear a bra, it appeared she didn't wear panties either. His hand glided over her entrance and his eyes widened when he felt her juices, 'She's enjoying this. She's asleep and she's enjoying this,' His raging erection started to hurt being constrained by his pants, so he briefly stopped his ministrations and pulled them down, along with his boxers. His rock-hard cock sprung free from its confines, causing all nine inches of his meat to smack against her toned stomach and rest below her breasts. His cock was already leaking pre-cum like crazy, lathering her stomach in its stickiness.

'I've always dreamed of doing this…' He thought happily as he scooted up a little and placed his cock in-between her breasts. He placed his hands on each breast and smashed them together, completely enveloping his cock. He threw his head back and groaned, 'Fuck! It feels so good; I'm already about to cum!' After pausing for one moment to relish the heavenly feeling, Naruto began to thrust inside the valley of her breasts. His pre-cum quickly coated the space between her breasts, making it much easier to thrust his throbbing erection and emitting an arousing smacking sound every time he thrust. Occasionally, the tip of his cock would emerge from Tsunade's globes and jab her cheek, covering it with pre-cum. Naruto desperately wanted to turn her head and shove the tip of his cock in her mouth, but a stirring in his huge balls caused him to have other ideas. He pulled out his cock from between her breasts and began to furiously jerk it off. He aimed his cock right at her fleshy orbs.

"Fuck! Here it comes, Tsunade!" He yelled. A few seconds later, a huge blast of pure, white cum splashed against Tsunade's breasts, completely bathing them in its stickiness. Rope after rope of thick cum continued to spray her breasts for a full minute until his orgasm finally subsided. Once the last of his cum left his cock, Naruto almost collapsed from the sheer size of his orgasm. He stared at her cum-covered breasts in awe, 'That was the biggest orgasm I've ever had! Look at all that cum!' He glanced at Tsunade's face and was amazed that she was still passed out, even with a gallon of cum on her chest. Despite the hardcore orgasm he just experience, Naruto's cock was still erect and ready for more, but he wanted to do something first.

Naruto traced his index finger along one of her cum-caked breasts and gathered a little bit on the tip of his finger. Once satisfied he had enough, Naruto moved his finger from her breast to her open, drooling mouth. He placed the finger in her mouth and slathered the cum over her tongue. To his surprise, Tsunade began to suck on his finger with great enthusiasm and rolling her tongue of the small appendage.

"Love the…taste…" She slurred out sleepily as she continued to suck on his finger. She was still completely dead-drunk, yet still receptive to feelings and sensations.

Naruto withdrew his finger from her mouth and gathered more cum. This time, he collected a copious amount of cum, using his whole hand. For the next few minutes, he repeated the same actions. He would gather a large amount of cum, place each finger in her mouth, and withdraw when she had sucked off every drop of his spunk. Even after all this, Tsunade had barely made a dent in the amount covering her breasts. Naruto eyed the ungodly amount of cum with a frown, 'I'll have to clean that up soon,' His eyes moved to one of her hands and he had the sudden urge to feel it wrapped around his cock. He grabbed her hand, and was about to wrap it around his cock, but suddenly got hit with another brilliant idea. He let go of her hand and made his signature hand sign.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He yelled, and three clouds of smoke filled the room. Once the smoke cleared, three exact copies of Naruto were there, equally as naked. They eyed Tsunade's naked body with lust and their cocks immediately grew erect.

"Alright, you guys, I call her pussy first. Other than that, you can go wild," The clones nodded and eagerly moved toward her body. One clone sat down on her torso and smacked his cock between her breasts, not in the least caring about the fact that they were covered in cum. He smashed her big globes together and started to thrust between them. Another clone squatted above Tsunade's head and pushed his rod into her open mouth. Like she did with Naruto's fingers, Tsunade unconsciously began to suck and lick the large appendage. The clone groaned and grabbed her head, throat-fucking her. The last clone grabbed one of her hands and wrapped it around his cock. He moved her arm side to side to create a jerking effect.

The original Naruto moved between Tsunade's legs and placed his cockhead at her entrance. With one single movement, Naruto thrust all nine inches of his cock into the busty Senju's glistening pussy. He moaned in absolute bliss when he felt his cockhead kiss her womb. It was the most pleasurable sensation he had ever felt and he stayed still to savor the superb feeling. At the exact same time he penetrated her, Tsunade moaned around the clone's cock, bringing the clone over the edge.

