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Chapter 7: Dreamy Opportunities

"The amount of attention you're showing my ass is welcomed, but I think you're going a little overboard."

"What makes you say that?"

"You've been groping it for about ten minutes."

"Has it really been that long?" Naruto asked, eyes still focused on the perfectly shaped rear in front of him. Anko was on all fours, giving him a great view of the hottest derrière he ever had the good fortune of seeing. His hands were planted firmly on each bountiful cheek, squeezing and groping them with almost worshipping awe. "Time flies when you're enjoying the greatest butt in the world."

Anko blushed.

"You're just saying that."

Naruto parted her butt cheeks. He blew lightly on the puckered hole revealed, causing Anko to shiver.

"No, I'm serious. It's...perfect. That's all I can say to describe it," He said, teasing the hole with his index finger, "Could you stick your butt out a little more?"

Anko nodded, "Okay...and thanks. I'm usually a little self-conscious about it," She bent forward, pressing her breasts against the bed and laying her head on the pillow. She raised her hips, doing what he asked, but in a more comfortable position, "I think it's too big."

"Too big?" Naruto asked incredulously, "How could you say that? It's beautiful! I could spend forever just staring at it." He placed his cock between her lower cheeks and let go of them, causing the two round cheeks to almost completely engulf his throbbing erection. Naruto moaned and marveled at how they nearly made his cock disappear, considering his above average size. Nine inches of thick shaft vanished, with only his bulbous cock-head peeking out from the crack. It was a heavenly feeling; the soft, silky skin surrounding her dirty hole stimulating his cock in magnificent ways. He gripped her hips, and lovely hips they were, and thrust his member between her cheeks. "Kami, this feels good..." Naruto groaned, already feeling his balls stir with arousal.

"Man, you're cock's really throbbing. Does it feel that good?" Anko asked, enjoying his shaft rubbing against her puckered hole.

"Very. I'm already about to cum," He picked up his pace, "I love your ass."

Anko giggled.

"So you've told me. Where did Kimi go?"

Naruto gritted his teeth as he felt his release rapidly approaching, "To the kitchen. She said she was hungry. Ah, here it comes..." Right on cue, a long, thick shot of cum rocketed out of Naruto's cock, arching in the air before landing on Anko's back, splashing over her creamy skin. Anko shivered as his warm cum covered her spine, unknowingly pushing her rear further into his still cumming cock. More shots of cum flew through the air, landing on her back, shoulders, butt, and a few stray drops on her pillow near her face. As Naruto continued sawing his cock between her cheeks, Anko snaked her tongue out and gathered some of the cum on her pillow, relishing the sweet flavor that immediately assaulted her taste buds. She had very little experience on how a man's spunk should taste, but she knew it shouldn't be sweet. Her fellow kunoichis had made it abundantly clear when talking about their sexual experiences that sperm tasted bitter and salty, almost to the point where they vomited from the horrible taste. That sounded like a horrible mood killer. Thank Kami her Naruto seemed to be the exception.

"Oh, that felt so good!" Naruto exclaimed. He surprised Anko by using his grip on her hips to flip her over on her back. Her back barely touched the bed before his lips covered hers and his arm encircled her waist, pulling her close. Her breasts smashed against his chest and her lower lips rubbed against his shaft as Naruto slipped his tongue into her mouth. Anko melted under the very intimate gesture, but recovered enough to kiss him back and run her hands over his back. When their tongues met, it felt as if a fire had been lit. While they exchanged saliva and their hands roamed each other's bodies, their eyes remained open, trapped in a lover's gaze. They held the passionate kiss for several minutes, lost in the feeling of being close to the other, until their lungs burned and the need for oxygen could no longer be ignored. Their lips separated; however only a few centimeters apart, connected by a single strand of stubborn saliva that was proof of their passion. They were breathing heavily, flushed from the afterglow of a kiss that signified more than just physical attraction, more than just mindless lust. It was something special.

