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I was in the winter of my life, and the men I met along the road were my only summer.
At night I fell asleep with visions of myself, dancing and laughing and crying with them.
Three years down the line of being on an endless world tour, and my memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times. -Lana Del Rey

"Hey Clover!" hollered Marvel Quaid, a senior at Panem High, home of the mockingjays.

"Yes Marvel?" replied a very calmed and relaxed Clove McPhillips, a junior.

"Heads up!" then, out of the blue, five teenage girls stepped out and pelted Clove, who was resting on an inflatable lounge chair in the Mellark family pool, with dozens of water balloons and soaked napkins.

"Duuude!" she screeched and fell out of the chair. All the girls including Marvel laughed hysterically at her expression. Annie Cresta, a junior doubled over, clutching her stomach causing her to fall into the pool on top of Clove, who had just surfaced. Therefore, this sequence of events caused Katniss Everdeen, another junior to snort unattractively, which caused Peeta Mellark to smile, which caused Jacqueline Fox (Foxface) and Madge Undersee to swoon, which led Johanna Mason, a junior as well, to groan and face palm. "I'm so gonna get you guys. Just wait and see." Clove teased. Katniss jumped into the pool on Annie's back to start another chain reaction. Annie screamed and submerged causing Jackie (Jacqueline) to panic.

"Oh my gosh! You guys she's drowning! Somebody help! She's going to die! Somebody do something! Oh dear, oh dear, oh my, I think I'm going to faint-gasp-we need to call the cops, like now!" hyperventilated Jackie. Out ran Rye Mellark followed by his four attractive friends. Finnick Odair, senior heartthrob tore off his shirt and dived into the pool. He carried Annie's cold and shivering body into a beach chair on the pavement and sat beside her to make sure that she was alright.

"Way to go Katniss! You could've killed her you know, maybe could've broken her back with that huge ass of yours."

"No need for that sarcasm Clove." Katniss snapped.

"Jeez, can't take a joke Everdeen?" Clove replied curtly.

"Shut up you guys!" shouted Johanna.

"Yeah! Hey look at Finnick and Annie, wouldn't they make the cutest couple?" swooned Madge.

"They would totally make the cutest couple. Just think about it…" Clove said. "Headlines for the school paper: Annie Cresta, Panem sweetheart dating Finnick Odair, Panem's man whore" she said sarcastically. "But I guess they could date if he really cared about her…"

"Again, don't appreciate the sarcasm sweetie." replied Katniss. Clove stuck her tongue out at Katniss who replied with a smug look. The two might bicker a lot, but Katniss would murder anyone who even thought about hurting Clove. They were all like sisters. Meanwhile, back at the scene, Annie began to awaken. She opened her eyes and looked down to see her own hand in a larger hand. She looked up to see that the owner of the hand was none other than Finnick Odair. She blacked once again as everybody laughed in amusement.

Throughout the entire situation, the only person that Cato Nielson, popular senior heartthrob, had his eye on was Clove McPhillips. He had never really noticed her and now that he had seen her close up, he was definitely intrigued. She had a charismatic personality and was never afraid to speak her mind. He observed her physical appearance and noted that her slick and shiny hair was coal black, her skin was pale and porcelain, she had nice curves in all the right places and quite a nice behind, making her an ideal Snow White. She looked really nice in her simple, black two piece bikini, and he just couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"Yo, earth to Cato!" yelled Thresh, one of his closest senior friends.

"Dude, you hitting on McPhillips over there?" said Marvel, causing a couple of chuckles and a slight blush from Clove.

"Dude, you wanna shut up?" snapped Cato.

"Nice comeback man" replied Gale, rolling his eyes. Annie awakened once again and seeing that Finnick was still holding her hand, she smiled.

"So now that Annie's awake, what do you guys wanna do?" asked Peeta.

"Well, we could always gather around the fire pit and roast marshmallows maybe?" suggested the older Mellark brother, Rye. A murmur of "sounds good"s and "okay"s were heard throughout the group and within a matter of minutes, the large group was huddled around the fire on chairs, mats, and blankets.

"I'll grab the marshmallows" said Clove, already knowing her way around the Mellark house having been there so many times. Cato followed, obviously wanting alone time with this alluring young lady.

"So, are you close friends with little Mellark?" asked Cato, wanting to start up a conversation with her.

"Yeah, we're pretty close." She replied, not bothering to care about the convo. Cato, frustrated with her short answer, asked:

"So what school do you go to?"

"The same one as yours, but I guess you're just too idiotic and ignorant to notice huh?" Clove spat back, obviously annoyed that the boy had never noticed her before. Cato mentally kicked himself for asking such a stupid question he already knew the answer to. Clove began to walk away and Cato followed close behind.

