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Chapter 6: Marriage Opportunities

Shion Fujimura, better known by most as the priestess of the Land of Demons, walked silently between her escort group, a determined look etched on her face. Her escorts had taken a diamond formation around her, something she found unnecessary, but her loyal guards had insisted upon. It allowed them to cover her at any angle if there was ever an attack. She originally stated that she only needed two escorts, but her guards wouldn't have it. Instead, four intimidating-looking men, with katana and daggers strapped to their backs and hip, surrounded her, dedicated to protecting her at all costs. The front and back guards carried bows and arrows, ready to strike down any foe from a great distance. The other two to her side were the heavy hitters. They looked as if they could break a man with a simple flick of their wrists. Though she did find it unnecessary, Shion did feel safe. Any bandits they came across wouldn't stand a chance.

The reason for such protection? The young priestess was heading for Konohagakure, an ally of the Land of Demons, to speak with the Godaime Hokage about something of vital importance. A promise had been made to her by one of the village's shinobi and she was going to make damn sure he kept it. Naruto Uzumaki promised to help her continue the priestess line almost a year ago and she was getting impatient. One day, fed up with waiting, Shion decided to go to Konoha herself and force him if she had to. She would speak with the Hokage and let her know about the circumstances. Surely she would understand the importance of such a promise and let Naruto perform his duties?

No matter. Whether or not the Hokage agreed, Shion was getting what she wanted. She would have sex with her Naruto-kun and, if her luck held, maybe convince him to come back with her to the Land of Demons. Then he would become her husband and they would raise their children together and live happily ever after. You see, unbeknownst to Naruto, he had captured Shion's heart with his bravery and kind personality…and with his good-looks. She loved him for what was inside, but Kami was he handsome. 'Those blue eyes and whisker marks…Oh, Naruto-kun…' She sighed happily.

"Is there something wrong, Shion-sama?" One of her guards asked her, hearing her sigh.

Shion smiled and waved off his concern.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm just thinking about my future husband. I can't wait to see him again."

"Oh, Naruto-san? Have you let him know you will be arriving soon?"

Shion shook her head.

"I haven't told him personally, but a messenger hawk baring a letter should be arriving at the Hokage's Tower within a few hours. I sent it yesterday before we left."

"What is Naruto-san like, Shion-sama? I haven't had the honor of meeting him," The guard to her left asked.

"Well, he's strong, kind, and handsome. Oh, is he handsome…" She cleared her throat. "And he's very brave. He saved the world from Moryo and changed my outlook on life. He's really amazing."

"Does Shion-sama love Naruto-san?"

Shion smiled and looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky blocking the radiant sunlight.

"Yes…yes, I do love him."

Naruto sneezed for the tenth time that day.

"Man, a lot of people must be talking about me today," He muttered to himself.

"Ahhh…why'd you stop, Naruto-kun?" Anko asked, panting. She was lying on her back atop the bed with Naruto's cock half-stuffed inside her pussy. Her belly was swollen, evidence of the ungodly amount of cum he had released inside her womb the past couple of hours. Anko knew her pussy would be a wreck the next day, but she didn't care. All she wanted was more of his cock plowing into her mercilessly. When she got no response from him, she scooted closer to him, impaling his cock further into her drenched opening, "Naruto-kun! For Kami's sake, don't stop now! I'm almost to another orgasm!"

Naruto shook himself out of his thoughts and brought his attention back to the cum-filled kunoichi where it belonged.

"Sorry, Anko-chan," He steamed forward, pushing his cock all the way into her womb. He groaned. Her womb was hot and slick due to his cum, making it even more pleasurable to fuck. Hell, he felt like cumming right then and there despite already having done so six times in the last three hours alone.

"Oh, you're swishing around all the cum in my womb! Go faster!" She yelled, marveling at the huge tube shape that formed every time he thrust. He was so big; she could see the outline of his cock! "I'm cumming again!"

