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Chapter 2: A Ramen Opportunity

Naruto yawned and rubbed his tired eyes as he waited for his bowl of ramen at Ichiraku's. He had barely gotten any sleep last night, partially due to the immense guilt he was feeling for taking advantage of Tsunade. He tossed and turned the whole night, desperately trying to get some sleep, but his conscious wouldn't let him. He felt horrible for doing such a thing, but he couldn't resist. Despite her age, Tsunade was insanely sexy, and his libido wouldn't let him pass up the opportunity to ravage the busty blonde. His cock still throbbed every time he thought of her wonderful, voluptuous body. It ached to once again enjoy her moist folds and her large, soft globes, and it had only been twelve hours! Naruto didn't think he could ever look at Tsunade again without jumping her. He sighed in annoyance when he felt his cock swell to full size. This was going to be a long day…

"Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Naruto raised his head up and saw Ayame staring at him with a worried expression, "You look very tired. Is everything alright?"

Naruto smiled at her. She was always worrying about him.

"Yeah, everything's fine. Just didn't sleep well…" His whole mind stopped as his eyes fully registered her appearance. Ayame wore her traditional cooking outfit like always, but something inside him made him take a closer look. He had never taken the time to truly admire her figure. Her face was beautifully heart-shaped, framed by bangs of light brown hair. Her eyes were a pretty shade of brown and she had a cute little nose. Her lips were pink and supple, and Naruto thought they would be wonderful to kiss. Moving further down, Naruto noticed two bumps that were constrained against her shirt. She had nice bust that complimented her slender frame perfectly. Below them, he could see her hips flare out from her torso. It was difficult to tell with her apron and pants on, but Naruto could see a pair of nicely-shaped legs. She wasn't stacked like Tsunade, but Ayame was still very beautiful and possessed lovely curves. How could he have not noticed this before? Was he really that oblivious?

"Naruto-kun?" Ayame's sweet voice broke through his thoughts. She had a light blush on her face and she seemed to be avoiding his gaze, "Um…you were staring, Naruto-kun…"

Naruto blushed beet red.

"I'm sorry, Ayame-chan! I was just…I…" He felt embarrassed being caught staring. Ayame was like an older sister to him, he shouldn't be looking at her like that.

Ayame giggled at his stammering and he felt mortified. She decided to save him from further embarrassment.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun. It's nice to know you see me as a woman." She leaned over the counter until her face was close to his. Naruto's blush increased at their close proximity and Ayame smiled at the effect she was having on him, "Can I tell you a secret, Naruto-kun?" She asked in a seductive tone. Naruto felt his heartbeat increase. He didn't trust his voice, so he simply nodded. Ayame leaned closer and whispered in his ear, "I sometimes can't help but stare at you. You've grown into quite the handsome young man, Naruto-kun," Her tongue gently licked his earlobe and he shivered at the sensual act. She pulled back and looked him in the eyes with a sexy smile on her face, "Why don't you come back here and I'll make you forget about whatever's bothering you, Na-ru-to-kun," The way she said his voice caused his cock to grow fully erect and it strained against his jumpsuit.

"But…your dad…"

"He took the rest of the day off and left. We have the stand all to ourselves. Now…" She took her apron off and cupped her cloth-covered breasts. She looked at him with lust burning in her brown eyes, "…what do you say?"

All doubts were gone. Naruto literally hopped over the counter and pressed his body against hers. Ayame moaned as he grinded his throbbing member against her and she quickly closed the curtain above the counter to give them some privacy. She pressed her lips to his and he eagerly responded. Their tongues battled for dominance while both their hands wandered each other's body. Ayame ran her hands through Naruto's blonde hair and lightly massaged his scalp. Naruto's hands groped Ayame's ass, which proved to be quite big and plump, much to his pleasure. He squeezed each cheek with great enthusiasm, marveling at its soft, yet firm, shape. Ayame felt immense pride that he really enjoyed her ass and moaned at the feeling of him touching her. Also, she was very excited about the large bulge pressing against her torso. Removing one hand from his hair, Ayame snaked her hand down to Naruto's jumpsuit's zipper and pulled it down. Immediately, Naruto's boxer-covered erection sprung free from its confines and Ayame gasped at the sight of the large appendage. Naruto seized the opportunity and shoved his tongue in her mouth, exploring her oral orifice. Ayame let him enjoy his spoils of war.

She grasped his cloth-covered cock and heard Naruto moan against her mouth. She could feel it throbbing in her hand, begging for release. Reluctantly, she pulled away from the kiss. Naruto looked at her with a confused expression, but caught on when she lowered herself onto her knees.

