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New Year's Eve was a time of reflection, so Steve Rogers was reflecting. He'd come a long way in a year. Woke up in the future, saved the world from an alien god, joined a team of heroes, adopted a clone of said alien god, and then welcomed the alien god into the weird little family they'd all made. He shook his head and chuckled; if they could only see him now.

Neo was maturing quickly, and endured being treated as a child and as an adult in different situations with measured patience. He snapped sometimes of course, but was always apologetic about it later. He was a good kid, and was turning into a good man.

He watched Neo try to convince Clint to give him some of his beer. Steve smiled; Neo didn't even like beer, he just wanted to steal the beer and make Clint chase him for it. He was still very much a child in some ways, even if he didn't want to admit it.

He let his eyes wander and then settle on Loki, who was sitting on a loveseat with Tony, talking, and necking. Since Loki figured out that he made people uncomfortable when he started showing physical affection to Tony he had not stopped, especially since it was Clint who would protest half the time. Steve shook his head; they could take away Loki's power, but they certainly couldn't take away his mischief.

It kind of surprised everyone how well Loki fit into their odd family dynamic, no one being more surprised than Loki himself. Steve suspected there was a lifetime of reasons for that and even a shrink would quall at them, but Loki was adjusted. It was mostly Tony, he knew, that accounted for the change in Loki.

That wasn't to say Loki was completely changed. It rather he was channeling his chaotic tendencies towards things that were simply annoying, rather than nasty. For instance he enjoyed needling Clint and setting various pranks around the Tower. He was still easily offended by things, though Steve could tell he was trying to work on that.

He and Thor seemed to be mending things as well. The two of them spoke to one another and spent time in each other's company. Thor was kind of tiptoeing around Loki, worried that something he might say or do would alienate his brother. Loki for his part was still wary around Thor, as though he couldn't quite believe that Thor was not putting him on.

Christmas had been good, and nature had obliged them with snowfall. Neo's shriek of joy had nearly caused Bruce to Hulk out, but it was worth it to watch him run around on the balcony in the snow, clad in only boxers, dancing around foolishly. Winter was clearly Neo's favourite season Steve had commented, with Loki merely shrugging and pointing out that he was a frost giant.

Loki had a look on his face now that suggested that Tony was in for a time tonight. They'd turned Tony turning down sex into a kind of game, as far as Steve could tell. Loki had yet to break Tony, but tonight was a special night. He just hoped they'd keep it down, super soldier hearing and all.

Loki seemed to have dropped the issue of immortality versus mortality for the time being. When Steve had asked about it Loki had rolled his eyes and said something along the lines of 'the things I do for Tony'. Steve knew the issue wouldn't go away though if the two of them did decide that they were going to get hitched someday.

Wasn't that an odd thought? But the more Steve thought about it, he thought it couldn't have been anyone else. Tony and Loki understood each other in a way that no one else around did. They knew exactly when to push and when to back off, which was why Loki hadn't brought up immortality again. Steve knew it wasn't far from his mind though.

He thought about Neo giving up his immortality sometimes. It made sense, in a way. Neo's family was almost all human, he lived on Earth and he knew he was going to grow old far slower than the people around him, the people he loved. Steve understood that, a little. So, if Neo decided sometime in the future to help Loki give Tony immortality, Steve would let him, it was Neo's to give after all.

But, who knew what the future would bring. Loki could stay mortal, Tony could become immortal, and that was a bit of a scary thought, or neither could happen. It just wasn't worth worrying about right now. Right now, everything was good, everything was right in the world. They saved people every couple of days and came home to watch movies and horse around.

He joined in as the countdown started. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone screamed. Tony pulled Loki in for a very indecent kiss, making Clint start gagging. Neo bounced over to Steve and hugged him hard, nearly squeezing the breath out of him. Steve hugged just as hard back. A new year, full of new beginnings for everyone; that sounded just about right to him.


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