Naruto grit his teeth as her walls became unbearably tight. He grunted in surprise when Anko's arms latched around his neck and brought him down for a searing kiss. His chest smashed against her breasts and cum-filled belly as they engaged in a heated exchange of saliva and tongues. Naruto reached between their chests and grabbed one of her large breasts, kneading the spherical, fleshy object. Anko moaned against his lips. She loved it when he groped her breasts. Naruto raised her leg up until it was nearly vertical, giving him better access to her honey pot. With more room to work with, the energetic blond slammed into her faster and with greater strength. Anko's muffled screams could be heard, followed by loud, wet slapping sounds created from his balls smacking her asshole, which was still a little sore from their earlier anal experiment. The bed underneath them creaked and groaned, and Anko briefly wondered if the frame would break from their lovemaking. Not that she really cared. She was in ecstasy. Nothing else in the world mattered.

"Scream my name…" Naruto said between their heated kisses, "I wanna hear you scream my name while I fuck you unconscious."

Anko shivered at his words.

"Fuck me unconscious? You wish ga-KI!" Naruto hit her g-spot, sending the kunoichi back into another orgasmic ride.

"Don't ever underestimate me, Anko-chan! When I say I'll fuck you unconscious, I. Mean. It!" His thrusts became more powerful with every word, "Say it! Say you want me to fuck you unconscious or I'll pull out right now!"

"Don't pull out! Please, don't pull out! Fuck me unconscious! Fill me with cum! Do whatever, just don't pull out! She begged, smashing her lips to his.

Naruto smirked against her lips.

"As you wish, Anko-chan," He was bluffing the whole time. There was no way he'd pull out of this heavenly pussy, especially when he was so close to cumming. Besides, he doubted he could pull out with her inner walls clenching so tightly around his cock. His eyes screwed shut and he groaned. The head of his cock just brushed against the velvety lining of her womb. He kept hitting that spot, desperate to experience the wonderful sensation. The time of his orgasm was fast approaching, "I'm going to cum, Anko-chan! I'm going to fill your womb with even more of my cum. Oh, get ready!"

Anko barely had time to respond before a flood of fresh cum filled her womb, adding to the growing gallons of spunk. She would have screamed to the high heavens in ecstasy, but Naruto silence her with a deep kiss. No need to alert the neighbors to what they were doing. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her senses were overwhelmed with euphoria. Her womb expanded more, if possible, giving her the appearance of a woman almost nine months pregnant. One final thought entered her mind before she succumbed to pleasure-induced unconsciousness. 'Maybe next time I shouldn't use the contraceptive jutsu…' She thought dreamily, and an image of her holding a baby boy with dark, purple hair and vibrant blue eyes, with Naruto next to her, flashed before her eyes. Yes, she would give that much thought, but for now she settled for closing her eyes and allowing sweet darkness to take her.

Naruto made small thrusts as the last drops of cum drizzled out of his cock. He took a moment to savor the tightness of her pussy before pulling out slowly. As he pulled out, cum gushed out of her opening and spilled onto the sheets, forming a puddle of mixed fluids that grew by the second. Naruto watched her stomach become less and less swollen as his spunk guzzled out in large amounts, and even he was shocked by how much he had released inside of her. It finally ceased after a minute when Anko's stomach returned from swollen to flat, which was around the time Naruto noticed his partner was passed out, spent of all energy. A surge of pride swelled up as he happily noted that he had made good on his promise to fuck her into unconscious, but his celebrating was short lived when he realized one little problem. Well, maybe not so little…

"What the hell am I going to do with this?" Naruto asked out loud, staring at his fully erect cock. Despite just experiencing an orgasm, his cock was still hard and eager for more sex. Now that Anko was unconscious, he didn't have anybody to enjoy a good round of sex with. He could have decided to just continue plowing into her while she was unconscious, but he never wanted to do that again, it would just remind him of Tsunade. Plus, he swore to himself he would never do such a thing ever again, despite the fact that Anko wouldn't mind. It just didn't feel right having sex with someone who couldn't enjoy the sensation with you. No, that was definitely out of the question. Sighing to himself, Naruto glanced at his right hand, "Well, I guess it's just you and me, buddy." At least he would have Anko's naked body to look at while he masturbated. That would certainly get him aroused. Just as he was about to grip his swollen member, an idea popped into his head, one so brilliant and ingenious that Naruto wondered why he never thought about it before. He formed his signature hand sign and molded a little chakra, and a cloud of smoke filled the air. When the smoke disappeared, Naruto's eyes widened.

"Naruto-sama?" A girl with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair asked, sitting next to him on the bed. She was completely naked, showing off every bit of her delicious curves.