"Take off your jumpsuit," Ayame said, and Naruto quickly complied. After taking off his jumpsuit, Naruto was left only in his black undershirt and boxers.

Ayame smiled at him and gripped the top of his boxers. She pulled down and stared in amazement at the large piece of meat just several centimeters from her face. To put it simply, Naruto's cock was huge and leaking large amounts of pre-cum. She doubted she could take all of it in her mouth, but she really wanted to taste such a delicious looking cock. She licked the tip of his member and relished in the taste of his pre-cum.

"Ah! That feels so good, Ayame-chan!" Naruto struggled to keep his hips from bucking into her mouth. Ayame continued to lick only the head, deliberately teasing him and enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. After a few minutes of agonizing teasing, Ayame stopped licking and engulfed his thick, bulbous cockhead into her mouth. Naruto threw his head back at the pleasurable sensation and fought not to cum there and then.

Ayame sucked on the head of his cock and slowly started to rub the length of his erect shaft with her hand. With her other hand, Ayame caressed his big balls. She bounced them up and down in her hands as she sucked and rubbed his rock hard penis. Her arousing ministrations caused a large spurt of pre-cum to shoot out of Naruto's cock and into her mouth. Ayame moaned at the delicious taste of his pre-cum, sending vibrations over his cockhead. Naruto groaned at the amazing feeling and ran his hands through her long, brown hair. It felt so good that Naruto didn't think he could last much longer.

"Ayame-chan…more, please," He asked, and she was happy to comply. She took in four more inches of his thick rod, causing her mouth to stretch considerably. Her tongue slid underneath his shaft and she felt another blob of pre-cum blast into her mouth. She could feel his erection throb furiously and she knew he wouldn't last much longer. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and sucked on it while both her hands jerked his shaft off at a blinding speed. The saliva covering his shaft made it easier to move her hands up and down.

Naruto bucked his hips into her mouth involuntarily. He couldn't hold it any longer, he was going to cum.

"Ayame-chan, I'm gonna…" That was all he could say before he exploded inside of her mouth. Ayame struggled to swallow the thick, creamy liquid as it came out in cup-size blasts. Some spilled out of the corners of her mouth as more continued to shoot out, 'How could he possibly cum this much?' Ayame thought as she swallowed mouthfuls of his cum. Finally, the last drops of cum drizzled into her mouth and Naruto's legs felt like jelly due to the sheer power of his orgasm. Once he stopped cumming, Ayame slowly pulled the still throbbing cock out of her mouth, making sure to lick it clean. His cum tasted surprisingly sweet and she wanted to savor such a delicious flavor. She looked up at him with a smile.

"How was that, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled back at her and gave her thumbs up.

"That was amazing, Ayame-chan. You nearly sucked me dry!" He said and she giggled.

"You know, that was the first time I've ever done something like…I didn't know if I would be good," She said shyly.

Naruto's eyes widened.

"So…you've never…?"

She nodded with a small blush on her face.

"Not yet…I've always wanted to wait for the right person," She replied, staring at him when she said 'right person'. Naruto felt his heart beat a little faster, "Naruto-kun…come here," She spread her arms out and Naruto kneeled down and embraced her. It felt somewhat awkward for him to hug her when he was naked from the waist down and she was fully clothed, but he didn't care. Ayame buried her head in the crook of his neck and played with his soft curls of blonde hair. Naruto rubbed small circles over her back and held her close, his flaccid cock already hardening. Ayame's eyes widened as she felt the large appendage pressed against her stomach. He had just cummed, how could he possibly already be ready to go again? Especially with the insane amount of cum he just released.

"How can you already be so hard, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto grinned at her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"It's because you're so sexy, Ayame-chan."

Ayame sighed happily and snuggled against him, causing his hardened rod to become trapped between her luscious, cloth-covered thighs. She looked up at him with caring eyes.

"Naruto-kun…I really like you a lot…but…I don't think I'm ready for…that…" She looked really nervous as she told him this, but Naruto just simply smiled at her and pulled her closer, desperately trying to ignore the nice feeling of his cock trapped between her thighs. The pressure on it felt really nice, but now was not the time act with his smaller head.

"I understand, Ayame-chan,"

She smiled at him gratefully.

"Thanks, Naruto-kun. Now…" Her hand slid to the head of his cock, which was poking out between her thighs. She gently rubbed it up and down and smiled mischievously at him. Naruto groaned at the workings of her skillful hand, "…why don't I take care of your little problem?" While her hand worked wonders on his throbbing erection, her free hand reached up and cupped her breast. She squeezed her mound and winked at him, "Help me take this off?"

