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Chapter 5: An Experimental Opportunity

Naruto awoke to a massive, mind-numbing headache and an unfamiliar weight on his chest. He first addressed the former. The magnitude of the pain currently resonating in his skull was astronomical. Every time his heart beat, it would pulsate painfully behind his eyes, which weren't in any good shape either. In a lack of judgment, he opened his eyes, only to be blinded by the burning, Kami-forbidding morning sunlight. It was as if the sun itself was only a few feet away. He immediately shut his sensitive eyes. Even closed, Naruto could still see bright flashes of multi-colored dots dancing around on his inner eyelid. It took several minutes of massaging his closed eyes before he even attempted to open them again. To his immense relief, the sunlight wasn't nearly as harsh as the first time. He still had to squint, but it was infinitely better than being blinded. Finally regaining full vision and feeling his headache lessen in severity, Naruto decided to take stock of his surroundings.

He was in a bed that much was certain. The only problem being that it wasn't his bed and this place was not his apartment. His bed wasn't this comfortable, nor was his apartment this big or lavish. He first noticed a window, the source from which the sunlight entered the room, framed with purple curtains on the wall parallel to the bed. The wall was painted a dark blue and had a small bookcase against it. The rest of the furniture in the room was pretty generic for a bedroom: a nightstand with a digital clock, which was currently flashing 10:32 am, a cabinet for clothes next to the doorway, and a large chest at the foot of the bed. It looked to be made of oak, as far as he could tell. He craned his neck for a better look.

He froze when he heard a soft, feminine moan. Mentally berating himself for forgetting the weight on his chest, Naruto grabbed the sheets and slowly raised them up. From his distorted memories of last night, he had a good guess of who he would see. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw a familiar mop of dark purple hair. The sight of Anko Mitarashi drooling on his chest while snuggling against him was not something he ever thought he would see in his lifetime. Their bodies were smashed together, so he could feel every curve on her body, every inch of soft, smooth skin. Both of them were completely naked, he realized, and his erect, throbbing cock was trapped between the kunoichi's luscious thighs and rubbing against her lower lips. She shifted in her sleep, unknowingly grinding her opening on his length, causing them both to moan. She stirred a little more then stopped moving. Naruto believed she was still asleep, but a slight grin on her face told him something different.

"Anko-sensei, I know you're awake," Her smile grew wider, "Anko-sensei!"

"What happened to 'Anko-chan'?" She asked. Her eyes were still closed.

He sighed.


Her eyes opened and she lifted her head from his chest. She stared at him with cute, brown eyes that shined with happiness and mischief, "Good morning, Naruto-kun!"

He cringed at the volume of her voice. His head was still pounding.

"Good morning to you, Anko-chan," She looked joyful that he used a far less formal suffix for her name. "Mind telling me how we got like this?"

Anko frowned.

"You don't remember?" She asked, sadness permeating her words.

Naruto wracked his brain for anything, any small memory of the night before. Concentrating hard, images flashed across his mind. Slowly, but surely, his memories of last night's events became clearer and soon he remembered with great clarity, "I was drunk…very drunk…and you offered to help me get home, but…" He paused, "…your place was much closer, so you offered to let me spend the night. I…" A blush appeared, "Did I really grab your butt and say 'Let me thank you'?" He asked embarrassingly.

Anko smiled and kissed his jaw.

"Yep! And who was I to turn down such an offer?" She kissed his lips, "You were an animal last night. I don't think I've ever been so exhausted in my whole life."

"You took advantage of me," He accused playfully.

She laughed.

"Ah, you loved it. I believe your exact words were 'Anko-chan, your pussy is so amazing! I can't get enough!'"

"I remember that…I seem to recall you screaming 'More! More!', while I said that."

"Don't get cocky, Naruto-kun. You were the one cumming like a damn fountain every ten minutes!"

"But you were the one gushing every five seconds," He pointed out.

Anko blushed.

"Yeah, well…shut up…" She buried her face in his neck.

Naruto laughed and patted her softly on the back.

"Did you mean it?" She mumbled.