Naruto grinned at her, taking in her nude appearance. Big breasts, dripping opening, and a nice round butt, just as he pictured in his mind. Oh, this was going to be fun.

"You look beautiful." He commented.

She blushed deeply and averted her eyes from him.

"Thank you, Naruto-sama…"

"Just call me Naruto. What should I call you?"

The girl shifted nervously.

"I don't have a name…I'm just a clone…" She said depressingly. Naruto felt his heart break at her sad tone.

"Hey, you're not just a clone. You're a person, too, just like I am."

"Really?" She asked hopefully, finally looking at him.

"Yes, really," He cupped her face and placed a small kiss on her lips. "How about we call you Kimi?"

"Kimi…I like it…" The girl, now dubbed 'Kimi', said. She smiled widely and wrapped her arms around him, surprising Naruto. "I'm Kimi! Kimi Uzumaki!"

Naruto chuckled and patted her back. He didn't want to break up this happy moment, so he ignored the feeling of his cock rubbing against her soft thighs and her breasts touching his chest. There would be time for that later.

"Kimi Uzumaki? So I guess you're family now, Kimi-chan."

Kimi nodded and snuggled against him.

"That's right! I'm family now because I'm married to you!"

"Yeah…wait, what?"

She looked at him with shining blue eyes.

"I'm Kimi Uzumaki. You're Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto and Kimi Uzumaki! We have the same last name, so we're married!"


"We're married, Naruto-kun! This is going to be wonderful! We'll buy a house together, a big one. Big enough to raise ten children! We can name the first boy after you, but if it's a girl, can we call her Hikari? Please, pretty please? It's such a cute name!"

"Married…ten kids…name?"

"And for the second daughter we can name her Hitomi! Won't that be nice? Oh, and can we have a dog? We'll have a big backyard, so he won't be a problem in the house. All of the kids can play with him and he'll have a pink doghouse!"

He slowly moved his hands into a hand sign. Making sure she was still busy talking, Naruto applied the chakra to dispel her, but to his utter shock, she remained. 'What the hell?!' She must've caught on to what he was doing and frowned at him.

"Naruto-kun, were you trying to dispel me?"


She looked at him suspiciously, but then smiled.

"I believe you…just so you know; I removed the failsafe that is standard for the Kage Bunshin. You know, just in case you accidently tried to dispel me, which I know you would never do. Right?"

The look on her face told him pain would accompany anything other than a yes.

"I would never do such a thing to my beautiful wife."

Kimi squealed and kissed him.

"I love you, Naruto-kun. Now, why don't we…who is that?" She asked pointing at Anko's sleeping form.

'Oh, shit…' "Uh…I don't know."

"Don't lie to me! Who is that woman?"

'Dispel, dispel, dispel, dispel, dispel, dispel, dispel! Dammit, dispel!'

"You ARE trying to dispel me! I guess I'll have to teach my husband a lesson!" She grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him down on the bed. Before Naruto could recover, she was on top of him, pinning him to the bed with almost inhuman strength.


"Don't try to sweet talk me! Now, put that mouth to good use and kiss me."


"I wasn't asking, Naruto-kun! Get ready! We're going to be doing some baby-making!" She pressed her lips to his and grinded her hips against his length.

'I'm kind of scared, but kind of turned on at the same time…I'm really fucked up, aren't I?' He nearly yelped when she roughly grabbed his package. His cock hardened almost instantly, 'Yep, definitely fucked up.'

Tsunade pumped her fist into the air in victory as she completed the last bit of paperwork. She took a second to marvel at how empty her desk appeared with all of the papers and documents gone, placed safely and securely in her filing cabinet for future reference and use. She had never seen this desk so clean, not even when she first became Hokage. Tsunade found that she quite liked seeing it clear and clutter-free. Shizune was right. If she stayed ahead of the paperwork, it wouldn't build up to near insurmountable amounts nor would it take as long. Massaging her sore writing hand, Tsunade got up from her seat and made to grab her green jacket and get the hell out of there, but the squawk of a bird stopped her. She turned to the window and noticed a red messenger hawk standing outside on the ledge. Tsunade desperately wanted to ignore it, but a message was tied around its leg. She couldn't just ignore a message that could possibly contain vital information.