"Look if you're just trying to get in my pants, then you can go screw yourself." Said an extremely frustrated Clove. "There are other girls that you can play around with when we get back to Panem after summer vacation, but with me, just remember that I can always kick your balls off if you try to mess around with me. I've heard about you a lot Cato, and I'm not interested in playing with you and your games." Cato was quite taken back by her rant and just stood in the kitchen speechless, while watching her leave. This made him more intrigued than ever, and he was determined to catch her heart. He came back to the fire pit outside and noticed that it was already quite dark outside. He sat in a lawn chair next to Gale who was carrying on a conversation with Katniss about hunting. On his other side sitting on a blanket, was Finnick who was gently placing another blanket around Annie's shoulders. Cato noticed that Clove was missing from the group and had decided that she probably went to the restroom. Across from him sat a redhead, who he could not recall her name, in a heated argument with Marvel on how giraffes mate. Thresh and Rye snickered and listened in on their conversation. Madge and Johanna were busy playing hand games, and Peeta just sat in silence admiring the way the fire reflected on Katniss's skin.

Clove had come back from whatever she was doing and sat down on Peeta's lap. She took two marshmallows for herself and Peeta and passed on the bag. When everyone had their marshmallows, they all began roasting. Clove roasted both marshmallows while Peeta watched her, keeping both of his arms around her waist. 'Are they going out or something?' Cato asked himself. He did recall Clove telling him that she was pretty close to the younger Mellark boy. Cato couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of him. Clove brought her roaster stick closer to her and placed a gooey marshmallow in Peeta's mouth. He bit into it and claimed that it was too warm. She laughed and called him a baby while blowing into the second one to feed him.

"So what do you all want to do for the rest of summer?" Johanna asked. "We should all go to the beach or something."

"Ooooh, light bulb!" Hollered Madge. Don't you have a beach house, Finnick?"

"Yeah, great idea! We can all stay over there for a month, and if you need anything, it's only about seven miles away from here. So who's up for it?"

"We are." answered Rye for both himself and his brother.

"Yeah, and it would be great to get away from mom for awhile." Agreed the other Mellark brother

"I'm down." said Clove. "My mom's too scared to lose me, she'll let me do anything I want." she shrugged. Cato looked at her questioningly but she just shrugged him off. Her life was too complicated to explain to anybody. The only people that really knew Clove were Peeta and Jackie.

"I might have to bring Prim along with me. Is that okay?" asked Katniss. She cared too much about her sister to leave her for one night, even though Primrose was already going into her freshman year.

"Yeah," replied Thresh. "I can probably bring my younger cousin Rue as well. They're about the same age so they should be able to get along quite nicely." Everybody else agreed to go and would ask their parents for confirmation. Cato looked very unsure about leaving his sisters.

"I don't know you guys." He said "I don't want to leave Kelsie alone at home with Caytie, I mean what if something happens to them. I could never forgive myself for not being there to protect them."

"It's okay Cato. Just talk to your sister about it. It'll be fine. She would want you to relax and have fun after all the stress you've endured." Said Finnick. Cato hesitantly agreed afterwards.

"So it's settled. Yes? We'll meet back here in three days on Tuesday and see when we'll start heading over there." Everyone agreed and began to plan what they would do when the got there. Clove fell asleep on Peeta and he hugged her waist even closer to himself to keep her from falling off his lap. Soon after, everybody started to leave. Peeta carried Clove bridal style into the house and laid her on the couch.

"Do you need me to drive her home?" asked Cato who was still at the house.

"Yes, please." Replied Peeta. He wrote down her address and handed it over to Cato. Then, he lifted Clove into the passenger seat of Cato's slick black Mercedes. He kissed Clove's forehead and whispered, "Goodnight Clovely." Now Cato was really confused. Were they dating? Or not?

Cato drove her home and snuck quick glances at her every so often. He noticed that she tended to scrunch up her nose a lot and he found it quite adorable. She was like a small child when she slept. When he finally got to her house, he awkwardly poked her arm to wake her up. She suddenly stretched her arms widely apart and smacked him right in the middle of his face. She them opened her eyes, confused, until she saw Cato and screamed.

"Dude shut up! You'll wake everyone up!" Cato whisper-yelled.

"You shut up! Why am I in your car?" Clove retorted.

"Mellark needed somebody to take you home. So I volunteered."

… "Umm… Thanks I guess?"

*Awkward Silence*

… "Hey did you know that during every awkward silence, a baby is born?"

"You are such an idiot. I'm leaving"

"Okay bye"

"Thanks for the ride!" Clove yelled while closing the car door. Cato watched Clove as she swung her hips side to side while walking into her house. 'She's flawless' Cato thought to himself. Cato finally snapped out of his trance to drive back to his own house.

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