"Fuck! It's so amazing! I'm cumming!" He shoved his entire length down her throat and emptied his ball sack in her stomach. He watched in amazement as a passed out Tsunade gulped down every single drop of his cum. He continued to thrust inside her mouth until she had drunk every drop, then pulled out. He popped out of existence with a satisfied smile on his face. The other clone, who was using Tsunade's hand to jerk himself off, immediately took the other clone's spot and shoved his cock down her throat. Once again, Tsunade sucked and licked at the juicy meat stick. The clone shivered in pleasure as Tsunade's mouth vibrated around his cock. The original Naruto was thrusting into the Legendary Sucker's pussy with great speed, and Tsunade was clearly enjoying it, despite being unconscious.

The clone thrusting between Tsunade's big globes of flesh felt his balls stir and removed his cock from them. He moved to the position where the other clone was thrusting into Tsunade's throat, "Make some room," He said as he positioned his cock near her mouth. The other clone caught onto the idea and briefly stopped thrusting, allowing his brother clone to also place his cock in her mouth. The Senju's mouth was stretched completely with two big, thick cocks thrusting in it, but she still sucked them with equally fervor. Finally, both clone's had reached their limits, and simultaneously exploded their loads inside her throat. Even with the ungodly amounts of cum being shot down her throat, the Godiame Hokage drank every drop, filling her stomach with a least a gallon of hot, thick cum. After emptying their loads, the two clones disappeared in twin clouds of smoke, wearing satisfied smiles reminiscent of the first.

Once the last two clones disappeared, Naruto, still thrusting inside of her pussy, wrapped his arms around Tsunade's waist and buried his face in her cum-covered breasts. He didn't care. Tsunade's pussy felt so divine and her breasts so soft, his mind was overloaded with pleasure. He grabbed a breastful of her boobs and sucked on one of her nipples, not caring about the taste of his cum on them. He could hear Tsunade's heavy breathing and moaning, and he felt prideful that, even though she was unconscious, he was still giving her great pleasure.

"Ah…Oh…" Tsunade mumbled out and Naruto felt her inner walls tighten around his rod. To Naruto's great and utter shock, the Senju beauty had just had an orgasm, and all because of him. Her juices bathed his cock and mixed with his pre-cum, making it slicker and easier to thrust in. His pelvis began to move at blinding speeds, pounding inside her pussy with all the strength he could muster. A familiar stir in his balls foretold his impending orgasm. Feeling he was about to erupt, Naruto shoved every inch inside of her, causing the tip of his cock to enter her womb.

"Ah! Tsunade! I'm about to cum!" Naruto's eyes rolled back into his skull as his orgasm hit full force. Cup-size blasts of cum splashed against the inside of Tsunade's womb, causing her to have another orgasm. Naruto continued to cum endlessly inside of her for at least five minutes until his orgasm subsided. He stood still for at least ten minutes with his head buried in her breasts and his cock still inside her. He enjoyed just laying there, snuggling into her bosom and holding her close. Finally, he reluctantly pulled out of her pussy. The moment he did, massive amounts of cum mixed with her juices flowed out of her pussy and formed a large puddle on the sheets.

Removing his head from her pillow-soft globes, Naruto immediately began to feel guilty from what he did. He quietly put his clothes back on and cleaned the mess on the bed sheets. Once finished with that, Naruto cleaned off the copious amount of cum on the blonde goddess's breasts. He dressed her and placed her sleeping form underneath the sheets. He stared at her beautiful face as she slept peacefully. Feeling a desperate need to do so, Naruto bent his head down and placed a gentle kiss on her supple lips.

"I'm sorry, Tsunade. I-I love you," It was the first time he had ever said such a thing, but he was sincere nonetheless. He cast one last glance at her sleeping form and left the room, closing the door behind him.

The moment the door closed, Tsunade opened her eyes and a large grin spread across her face.

'That brat…He really thought I was passed out. He's lucky I like him so much or he would be dead right now,' She shifted in her bed and shivered when she remembered the feeling of him inside her, 'We'll have to have a repeat performance. Only next time, I won't pretend to be passed out. Did he really mean that last part?' She pondered on that question for some time before finally going to sleep. One thing was for sure. The next time she saw the blonde shinobi, she would give him an experience he would never forget.