"Mean what?"

Her hand trailed down to his hand and grasped it firmly, entwining their fingers. Naruto blushed at the intimate gesture.

"You told me last night that you liked me," She sounded strangely vulnerable. "Did you mean it? Or was that just the alcohol and sex talking?"

Naruto really thought about it. He nursed a crush for her after her flamboyant introduction during the Chunin Exams. After all, she was hot and a little on the crazy side, plus she dressed revealing. Any teenage boy would fall in love. But over the years, Anko and he had shared many missions together. They shared secrets and stories, enjoying laughs as they sat around a small campfire. He would be lying if he said he didn't like her. The Anko in private was vastly different from the Anko in public, and he felt privileged that she allowed him to see that side of her.

"I meant it."

Anko eyes widened and she pulled away from his neck to look at him directly.

"You did?"

"I did."

He swore he saw a tear in the corner of her eye, but she scratched at her eyes too quickly for him to confirm.

"Well…I like you too, you brat. But don't let it go to your head!" She warned, causing Naruto to chuckle.

"Too late! Anko Mitarashi likes me! Now my life is complete!"

She smiled and flicked his nose playfully.

"Damn right, Naruto-kun. So…what do you want to do now?"

"Well, it's…already eleven. Don't you think we should get ready?"

"I have a week off from missions, so I have nothing to do. Do you?"

Naruto remembered telling Tsunade that he would meet her tonight, but he still wasn't ready to face her. Not so soon after she rejected him. He shook his head, "I'm free for the day."

"Great! Then why don't we do a little…experimenting?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you have some things you've always wanted to try? Sexually, I mean."


"We have the day and each other. Why not do them now?"

The idea caused Naruto's other head to throb in excitement. Anko smirked as she felt his member throb between her thighs. Naruto grinned, "What did you have in mind?"

Konan sighed in relaxation as she finally got a chance to rest her tired feet. She had been moving for most of the night and morning, crossing rough terrain and deep forests. Pein insisted that she leave quickly to pursue the Kyuubi holder. The timing was perfect. With the defeat of Kakazu and Hidan, Konoha didn't believe Akatsuki would make a move so soon after two of its member's deaths. Konan had to admit; things were getting harder with less and fewer members. Sasori wasn't too bad of a loss, and Deidara's death was inevitable, but Kakazu and Hidan were truly a deadly team. Their deaths proved costly, but not impossible to overcome. Itachi and Kisame were still alive, the better of all two-man teams in Akatsuki, barring her and Pein. Zetsu was still active, thank goodness, and 'Tobi' became more active in Akatsuki's movements. Yes, the group was dwindling, but still a force to be reckoned.

Putting away thoughts of recent setbacks, Konan shifted in her seat on the bench. She had reached a small town in Grass and was currently enjoying a much needed rest. Grass was neutral toward Akatsuki, so she had no problem crossing the border and wandering around any place she wanted. Crossing the border into the Land of Fire, though, would prove to be more difficult, yet possible, challenge. Discretion was a key part of this mission. She would have to slip into the Land of Fire, somehow infiltrate Konoha without being noticed, and capture the Kyuubi holder before anyone found out. Pein told her to use every possible method to ensure his capture. Preferably, she wanted to trick him into following her out of the village, under the guise that Akatsuki wanted to negotiate with the remainder jinchuriki. Once she got him far away from the walls of Konoha, she would capture, bound, and drag him back to the base to be extracted. The plan was a long shot, but information gathered suggested that the Kyuubi jinchuriki was brash and naïve. In his report on the subject, Itachi had written in great detail that Konoha's jinchuriki was impulsive and foolish. Tricking him would not be a problem.

Watching a young couple and their daughter walk by brought a smile to her face. This was what Akatsuki was fighting for: true peace. Everyone could live their lives without fear of war or destruction. This was Akatsuki's true goal and she would die to ensure it happens.