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. His hands quickly moved to the bottom of her shirt and he pulled it over her head, taking in every bit of flesh revealed to him. His eyes landed on two large, bra-clad breasts that looked insanely perky and bouncing. He stared in awe at the beautiful mounds, and Ayame blushed under his intense stare. She enjoyed the fact that she could render him speechless and aroused, even with her clothes still on, if the twitching of his cock was any indication. Deciding to make his jaw drop to the floor, Ayame used her free hand to reach behind her back. With one single action, Ayame's bra fell into her lap; landing on top of Naruto's aroused head and exposing her globes to Naruto's hungry eyes.

Naruto couldn't believe how beautifully-shaped and big Ayame's breasts were. They were much bigger than they appeared, but Naruto figured that was because of the multiple layers of clothing Ayame wore when working at the ramen stand, which was the only time he ever really saw her. Though they were big, around mid D-cup if he had to guess, they fit perfectly on her slender frame. They weren't nearly as big as Tsunade's massive jugs, but that suited him just fine. They were perfect to him. The flesh on them was a shade lighter than the rest of her tanned skin, but that only seemed to add a more erotic look to them. Pink nipples surrounded by light brown areolas stood out erect and hard, the sight of which caused Naruto to lick his lips in anticipation.

"They're beautiful, Ayame-chan…" He literally couldn't take his eyes off of them as he told her.

Ayame blushed at the compliment and pushed them out toward him.

"Don't just stare, Naruto-kun…They're all yours," Naruto didn't hesitate. His mouth descended on one of her nipples and one hand cupped her other breast. Ayame moaned at the wonderful feeling of Naruto's mouth sealed around her tit and the massaging of her breast. Closing her eyes in absolute pleasure, Ayame reached her hand down and removed her discarded bra on Naruto's erection. She threw it somewhere on the floor and resumed her pleasurable work on his cock. Pre-cum was once again gushing out of his cockhead's slit like crazy. Her hand slid up and down the exposed head and shaft poking out between her thighs with ease, the pre-cum lubricating. She focused mostly on the head, which seemed to have the most effect on him, causing the blonde shinobi to moan against her breasts, giving her added pleasure.

Ayame shivered as Naruto began to glide his tongue around her erect nipple, while his other hand groped and teased her other breast. The sensation felt so amazing; Ayame felt her underwear become damp with her own juices. Naruto could hear her breathing increase as he worked magic on her gorgeous globes of sexy flesh. They were big, perky, and fantastically soft. So soft, in fact, Naruto couldn't resist laying his head against them, much like he would with his own pillow. Ayame smiled at the intimate gesture and used her free hand to softly caress his cheek. Her other hand was still jerking off his engorged head, and Naruto's mouth and hand was still lavishing her breasts with special attention. The two lovers were literally mashed together, covered in sweat and their exchanged saliva. Both were fully determined to give the other person as much pleasure as possible, and they were doing a damn good job of it. But Naruto wanted to give her more.

Removing his hand from her breast, Naruto trailed his fingers down her flat stomach, lightly touching the skin. Ayame's breathing picked up rapidly as she realized where his hand was going. She wanted him to touch her there, yes, but she was still slightly nervous, which made her laugh a little inside. She had sucked his cock, swallowed his delicious, copious amounts of sperm, and was currently getting her breasts wonderfully ravished by Naruto's skilled hands and mouth. Why should she be nervous? Before Naruto's hand even reached her pants, Naruto looked up at her from his comfortable spot in-between in her breasts.

"Is this okay, Ayame-chan?" He asked, and his eyes showed genuine worry for her. All of her nervousness left her immediately. In that one question, Ayame knew he truly cared for her and would never hurt her. HE would be the first person to touch her most sacred place, and, eventually, HE would be the person to take her virginity. She loved him very much, though she hadn't gathered up enough courage to tell him, and would only allow him to touch her. Ayame gave him a big smile and bent down to place a loving kiss on the top of his head.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun. I want you to," She whispered to him and Naruto smiled back at her.

"Could you lie on your back?" He asked.

Ayame nodded. The couple disentangled from one another. Naruto's cock slipped out from between her thighs and he missed the nice pressure they applied to it, but he wanted to make Ayame feel good. She had done plenty for him already and now it was his turn.

"Wait," Naruto said before Ayame could lie down on the floor. Naruto grabbed his jumpsuit and laid it down on the floor to provide Ayame a little bit of comfort, "Go ahead," She shot him a grateful smile and laid down on his jumpsuit. She inhaled and sighed happily. The jumpsuit had a smell on it that was distinctly Naruto and it made her feel more relaxed. She looked up to see Naruto staring intently at her heaving breasts and she smiled seductively at him. She cupped both her breasts and pressed them together and moaned. She watched as Naruto's cock twitched at her little display, stilling leaking pre-cum from her earlier ministrations.

