So I noticed that a bunch of people kept reviewing and asking me to continue. I refered you all to SibunaChicka1227 and realized she changed her penname to TheKiller1227! So look up TheKiller1227! She adopted Just Ride.

Alright guys! The rest of this story officially belongs to TheKiller1227! She's an amazing author who has enough talent to actually finish this mess of a story.

I'm really sorry to disappoint. I just can't think of anything else to add to the plot line. There's also too many conflicts to resolve:

-Jackie's meltdown

-Dominick's escaped murderer

-X's identity

-Clove's anorexia and self-consciousness

-All the relationships: Clato, Odesta, Marvel/Jackie= Marvelface? Lol, etc.

Please stop asking me to resume writing this, I'm really too busy. BTW, I'm in the middle of writing 4 stories right now, and I was wondering which ones I should focus more on:

There's a poll on my page! Or you can just review to ALOC and let me know!

-Finishing A Lack of Color

-Something New/ Never gonna leave you (can't decide on title)- based off of movie, 'Revenge of the Bridesmaids' Mainly Clato and Fannie but contains all the other shippings too. Clove, Foxface, Katniss, Johanna, and Annie are childhood friends. They move away from their hometown, Asheville, to pursue their dreams. Annie is the only girl who stays behind. They all keep in contact and meet up with each other for the annual Hunger Games in Asheville. The girls find out Annie and her boyfriend of two years split up. He had a one night stand with one of their other friends, Cashmere. She claims to be pregnant, and Finnick is forced to marry her for the baby's sake. Cashmere and her mother have a reputation as being gold diggers. The girls decide to wreck havoc and become undercover bridesmaids to help both Annie and Finnick. Along the way, the meet Cato and his cop friends, and Peeta, the local baker. Fun story filled with romance, humor, and pranks.

-I wish- based on the song/ music video, 'I Wish' by Cher Lloyd, I usually write stories based on songs with more meaningful lyrics, but I just wanted to take a break from ALOC and see what it feels like to write a shore, fun fic. So I've already written half of it, and it mainly revolves around Clato. It's only going to be less than five chaps. So Clove is nineteen years old, she part-time as a bar waitress with Katniss. Cato walks in along with Nicole, Glimmer, Cashmere, and two other spray-tanned bitches. Nicole throws herself at him and although Clove is disgusted, she still can't take her eyes off of Cato. Haymitch (Katniss' uncle, and bar manager) sees this and tells Clove she should find herself a boyfriend, presumably Cato. Katniss comes up with an idea to get rid of the twig bitches and calls up Johanna and the gang. When they arrive the girls make sure chaos ensues.

-Carmen- Based off of Carmen, by Lana Del Rey. Clove is a carefree and charismatic girl. Her life revolves around causing mischief with her friends; from setting fires, to dealing with drugs. Every breathing being wishes to be in their mysterious circle, so full of life and adventure. Everything about Clove screams trouble, but unfortunately for Cato, she's about as addictive as heroin. "She says you don't wanna be like me. Looking for fun getting high for free, I'm dying..." *inspired by the beginning of the end by KaylieCee*