"Yahiko, your dream will be realized. Just wait a little longer," Thinking of the man who was like a brother to her made her sad, but Konan shook it off. Dwelling on his death would not help her. She needed to concentrate on her mission. She reached into her pocket inside her Akatsuki cloak and pulled out a picture of her target, complete with information.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Current Age: 16

Height: 5'8

Weight: Between 130-140 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Status: Alive, current Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi

Known Techniques: Kage Bunshin, Rasengan, and various wind jutsu.

Warnings: Target has impossibly high chakra reserves and advanced healing. If capture seems impossible, retreat. Target must be taken alive. Take caution not to anger.

Class: Easily low A-class, but possibly S-class when using the Kyuubi's chakra.

Konan read over the information carefully. She then studied the photo, taking in every detail. The young blond had whisker-like tattoo markings on each cheek, obviously a trait gained from his tenant. Konan wouldn't admit it out loud, but the jinchuriki was actually very handsome. The whisker marks gave him a sort of feral appeal and those blue eyes seemed to sparkle even though it was only a picture. If she met him during a different time, with no mission and no Kyuubi to capture, she probably would invite him to her bed. She was an S-class criminal and a member of a terrorist organization, but she was still a woman, a woman with needs. Maybe she should use seduction on this mission? It wouldn't hurt to try and maybe she could scratch an itch that had bothered her for some time…

'Snap out of it, Konan. You an important mission to complete,' She told herself, shaking her head of those thoughts. The idea still appealed to her, though. The thought of seeing those sparkling eyes looking up at her while he ate her out nearly caused the blue-haired kunoichi to have a nosebleed. Her former sensei, Jiraiya, must have had a greater influence on her than she realized. 'I could persuade him to come with me quietly and without a fight if I offered sex. Yes, that would work…it's for the mission, after all.' Looking up at the sun and judging that it was around noon, Konan decided to get something to eat before she moved on. Getting up from her spot, Konan wandered toward the middle of town, intent on finding the sushi restaurant that she saw advertised on a billboard. You couldn't complete a mission on an empty stomach, after all.

"Okay, now lie back on the couch and hold still…that's it. Now, stroke yourself…"

"Stroke myself?"

"Wank, jerk off, masturbate, whatever word you use. Now, I've always wanted to see a man stroke himself, so…stroke."

"Okay. Can you pass me a pillow? I need something to keep my head up."

Anko grabbed a pillow and gently raised his head. She slid the pillow underneath his head and heard Naruto sigh in comfort, "Okay. I'm relaxed now." He griped the base of his cock and began to run his hand up and down its length.

Anko sat in the chair next to the couch and eagerly watched him masturbate. She was naked like him, the two never having put clothes on since they woke up. She noticed Naruto's eyes staring at her naked form as he masturbated and grinned, "Oh? Does my body look that good?" Anko asked teasingly. She cupped her large breasts and started playing with her nipples, "Oh…" She moaned, "Let me know when you're ready to cum, Naruto-kun. I want you to spray your load all over my breasts."

Naruto couldn't tear his eyes away from the erotic spectacle. He watched as Anko reached a hand down to her dripping opening and slips a finger inside. She moaned loudly when she inserted a second finger and started pumping them in and out. As that hand played with her pussy, the other one squeezed her breasts, lightly flicking and twisting her nipples. It was one of the sexiest things Naruto had ever seen. A glob of pre-cum blew out of his tip, coating his hand and decreasing the friction, allowing him to jerk off faster. He picked up his speed, wanting nothing more than to cum all over those perfect tits.

Anko continued to tease her pussy, all the while staring at the sausage known as Naruto's cock. The thing was just so big and thick, the sight of it alone drove Anko crazy. The more she studied it, the more Anko wondered how the hell such a large thing could have fit inside of her the other night. She had never seen a cock even remotely as big as Naruto's. Plus, his loads could be measured in the gallons. She thought her womb would burst from all the cum he shot into her last night. Anko thanked Kami she had the sense to perform the contraceptive jutsu before they had sex. With the ungodly amount of cum he released inside of her, she would surely have gotten pregnant. Anko wanted children one day, just not while she was so young and still taking missions. But the idea of getting pregnant, if it was Naruto's child, sounded very tempting. 'Only if it was his child, though…'

"Anko-chan, I'm about to cum!"