She made her way over to the window and opened it. The hawk stuck out its leg, offering the message to her. Tsunade gently untied the message and softly scratched its head, earning a nuzzle from the intelligent bird. Smiling despite hating having to postpone her departure, Tsunade immediately recognized the symbol on the piece of paper. 'Land of Demons? I wonder what they want.' She unrolled the paper and her eyes quickly scanned over the message. Tsunade's eyes widened and she read the message again to make sure what she was reading was correct. "What have you gotten yourself into, Naruto? Ensure the priestess line? Obligation? Possible marriage?" Kakashi had informed her after the whole Moryo fiasco that the priestess of the Land of Demons had expressed a deep interest in pursuing a relationship with the young blond. Of course, Tsunade had dismissed the idea since both of them lived thousands of kilometers apart and the fact that Konoha rarely received mission requests from Demon. The possibility of Naruto and Priestess Fujimura crossing paths again was slim, almost astronomical, but this letter changed everything. The priestess was due to arrive in Konoha within the next few days. No doubt Fujimura would seek out Naruto and make sure he made good on his promise. Not only that, but she even suggested the idea of a marriage between the two. It was absurd. The two lived far away from each other. Plus, Naruto was a jinchuriki. He couldn't just travel from Konoha to Demon whenever he wanted to, or choose to live there, which she highly doubted he would. He belonged in Konoha, with his friends, comrades, and her…

Yes, she was feeling a little jealous about the fact this woman was coming to Konoha and basically demanding that she hand over her beloved. Tsunade would definitely be having a talk with this priestess when she got there. "Go. I have no reply." Tsunade said to the hawk and it nodded as if it understood her. Spreading its wings, the hawk took to the evening sky. She watched it disappear in the backdrop of the setting sun and reddish-orange sky. Realizing that it would soon be getting dark, Tsunade grabbed her jacket from her seat, slid it on, and stormed out of her office, closing the door behind her. She needed to find Naruto and explain everything to him; their relationship, her rapid de-aging, and this priestess business.

"Come again!" Ayame yelled as their last customer left.

"That the last one, Ayame?" Her father asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah, ready to close down for the night?"

"Yes, but make sure you wipe down the countertop before we leave!"

"Alright, tou-san!" Ayame grabbed a rag and scrubbed the countertop. A particularly stubborn stain kept her busy, but eventually she came out victorious. Smiling at how clean the top looked, Ayame threw the rag into the sink and closed the window above the countertop, locking it. She checked what was leftover. Three bowls worth of miso ramen, a meals worth of steamed rice, and a few spring rolls that were still hot. She was prepared to throw it away like she always did, but she stopped herself. Miso ramen was Naruto's favorite flavor of ramen, and he liked rice and rolls. He hadn't been by since their encounter a week ago, which hurt Ayame slightly, but she figured the lifestyle of a ninja must have kept him busy. After all, Ichiraku's was Naruto's favorite restaurant. He would only miss his weekly meal if he was very busy. But just because he was busy didn't mean he shouldn't be able to enjoy his favorite food. Getting an idea, Ayame placed the leftovers in a takeout box and placed the box in a plastic bag. She made sure to pack several napkins and chopsticks along with the food.

"Tou-san, I'm going to take some leftovers to Naruto's! You don't mind closing up, do you?"

"That's fine, Ayame. Say hello to Naruto for me!"

"I will, tou-san!" She replied as she went out the backdoor. Making sure the door behind her was locked, Ayame made her way onto the main street. Naruto's apartment was no more than a kilometer away, so she would be there in no time. Not only would she be able to bring him food, but she would also be able to see him. Maybe they could pick up where they left off…She imagined herself lying naked on Naruto's bed as he lavished her inner thighs with kisses and licks, before slowly moving to her lower lips. He would blow warm air against her aroused opening, teasing her, and she would beg him for more. Then he would use his tongue and…Ayame shivered. 'Calm down, girl. You won't be able to make it if you keep fantasizing like this.' She thought, yet she couldn't help it. Picking up her pace, the beautiful brunette could hardly wait to see her knucklehead lover. 'I hope you're ready, Naruto-kun!'