Naruto rolled off Anko and laid on his side. Almost immediately, Anko pressed into his side, snuggling up to the warmth his body radiated. By instinct, Naruto wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, a habit he seemed to have developed as of late. Anko sighed contently as she felt more complete than she ever had in her entire life. She couldn't describe how it felt to be in Naruto's arm; it just felt right. She smiled when Naruto started laying kisses on her neck, moaning when his kisses touched the curse mark, a symbol of her unwanted connection with her former, traitorous teacher. The mark was sensitive to touching, but never had it actually made her feel pleasure. It usually burned whenever touched, but it was as if Naruto's kisses made all the pain go away, replaced by a surge of euphoria that left her begging for more.

To Anko, Naruto was more than just a friend. Despite what some prejudice people in Konoha might say, Anko didn't sleep with every man she came across. In fact, before Naruto, she only had sex two times, and it was with the same man. It was more of idle curiosity than anything that led her to have sex for the first time. The man was handsome enough and sweet, but it was just a casual thing, something she wanted to experience after hearing her friends brag. The experience had left her largely unimpressed, and she only agreed to a second performance in hopes of actually enjoying it. Sadly, he could never satisfy her, and the poor performance did not leave her thrilled for more. That was the last time she had sex until Naruto came along.

Honestly, when Anko first met Naruto during the Chunin Exams, back when he was just a shrimp, he didn't seem special to her. She respected him for his never give up attitude and determination, but his loud-mouth didn't earn him any points with her. That didn't stop her from intimidating the hell out of him, but the chance to mess with a cute little genin was too good to pass up. She didn't really start paying attention to him until after his training trip with the perverted Sannin. Gone was the pipsqueak with a god awful jumpsuit, replaced by a handsome, strong, and capable young man with boundless determination and courage. She admitted to developing a slight crush on him, despite the age difference, but never acted on it. Well, not until they started doing missions together.

The two had talked over a nice campfire for many weeks, destroying dozens of bandit camps and liberating several villages in between those welcomed and restful nights. They discussed trivial things: food, music, movies, and gardening. They also talked about their dreams and wishes for the future, things that she had only discussed with her roommate, Kurenai. They developed a sort of bond during these missions and she found herself looking forward more and more to spending time with him. Oh, the many nights she dreamed of kissing him under the starry night sky...

"You're so cute when you moan, Anko-chan," Naruto said, interrupting her reminiscence of the past.

She blushed lightly at his words. She elbowed him gently on the torso.

"I'm not cute, gaki."

"You're right. You're beautiful," He kissed her neck, "And sexy," Another kiss, "and awesome."

Her blush intensified and she felt her heart beat a little faster. Suddenly, she had the overwhelming urge to ask a question that had been bothering her, but was too afraid to ask, "Naruto..." She turned to her other side so she could face him, "What are we?"

"What do you mean?" He asked, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I mean...are we just friends...or a couple...or..." She trailed off, losing her courage.

Naruto frowned. He never really thought much about it. Sure, he had been nursing a crush on her since the Chunin Exams three years ago, but he felt something more. When he thought of her, he got that same feeling he got when thinking of Tsunade. And Ayame. Was it right for him to feel this way about not one, not two, but three women? Tsunade had said they couldn't have a intimate relationship, but he still held out hope they could have something more, despite the vast age difference. Ayame was one of his first true friends. She had been nothing but kind to him during the eleven years he had known her. She was sweet, thoughtful, beautiful, a great cook, and the first girl he ever had a crush on, even before Sakura. Without a doubt, he loved her, and he would rather die than hurt her feelings. He also had deep feelings for Tsunade and Anko. Would he have to choose between these three wonderful, smart, and beautiful women? He didn't think he could bear to choose.

"There's someone else, isn't there?" Anko asked, surprising Naruto.

"How did you-"

Anko smiled.

"A girl knows."