His declaration snapped her out of her daydreams, bringing her back to reality. Anko realized she was close to cumming too, "Okay! Get over here!" Naruto complied and got up from his comfortable spot. He stood in front of the sitting Kunoichi, beating off his cock at burning speeds. He aimed it at her bouncing globes and felt his balls stir.

"Here it comes, Anko-chan!" Moments later a large, cup-size blast of cum rocketed out of his cock and splash against Anko's breasts, coating the majority of them in one shot. The feeling of his hot cum on her breasts was enough to send the purple-haired woman over the edge and into a mind-blowing orgasm. Anko screamed his name as her juices splashed onto Naruto's thighs and his thick spunk continued to guzzle out of his member. Aside from coating her breasts, Naruto's cum coated her toned stomach and her lower region. The white substance drizzled down past her belly button and on to her inner thighs while simultaneously covering her still gushing opening. Finally, both of their orgasms subsided, leaving two panting lovers gazing into each other's eyes.

"Kami, you look sexy right now," Naruto said, noting her flushed and cum-covered appearance.

"Come here," She grabbed his arms and pulled him down for a soul-searing kiss that left him seeing stars. When they had to pull away from lack of air, the two ninja were left breathing heavily. Naruto lifted her up from her waist, eliciting a squeal from Anko, and slid underneath her, placing her in his lap. They engaged in several more heated sessions of lip-locking before they simply held each other. Anko leaned her head against his chest and listened to his heart beating. Naruto rested his head on top of hers. They stayed that way, silent in their lover's embrace.

"So, what's next?" Anko asked, placing kisses on his chest, "It's your turn to pick."

Naruto wrapped her arms around her, not caring that her breasts and stomach were coated in his cum. As he enjoyed the feeling of his cock trapped between her ass cheeks, Naruto got an idea, "Ever try anal?"

"No, but I'd be willing to try it with you. Just go gentle."

"Awesome! I've wanted to try it for a while…get over on the couch on all fours. This is going to be fun!"

She obeyed and reluctantly disentangled from him. She added a little swing to her hips as she sauntered over to the couch. Anko bent down slowly, teasing him with a view of her bare ass while she entered his desired position. The sight quickly caused Naruto's semi-erect member to return to full mast and he drooled at the opportunity to fuck something so delicious-looking. Anko got on all fours and wiggled her ass teasingly, "Well? Come on, stud. You wanted it, so come stick your throbbing cock in this tight hole," She spread her cheeks apart, exposing her virgin asshole to him.

In a blur, Naruto was kneeling behind her on the couch, his hands descending to grope her fleshy rear. Anko moaned from his ministrations and thrust her ass closer to him, "Ohhh…lick it, Naruto-kun. Lick my dirty hole!" Naruto spread her cheeks apart and licked the small hole, causing Anko to shiver. Having his warm breath and wet tongue against her other hole brought an embarrassed blush to Anko's face, yet she couldn't resist pushing her rear further into his face. She felt dirty having him lavish her ass with so much attention and she liked it. She barely contained a squeal when his tongue pushed through her dirty hole and started twirling inside.

Naruto couldn't believe what he was doing. Eating out a woman's ass was not something he thought he would ever do, but here he was doing it. The moans he was hearing certainly encouraged him to continue and the fact that she was thrusting her ass into his face was a good sign. Feeling bold, Naruto slipped a finger inside the dirty hole and sucked on the tender flesh of her ass cheeks. He gave her rear a little slap and marveled at how it rippled deliciously, "Kami, I love your ass!" Naruto slipped in another finger and increased the speed of his pumping while continuing to suck and lick each cheek and groping and slapping them with his free hand. He just couldn't get enough.

Anko's blush intensified as his worshipping of her ass continued. She never thought something as simple as a butt could turn someone on so much. Then again, the sight alone of his monstrous cock was enough to make her wet with arousal, so she figured it was the same for him concerning her rear. She couldn't hold back a squeal when a third finger was inserted. For Kami's sake, how much was he enjoying himself back there? But she couldn't complain. It did feel REALLY good, "Having fun back there?" Anko asked, inhaling sharply when he blew air on her stretched hole.