Konan waited patiently, watching the border patrol ninja like a hawk. She had to time it just right. The ninja was actually staring right at the tree she was hiding in, scrutinizing every detail. Her paper camouflage jutsu was near-flawless, but it could be detected with enough scrutiny. She silently cursed herself for causing a branch to break earlier. That was the reason this ninja was currently staring so intensely at the tree. She could easily kill him and be done with it, but that would alert Konoha to her arrival. ANBU would be looking everywhere to find the culprit who killed one of their comrades. So instead of the abrasive approach, Konan simply waited.

Eventually, the ninja moved on, but not before casting one last glance toward the treetop. Konan let out a barely audible sigh of relief. Waiting several more minutes to ensure the ninja was truly gone; Konan leapt from her spot and resumed her pace. She ignored the goose bumps that covered her bare arms as the evening breeze ghosted across her skin. The purple-haired kunoichi had foregone her Akatsuki robes for the purpose of blending in. She couldn't just sneak into Konoha wearing the symbol of the village's most hated enemy. Without her robe, Konan was left with a navy blue robe that had a large hemline on the front, and exposed her arms, her back, the lateral part of her breasts, and her belly. She also wore blue pants with white high heels. Yeah, not really the ideal outfit for the chilly night air, but she would persevere.

Shaking off the chill, Konan took out the photo of her target for the sixth time that day. For reasons she had yet to understand, Konan found herself very attracted to the young blond. More than that, he intrigued her. Intel suggested that he was a happy and energetic person, the complete opposite of what a jinchuriki was supposed to be. Jinchuriki were supposed to be lonely, anti-social people that became burdens to nations. Apparently, this young man was anything but anti-social. The file went into great detail about his countless good deeds and never-give-up attitude. Determined and stubborn were words Itachi had chosen to use in his analysis of the Kyuubi-holder, so were naïve and brash. The thing was, Konan liked stubborn and brash and determined. It…aroused her, so to speak. This Naruto sounded like someone who didn't care what people thought about him, didn't care if what he did went outside the social norm. And the people loved him for it. He had saved Konoha numerous times, even saved the world once, if the intel was correct, and the people idolized him for it. They used to scorn him, curse his very existence, the document went on, but his actions of protecting Konoha earned him a great deal of fame, both inside and outside the walls of the village. He also built up a large amount of allies, ranging from the Land of Snow to Suna. Nagato had actually confessed to her in private that he was afraid his number of allies would grow too great to face. Nagato, the self-proclaimed god of Ame, was actually afraid. That was saying a lot.

Konan studied the photo of the Uzumaki for one more moment before putting it away. She needed to control her feelings. The mission came before anything else and here she was drooling over her target. But she was a woman, damn it, and she had needs. 'I'll rest up when I reach the next town. I'll move on to Konoha in the morning. Hopefully, before tomorrow night, I'll get a chance to have some fun with this young man…this hot, sexy-looking young man with the most amazing blue eyes.' Maybe she should take out that photo one more time. You know, just to make sure she had his face memorized.

'Why hasn't she dispelled already? I didn't give her much chakra,' Naruto thought, groaning as Kimi roughly rode him for the sixth time. Even HE had his limits, and this girl was quickly pushing him past them.

"Ohhh…you're so big, Naruto-kun! And you cum so much! I'll definitely get pregnant at this rate!"

'How on earth can a clone get pregnant anyway? Shit. I'm cumming again!' Why did her pussy have to feel so good? Oh yeah, he kind of altered that when he created her. With a moan, he came once again, painting her insides white. He felt Kimi's pussy tighten around his cock, signaling her own orgasm, yet she continued to ride him like he was some type of bull.

"Yes! More! More!" She screamed; her blonde hair flying wildly around her face and back. Naruto marveled at how angelic she looked, how beautiful she truly was. She was perfect…well, except for the dominating attitude. That he could live without, though he still found it a turn on. Kimi's bouncing died down as both of their orgasms subsided. Naruto glanced to the side to see Anko still resting peacefully. He really wished she would wake up and help him out of this situation.

"Kimi-chan, can we please take a break?" Naruto asked, panting, "I'm kind of exhausted."

"But you're being punished," She replied, tracing small circles on his well-defined chest.

"Please…sweetie? I know I was wrong."

"Why were you wrong?"

"Uh…because I slept with another woman?" She shook her head. "Then what did I do wrong?"

"One, you tried to dispel me. Never ever, ever, EVER try to do that. Okay, sweetie?" He quickly nodded. "Good. And two, you didn't include me."