"Anko, I-"

"Before you say anything, let me say something. I like you, Naruto. A lot, as a matter of fact. I have for probably the last year, since we started taking missions together. You think I just sleep with anyone? I wasn't drunk last night, Naruto. I had a clear mind and knew exactly what I was doing...what I wanted. And it was you, Naruto. I've never felt this way about someone before." She stared into his eyes, "I need to know, Naruto. Do you feel the same way? Please, answer honestly."

Naruto was shocked at her heartfelt confession. He had no idea she felt this way about him. Sure, he knew there was something, but not to this degree. And now he had to answer her. Did he feel the same way? The answer was obvious.

"I do, Anko-chan." He replied, meeting her stare to prove his honesty.

The smile she gave him was so wide and broad that he didn't think it was possible. She cupped the sides of his face and kissed him with passion equal to the one before. When she pulled away, he was in a daze and she giggled at his dumbfounded expression.

"Well, now you're stuck with me, Uzumaki. I hope you take responsibility."

"But what know..."

"We'll cross that bridge when the time comes, but just so you know, I'm not much against sharing."

Naruto blinked.


"Yep! The whole Kimi thing showed me that I wouldn't mind an extra gal or two to spice things up with my blond lover. Are they hot?"


"Awesome! We could do make-overs together and gossip about you. It'll be so much fun!"

"Yeah...gossip and make-overs. That's totally what I'm thinking about.

Anko grinned, "Oh, is my Naruto-kun thinking dirty thoughts? Maybe I should-"


Anko's blood ran cold.

"Shit. That's Kurenai. She must be back from her mission."

"Why would she be here at one in the morning?"


Anko cringed, "Because she's my roommate! Hurry up and get dressed!"

Suddenly, the door opened and a flash of yellow jumped into the bed with them.

"Save me!" Kimi cried, clutching onto both Anko and Naruto like a lifeline. The blonde clone had crumbs around her mouth, which looked suspiciously like chocolate cake crumbs. She was shaking, and naked, but now wasn't the time for Naruto to think of that.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked, concerned.

Kimi pointed a shaky finger at the door.

"She's coming! The demoness with bright red eyes!" Not a moment later, Kurenai Yuhi came through the doorway, a fire in her eyes.

"Anko, why is there a naked wo-" Her eyes landed on a very naked and scared Naruto. "Naruto? Anko, what're sleeping with Naruto!"

"Kurenai, I can explain!"

"He's...he's just a genin!" She looked down and accidentally got a look of Naruto's exposed penis. She blushed crimson and covered her eyes.

"Kurenai, it's just-now Naruto!"

With grace and quickness Naruto didn't think he possessed, he dashed to the side of the room, gathered up his clothes, and brushed past a flustered Kurenai. It all happened in the span of a few seconds, and by the time Kurenai removed her hands from her eyes, Naruto was long gone, leaving a relieved Anko and a scared Kimi to deal with the genjutsu mistress' wrath.

"Wha...where did he go?" Kurenai looked around the move, but only saw Anko with a blonde woman cuddled up against her, "Doesn't matter. Why is there a naked woman here? And what were you doing with Naruto?"

'Well, this is going to take awhile to explain,' Anko thought as she patted a scared Kimi on the shoulder.

Naruto didn't stop running until he arrived in front of his apartment, breathing heavily and clutching his jumpsuit. He had barely managed to get on his pants and undershirt before skillfully escaping from the potentially dangerous situation brewing in Anko's apartment. One look into the wrathful, crimson eyes of Kurenai-sensei had been more than enough to convince Naruto that it was time to leave and save himself from possible physical harm. He felt bad for leaving both Anko and Kimi behind to deal with an irate Kurenai, but Anko had given him the go ahead to make an escape and he took it. Naruto knew the consequences of staying in the vicinity of an angry kunoichi. Sakura had taught him that lesson many times...