"A lot of fun," He said casually. She felt him suck on one of her cheeks, "How about you?"

"Ohhh…Damn, that felt good…" She moaned, "I'm doing alright. This might sound crazy, but are you in love with my ass?"

"I think so," He admitted, slapping her rear once more, "Ah; the ripple effect never ceases to amaze me."

"Not that I don't mind this, but I thought you wanted to fuck my ass. All you've done is…well, you've done pretty much everything besides th-AT!" Kami, another finger?

"I'm trying to get you ready for anal. It would hurt you if I just slammed it in without preparation," He spread his fingers, expanding her tight hole; "Hmmm…I think its ready! Now, all I need is some lube…" He scooted off the couch and moved his cock in front of her mouth, "Mind helping me with that?"

Anko grinned.

"Sure," She grabbed his engorged organ by the base and spit a good amount of saliva on its length. She moved her hand up and down the shaft, making sure to coat every inch of the delicious meat stick with her saliva. Just to be safe, she ran her tongue along his length, starting from the pre-cum leaking tip and ending at the base. Naruto shivered as her tongue slid underneath his shaft and a blob of pre-cum landed on her cheek. Once satisfied his cock was properly lubed up, Anko pulled away, but not before giving the head a sweet kiss. She gathered up the pre-cum on her cheek with a delicate finger and sensually sucked the sample of his spunk, "Tastes oddly sweet," She commented, sucking her finger clean of the tasty substance. Then, remembering the gallon sprayed on her chest ran a hand over one of her breasts, gathering a good amount of cum. Naruto watched her raise the hand to her face and suck on each cum-covered finger. His cock twitched at the sight, "Delicious. Next time, make sure to dump your load in my mouth," She said, already gathering more. Naruto nodded eager to comply with that request. His eyes wandered away from her cum-coated chest and back to her butt, which looked ready for a good fucking.

Naruto moved back to his glorious position behind the purple-haired goddess' divine rear. He placed his engorged tip at her back-door entrance and gripped her waist. He grinned in anticipation, "Ready, Anko-chan?"

She nodded excitedly, holding herself up steadily with her arms.

"I'm ready, just go gentle first."

Getting an affirmative response, Naruto slowly pushed his head past the puckered hole. His previous fingering had loosened it considerably, so there wasn't much resistance at first. But as the head disappeared, the tightness increased as he pushed further than his fingers ever went. He was immediately assaulted with the most heavenly feeling he ever experienced. The tightness was unbelievable as was the warmth. After getting four solid inches in, the walls of her bowels started twitching and gripping his cock, nearly sending him over the edge and he didn't even have his whole length inside! He quickly decided that anal sex was his new favorite hobby. Why on earth had he never tried this before? Even during his clone gangbang with Tsunade, not once did he or his clones venture to her rear. He decided he would make up for lost time as he pushed his hips forward.

Anko had never tried anal before, mostly because she was scared. She just couldn't wrap her mind around why someone would want a cock thrusting in their ass. She agreed to it because Naruto asked her. When he first pushed his head past her puckered hole, Anko expected to feel some pain or aching, but was met with great surprise when she didn't feel pain, but pleasure. As his cock inched further and further inside her bowels, stretching her inner walls with his thickness, Anko knew she was addicted. It brought a pleasurable feeling that she couldn't describe. It made her feel so full, so filled. By the time every inch of his cock was buried inside of her, Anko's pussy was gushing with arousal.

"Does this arouse you, Anko-chan? Having my cock stretching your tight hole?" Naruto said, feeling her juices dripping onto his thighs. It made him feel good that she was getting as much enjoyment out of the experience as he was.

Anko growled.

"Stop talking and start moving, gaki! I want you to fuck my ass, not just stand there! Start thrusting!" She ordered, enjoying the dirty talk. She felt Naruto's grip on her hips tighten.