"See something you like, Naruto-kun?" She asked huskily.

Naruto gulped and fought down a nose bleed. She was so unbelievably sexy that he couldn't help but worship her body. Drool started gathering at the corner of his mouth.

Ayame giggled at the entranced look on his face.

"I'll take that as a yes," Her hands moved from her breasts and slowly slid down to the top of her pants, going agonizingly too slow, in Naruto's opinion. Ayame's finger slipped underneath her pants and gripped the top. She winked at him and slowly pulled them below her hips, giving him a good look at her white panties, which matched her bra. With help from Naruto, she managed to get her pants down to her knees, leaving Naruto plenty of room and access to her still clothed opening. Ayame started getting excited as Naruto's hands landed on her thighs, getting closer to her underwear with every passing second. Kami, the anticipation was killing her. Her pussy was already moist with her arousal and she desperately wanted Naruto to bring her to her release. His hands, such big, strong hands, finally arrived at her hips and gripped the edge of her panties. Naruto and Ayame both inhaled breaths of air at the same time as he slowly slid the piece of clothing down her thighs…

"Ayame, are you in there?" The two lovers froze at the sound of her father's voice, "Why are the curtains down?"

Ayame and Naruto stared at each other in panic.

"Get dressed! Quickly!" Ayame whispered/yelled and the two scrambled to find their respective clothes.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Ayame?" Teuchi's voice could be heard just outside the side door. Naruto hurriedly zipped up his jumpsuit and Ayame was trying to straighten up her hair and shirt. All during this time, the same thought kept running through Naruto's head, 'Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! If he catches us, no more ramen!' Ayame had different thoughts, 'So close…So close…So close…Kami, why do you hate me? Naruto-kun was just about to eat me out!' She had a depressed look on her face while she finished cleaning up her appearance.

"Is there another way out of here?" Naruto whispered in her ear and Ayame barely suppressed a shiver from his warm breath against her ear.

"There's one in the back. You…better hurry…" Naruto could hear the sadness in her voice, and it made his heart break. He placed a loving kiss on her lips. He meant for it to be brief, but Ayame grabbed the back of his head and kept him there. They shared a very passionate kiss for several seconds, breaking apart when Teuchi once again knocked on the door. Ayame smiled at Naruto, love literally sparkling in her eyes, "Come back soon, Naruto-kun."

"Very soon," Naruto said, returning her smile. He placed one last kiss on her lips and moved toward the door. Before opening the door, he said two words that made her heart soar, "Believe it!" and then quickly exited the building.

Ayame watched him leave and sighed happily.

'I do believe it, Naruto-kun,' She thought with a smile as she went to open the door for her father. While one part of her brain was still thinking of our favorite blonde, the other was focused on coming up with a good excuse for closing the shop down early.

"I'm sorry, Tou-san. I was feeling a little faint so I took a quick nap," Needless to say, Ayame had her father wrapped around her little finger, and he believed her completely.

Naruto walked down the street with his arms crossed behind his head and whistling a happy tune. Though they were interrupted, Naruto enjoyed his time with Ayame immensely and looked forward to when they could do it again. Next time, hopefully uninterrupted, they could pick up where they left off…

'Ah, man…I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Thank Kami I'm wearing my jumpsuit…'


Naruto turned and smiled at the person.

"Hey, Sakura-chan! What's up?"

Sakura stared at him with an impatient look on her face, and Naruto could tell she was angry about something. She folded her arms across her chest, "I've been looking for you everywhere, Naruto! Where have you been?"

Her tone of voice made Naruto cringe a little.

"Well, I…um…you see…"

"Doesn't matter. Tsunade-sama wants to see you immediately."

Naruto's mind completely froze as the words left her mouth. Did Tsunade somehow find out about last night?

"Wh-What for?"

Sakura sighed.

"She wouldn't tell me. It must be very important," Her eyes narrowed at him, "Did you do something wrong?"

Naruto avoided her gaze and started to sweat.

"Um…I gotta go! Shouldn't make granny wait!"

"Wait!" Sakura yelled, but Naruto ignored her. He jumped onto a nearby rooftop and disappeared in the sea of buildings.

Sakura growled in anger and punched a nearby wall. It crumbled under her chakra-enhanced punch and civilians around the area were shaking in fear at the massive killer intent she was unleashing, 'Damn him! I will find out, Naruto! Believe it!' She blinked, 'Damn! Now, I sound like him! I'm going to kill you, Naruto!'

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