Fighting back a shiver as the cold, night air hit his bare arms, Naruto fumbled to find his key, checking every pocket of his jumpsuit for the metal piece. He finally found it and unlocked the door. After entering his darkened apartment, Naruto immediately threw his jumpsuit to the floor, too tired to care where it landed. He stumbled slightly in the dark, making his way to his bed while trying to avoid hitting any furniture. Arriving at the foot of his bed, Naruto crawled up the sheets and slammed his head onto his soft pillow, groaning as the weariness of the day came crashing down on him. A day of constant sex with two beautiful women was great, but even he had his limits and his body yearned for peaceful slumber. As he reached to pull the covers over him, Naruto realized his bed was unmade. 'That's strange. I could have sworn I made it last time...' He froze when a hand touched his cheek and a soft body pressed against him. He was about to jump out of the bed and scream like a little girl, but a familiar, sweet voice stopped him.


Naruto rolled onto his side and came face-to-face with a smiling Ayame.

"Wh-" Ayame pressed her lips lightly to his, silencing him. Her arms wrapped around his torso, pulling herself closer to him. Naruto, still surprised about her presence, gasped as the daring woman slipped her tongue between his lips and began probing his mouth. His instincts prompted him to place his hands on her waist. His eyes widened as he discovered that she wasn't wearing any clothing, causing his cock to quickly harden. Just as things were getting heated, Ayame abruptly pulled away, a sly grin on her face.

"Getting excited, are we?" She asked teasingly, rubbing against his clothed erection.

Naruto groaned and nodded.


"Sshh..." Ayame placed a finger on his lips. "Sleep. We'll finish this tomorrow." She snuggled against him and placed a loving, gentle kiss on his lips.

Naruto really wanted to continue, but his eyes were heavy and the warm body pressed next to him really made him feel comfortable. "Okay..." His eyes began to close. He placed a kiss on top of Ayame's head and pulled her close. He was tired, utterly exhausted, and sleeping next to the woman who had been a constant in his life since he was five felt amazing. So comfortable was he that Naruto couldn't help but say something he had only said a few times in his life, "I love you, Ayame-chan. Good night." He whispered to her. Within a few seconds, Naruto was fast asleep.

Ayame blushed deeply as she heard his intimate confession. A huge smile made its way on her face and she sighed happily.

"I love you too, Naruto-kun." Never before feeling this content, Ayame quickly joined her blond lover in the land of dreams.

Subject: Shizune

Location: Dream World, Hot springs

Shizune eased into the warm waters of the hot springs, moaning as she felt all her tension and stress disappear within seconds. She leaned her back against the edge of the hot spring and sunk into the water up to her chin. The calming waters worked wonders on the young woman's stressed body, making her forget all about the worries and troubles of being a Hokage's assistant. What many did not realize was the full extent of Shizune's role as Tsunade's assistant. She had to filter through the mission reports and documents, deciding what warranted the Hokage's attention and approval. She sorted through thousands of documents daily while simultaneously making sure her master didn't sneak off somewhere to avoid the dreaded paperwork. Also, on top of all that, Shizune had to run errands across the whole village, constantly going from government building to government building acquiring the latest information on topics from residential development to tax collection. Shizune rarely had time to enjoy a small lunch or a break, let alone enough time to relax at the hot springs.

'Kami, I needed this. I love being Tsunade-sama's assistant, but even I need a break every once in a while.' The beautiful brunette thought, closing her eyes in relaxation. This truly felt wonderful. The hot water moving against her bare skin was simply divine, releasing years worth of stress in an instant. This was perfect, but there was just one thing, or person, missing...


Shizune opened her eyes and saw Naruto standing near the edge of the hot spring, clutching a small, white towel around his waist. A grin spread across her face as she laid eyes on his well-toned body, drinking in his muscular chest and strong-looking arms. She noticed a cute, shy blush coloring the handsome blond's cheeks, and his sparkling blue eyes were cast down in embarrassment. The expression on his face was absolutely adorable, a mixture of embarrassment and shyness not normal for the usually boisterous blond.

"Naruto-kun, you came! I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up."

