"Ben what the hell you doing here?!" The blonde haired detective exclaimed as she pushed Ben out of the room. "I came to check on little boots" the blonde haired detective was angry and confused why didn't he ring her? Why did he tell her about Kimberly?! "Don't tell me you call her that!" Ben took a minuet to work out this was not going to be plain sailing "she came to me said she knew about us two, that we were friends and that she thought she could be your daughter, you have to admit she looks like you... So we rang some DNA tests through a bunch of data bases and yours came up a match so I gave her your new card and told her if she needed any help to call me" the blonde haired detective just looked at Ben she was so angry yet so grateful "boots I heard about why you left the Marshals and why you had to leave Atlanta you know you could have called me, we could have sorted things instead of ignoring me for a year and a half" in that moment the blonde detective was so overcome with rage she just walked off she didn't want to hit Ben and she certainly didn't want to remember why she was forced out of the marshals and then why we had to leave Atlanta if he knew why was he bringing his up surely he knew enough to know she wouldn't want to think about it.

After a few minutes and a few dints In the wall later she returned to see Kimberly still sound asleep and Ben sitting outside the room, she walked straight past him and into the room and sat by her daughters bed side.

Sleep must have taken her because when she woke up Kimberly was sitting up and eating a meal they must have brought her "whoa how long have i been asleep?" "A few hours maybe not long" a nurse replied as she walked into the room with a plate of food for her too.

The blonde haired detective asked her daughter "how you feeling? Are you in any pain?" Kimberly replied with a shake of her head. Just as she turned around Olivia had just walked up to the door the blonde haired detective just nodded and she entered. "Kimberly meet detective Benson" the brown haired detective looked at the young blonde and said "nice to properly meet you Kimberly"

The brown haired detective needed to ask Kimberly some questions she was sure she wasn't going to like "Amanda do you want to step out so I can talk to Kimberly" the blonde detective saw the look of fear in her daughters eye "don't worry I'll be just outside the door" and she got up and left making sure to stand somewhere Kimberly could see her. "I have had a talk with doctors and they said you have signs of rape from a while ago, don't worry detective Rollins doesn't know and she doesn't have to unless you want her too" the young blonde didn't want to have this conversation nor did she want to explain everything to this women. " would you be more comfortable if you mom was in the room?" The young blonde nodded as much as she didn't want tell anyone the blonde haired detective made her feel safe and protected. The brown haired detective waved the blonde detective into the room and said "you know the rules but she wanted you to be here" the blonde detective nodded and sat down. "You ready to tell me what happened?" The voice the brown haired detective used was so soft and comforting like she was nursing a baby bird with a broken wing she couldn't help but tell her it felt like the brown detective was a siren "I was at the First foster family when they decided I needed to be moved so I was moved half way across town where the family seemed nice they had a son who was very nice to me until we were making out and the next thing I knew I didn't want to go any further but he was on top of me with a knife to my throat I was so scared, but I couldn't of been pregnant" she started crying "i couldn't of." The blonde haired detective thought this girl has been thought way to much in such a short amount of time. I will get her back.

Detective Benson continued to ask questions relating to what happened that night and when she was done she politely got up and left. The blonde haired detective just sat there until up she heard "do you still love me? Do you still want me?" The blonde haired detective felt her heart crumble "of course I still want you, how could you say that?" The young blondes folded herself into the foetal and kept crying all the blonde haired detective could think to do was climb on the bed and hold her. They lay on the bed the young blonde in the foetal position her head on her mother's chest and the blond haired detective wrapped herself around her daughter and held on to her tightly. After a while the young blondes crying slowed to sobs and the blonde haired detective saw her daughter was falling asleep so she lay there holding her daughter as she slept.

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