"If you're going to have sex with another woman, Naruto-kun, then I have to be included."

"You want to have…a threesome."

"That's right and you have no say in the matter. This is a demand, not a request."

"Okay…I can live with that," Images of Anko and Kimi pressed together naked while he fucked them appeared before his eyes and a goofy grin spread across his face. Forget that dominating attitude; Kimi was perfect!

"Ugh…I feel so sore…" Anko groaned out as she awoke. Naruto and Kimi looked on as the naked kunoichi stretched and raised her head. Her eyes landed on Naruto and Kimi, still connected together. "What did I miss?"

"Not much, really," Naruto replied. "I'll explain it all later. Feel up for a threesome?" He asked hopefully.

Anko blinked and rubbed her tired eyes.

"Sure, why not?"


"Yeah, I've always wanted a threesome. Plus I have a thing for blondes," Anko looked at Kimi and winked, "What's your name, babe?"

Kimi smiled.

"Kimi…I like your hair."

"That's a pretty name. Oh, and thanks. I like your…well, everything. Size D?"


"Damn. Naruto-kun, you sure do have good taste. Why don't we get started?"

"Kami, I love my life!" Naruto screamed and both girls giggled. His previous exhaustion was gone, replaced by newfound vigor. One thing was for sure: it was going to be a long night.

Tsunade finally arrived at Naruto's apartment. She pounded on the door several times and waited. She growled when she received no response. Craning her neck, she tried to look through the window, only to sigh in dismay when she realized it was dark inside. It was still too early for Naruto to be in bed, so that could only mean he was out. Where could he possibly be? 'Maybe he's out having a good time with some friends. I know that Shikamaru and the Inuzuka are his friends…' She pounded on the door one last time and made ready to leave, but as she turned around, Tsunade noticed a brown-haired civilian woman holding a plastic bag standing there. That was odd. Normally, Tsunade should have been able to hear her coming, considering she had to walk up several flights of stairs to get there. Her emotional distress must be messing with her senses.


"Hello, Hokage-sama," The brown-haired woman said, bowing to her. Tsunade recognized her from somewhere; she just couldn't put her finger on it. She took note of the chef outfit she had on and it clicked.

"You're Ayame Ichiraku, right?"

Ayame smiled and nodded.

"Yes, I am, Hokage-sama. If I may ask, why are you here at this hour?"

Tsunade sighed.

"I needed to talk to Naruto about something important, but I guess he isn't home." She noted that the young woman's smile turned into a frown. "Oh, did you have something you needed to ask him?"

"Not really…I just came to bring over some leftovers. It's his favorite."

Tsunade smiled.

"That was nice of you. Sorry that he isn't home."

"Oh, that's not a problem. I'll just use my key," Ayame walked past her and pulled out a small key. Tsunade watched in disbelief as she unlocked the door.

"You have a…key."

"A spare key. Naruto-kun gave it to me when he first moved in."

"…He gave you a key."

"Yep! His words were 'I trust Ayame-neechan with all my heart!' and he gave me this key. I think he was about six or seven at the time. He was so adorable." 'Still is.' "I'll just head in and put this in the fridge for him. Want to come in?"

Tsunade shook herself out of her stupor, feeling slightly hurt that Naruto had never given HER a key.

"No…I'll just head home. I can ask him tomorrow. Have a good night, Ayame-san."

Ayame bowed.

"You too, Hokage-sama."

Tsunade nodded and took her leave. Despite meeting little success, Tsunade was still determined to find Naruto and tell him everything. If all went well, hopefully they could pursue a real relationship, one they didn't have to hide.

Ayame watched the Hokage leave and entered Naruto's apartment. It was simple; one large room that housed the living room, kitchen, and his bedroom. The only other room was a bathroom and a small closet near the bed. Ayame walked to the fridge, opened it and placed the leftovers inside. Closing the fridge, she stared at Naruto's bed and a wicked idea came to her mind. Naruto would be back eventually, so why couldn't she stay to greet him when he did? She had her own apartment, so her father wouldn't notice her absence, and tomorrow was a Sunday. They were closed on Sundays. There was nothing stopping her from staying. Smiling to herself, Ayame set to work making sure that his arrival would be greeted properly.

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