"Sorry, Shizune-neechan. I didn't mean to make you wait." He said sincerely, but his eyes were still cast down to the ground, intentionally avoiding her bare body. Shizune thought it was cute. The water covered her breasts and lower parts, but a faint outline of her body could be seen. She had risen up a little when she realized his arrival, exposing generous amounts of cleavage just above the waterline. It was obvious that Naruto was trying to avoid blatantly staring, something Shizune found honorable, but she didn't invite him to the hot springs to act the polite gentlemen.

"That's alright. Aren't you going to get in? The water is really nice." She said, gesturing to the spot next to her.

"Sure..." He made to get in, but Shizune raised her hand.

"Without the towel, Naruto-kun. It's a hot spring, after all." She watched him visibly gulp before nodding in affirmation. He let the towel fall to the ground and Shizune was treated to the wonderful sight of the pinnacle of manhoods. She had seen Naruto's penis before during medical check-ups and knew of its impressive size, but seeing it now in this setting added a whole new level of arousal. She watched Naruto's eyes glance at her plentiful cleavage and giggled as she saw his member begin to harden. "Oh, does Naruto-kun see something he likes?" Much to her amusement, his blush deepened and he attempted in vain to hide his growing erection. Shizune licked her lips in anticipation as she watched it gain extra girth and length. 'I see something I like...' She beckoned him to enter the body of water and he complied, entering the hot spring just a few meters away from her. But Shizune wasn't having any of that. She moved from her spot and waded over to him until her breasts touched his chest.

"Shizune-neechan..." Naruto said, blushing.

Shizune smiled and pressed against him. She felt his hardened member throb against her inner thighs and knew she couldn't control herself any longer. She grabbed his cock and positioned the head near her entrance.


"Just call me 'Shizune-chan', Naruto-kun." She said, gazing into his eyes.

"Shizune-chan..." She shivered at the way he said her name. "...I love you."

"I love you too, Naruto-kun. Now..." Shizune lowered herself until the tip of his penis touched her opening, slightly parting her lower lips. She felt Naruto's hands grab onto her rear, holding her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Thankful for the help, Shizune captured his lips with hers and began lowering herself onto his cock. She felt his bulbous head stretch her lower lips deliciously and gasped as his impressive length entered her eager opening. A short time later, all nine inches of Naruto's manhood was inside of her, stretching her in ways she never thought possible. "Oh Kami, Naruto-kun..." She moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and gripping him tightly.

"It feels so good, Shizune-chan..." Naruto said, burying his face in the crook of her neck. "Can I move?"

"Yes!" Shizune yelled, blushing as she realized her voice had cracked. "As hard and as fast as you can!"

Naruto obeyed and began thrusting in and out of her pussy. Shizune hanged on for dear life as the now eager shinobi made it his mission to bring her to the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm. His cock, thick and long enough to kiss her womb sent shock waves throughout her body with every thrust, reshaping the inner walls of her womanhood. Just as she thought the pleasure couldn't get better, Naruto buried his face into her breasts and captured one of her erect nipples in his mouth. Shizune moaned loudly and gripped his head, pressing his face into her large breasts. The combined efforts of Naruto's skilled mouth and his cock were enough to bring Shizune very close to her orgasm. "I'm about to cum, Naruto!"

Naruto groaned from between her breasts.

"Me too!" His pace increased, achieving impressive speeds despite their lower bodies being submerged in water. "Here it comes!" Not a moment later, Shizune felt ropes of thick, hot cum shoot into her pussy, filling her womb rapidly. She screamed in pleasure and her orgasm hit...

Location: Real World

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Shizune's eyes snapped opened upon hearing the sound of her alarm. She saw her alarm clock flash six and nearly screamed in frustration. That was the best wet dream she ever had, and her clock interrupted it just as she was about to experience her release! How unfair was that!? 'Oh, how I wish it wasn't a dream...' She pulled up her covers and glanced at her thoroughly soaked panties, a testament to her current state of arousal. The young woman sighed. 'I wonder if I have time to masturbate before work...'

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