"Oh, you won't be able to walk for a week once I'm done with you!" He pulled his length back until only the head remained. He could already feel the clinging walls trying to pull him back. Giving her ass a good slap, he slammed his cock back inside. The ripple effect and slapping sound would forever grace Naruto's wet dreams, so would Anko's scream of 'Oh Kami, I'm already going to cum!' Naruto was relentless. His hips were a blur as his cock thrust fast and forceful, reaching into the deepest part of her bowels, "Fuck, your ass is gripping my cock!" He gripped her hips tighter and, if possible, increased his speed.

Anko couldn't handle the speed. Her arms were already shaking from her orgasm, and now that another one was approaching, her strength was slowly waning. His big balls slapping against her opening didn't help, especially when a particularly long thrust caused them to hit her clit. That was the edge for Anko. Screaming his name over and over again, Anko came hard and collapsed on the couch, her weak arms finally giving out. This didn't stop Naruto, though. He leaned forward until his chest touched her back, using his arms to keep him raised so that he wouldn't crush her with his weight, then continued his thrusting, now aimed downward and reaching even further depths. His hips smacked against her plump rear, causing the cushion she was under to bounce and the couch to creak.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't STOP!" Anko screamed, eyes closed from the pleasure, "If you pull out, I'll kill you!"

Naruto turned her head and captured her lips, never ceasing his pounding. He was close to cumming and boy was it going to be a huge one, "Open your eyes," He said between kisses. She complied and her brown eyes stared into his blue ones, "I want you to look at me while I fill your ass with cum. You got it?" She nodded eagerly and pressed her lips to his, all while holding his gaze. Feeling his impending orgasm, Naruto increased his pace. Loud, wet slapping sounds echoed throughout the living room and the apartment, only serving to further arouse to two ninja. Just as he was about to burst, Naruto pulled all the way out and then buried himself as deep as possible. He erupted, sending blast after blast of his thick cream inside of her bowels. Naruto groaned as he experienced an orgasm that he would fondly remember decades from now as one of the best he ever had. While he successfully painted her insides white, Anko reached even higher decibels, which would have been louder if not for Naruto silencing her with his lips. She could feel the hot spunk fill her ass to the brim, stretching her bowels with its thickness. Another orgasm came crashing over her, causing her ass to clamp down on his dick, further coaxing out more of the hot liquid.

Cock still twitching and throbbing inside of her dirty hole, Naruto's strength left him and he collapsed on top of her. He managed to land partly to the side so as not to crush her. Anko twisted with him and they ended up spooning. Both of them were breathing heavily and flushed. Sheen of sweat coated their bodies as they came down from their orgasmic high. Naruto laid kisses on her neck and Anko moved her head to allow him access, enjoying the intimate gesture. His hand traced her curves, stopping to appreciate the flaring of her hips, and then moved to her flat stomach, rubbing its smooth surface. He fingered her belly button briefly before moving on to cup one of her breasts. Anko moaned and snuggled against him.

"Those were the best orgasms I've ever had," She whispered to him, "The only ones that rival them are last night's."

He grinned against her neck and sucked on the tender flesh.

"Glad I impressed. Congratulations, you've turned me into an ass man!" To emphasize, he squeezed her ass. Anko giggled at his declaration.

"I believe you, considering you still have your cock buried in my ass. Ohhh…if you keep moving like that I might have another orgasm."

"I'm going to pull out. When I do, can you raise your hips up for me?"


"That was probably one of the biggest loads ever. I want to at least see how much."


Naruto pulled out slowly, savoring the feeling of her velvety walls. His head came out with a pop and immediately cum started rushing out. The flow increased when Anko raised her hips, "Wow, that's a lot of cum…" He commented, amazed he could release such an amount.

Anko shivered.

"Is it weird that the feeling of it rushing out turns me on?"

"Nope! That just makes you even sexier!"


"Yep! Anko-chan is very sexy!"

She smiled at him and lowered her hips. She placed a kiss on his nose.

"How about I clean up and we move on to my turn?" Anko asked, grinning.

"Deal, but only if I get to help you clean."

"Sure…To the tub?"

"Race ya!"

Tsunade wished to all deities that the paperwork would stop coming, but they must not have been feeling too generous. It was two in the afternoon; she had been going at it since seven. She needed to get all of this work done if she wanted to meet Naruto tonight and tell him what she had been dying to say. Somehow, her real appearance now resembled not a fifty-two-year-old woman, but a twenty-one-year-old bombshell just entering her prime. She had to place her regular genjutsu just so nobody would get suspicious! How on earth did this happen? She had some theories, but nothing had been confirmed. Tsunade needed to find out if this was more than just a physical change. Could she have really been de-aged thirty years? It sounded so impossible, yet she hoped to Kami it was true. All barriers holding her back from pursuing a real relationship with Naruto would be removed! They could actually be a real couple! She knew she hurt him last night, she could see it written all over his face. She would make it up to him if it was the last thing she did.

"Shizune!" She yelled.

Her loyal assistant was there not even ten seconds later.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama?" She asked, out of breath from running.

"How much paperwork do I have left?"

"You still have some mission reports to go over and a few documents about the construction of a new park…Oh, and you have a meeting with the clan leaders at five."

Tsunade groaned and resisted the urge to break something.


"Yes, Tsunade-sama?"

"I'll give you a week off with pay if you get me out of that meeting."

"A week with pay?"

"Not enough? Fine. Two weeks with pay, plus a bonus!"


"And an all-expenses paid vacation to the spa resort! Two tickets for you and a friend!"


"…And I promise I'll try not to drink on the job anymore!"

Not trusting her voice, Shizune simply nodded.

"Good. Now, I have a lot of paperwork to get done. Let me know how it goes."

"H-hai, Tsunade-sama," Shizune walked out and closed the door behind her. She slumped against the door, a smile on her face, "Two weeks off with pay and bonus? Plus paid vacation and no drinking? Kami, you really know how to make a girl happy!" She said looking up, giggling, "Now who should I take with me? I don't really have any friends besides Tsunade-sama. There's Sakura-chan, but she's busy with her hospital duties…Maybe Naruto-kun would like to go? I know spas are for girls, but maybe if I asked nicely? Ah, it would be nice getting a massage while Naruto-kun sits next to me…Or maybe giving me the massage? Oh, Shizune, you're a naughty girl," Giggling pervasively, Shizune picked herself up and walked away with a noticeable skip. She had to tell a bunch of clan leaders that the meeting would have to be rescheduled. In the mean time, Shizune would plan for her paid vacation, which included a shirtless Naruto massaging her bare back.

Naruto sneezed, breaking his concentration on giving Anko's breasts a good cleaning.

"Looks like somebody's talking about you, Naruto-kun," Anko said jokingly. She was currently sitting in Naruto's lap, her back pressed against his chest. They were both in her bathtub, where Naruto was cleaning every inch of her body. Bubbles covered the top of the water and occasionally Naruto would scoop some more to put on her body.

"Probably. Now…where were we?" He grabbed her breasts and fondled the fleshy orbs.

"I don't think groping constitutes as cleaning, Naruto-kun."

"I have soap on my hands and we're in a bathtub. It's cleaning, trust me. Damn, I love your breasts…"

Anko sighed in fake exasperation.

"And your cock seems to enjoy my ass crack. Don't tell me you already want a repeat performance."

Naruto kissed her neck.

"But you enjoyed it," He pointed out.

"Yes, but I'm already walking with a slight limp. Anal is great, but my ass needs a rest."

"Alright," He agreed with a pout, "But I want a tit job."

"Oh, sounds fun, that we'll definitely have to do! And afterwards, you have to eat me out. And then…" She grabbed his hand from her breast and brought it below the water to her pussy, "Then you have to stick that big dick in here, and I'm not going to let you pull out until you cum three times. Got it?"

"You're the best, Anko-chan!" He exclaimed.

"I know, I kno-Ohhh…right there!" The hand she placed at her entrance was now inserting several fingers and teasing her clit, "You are so getting laid after this bath!"

'It's good to be Naruto Uzumaki,' He thought joyfully.

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