Kid Flash kicked his feet up as he sat down on his comfy couch in Jump City, as he watched the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is the good life. Kid smiled. Now the only thing missing is... "Jinxie~!"

A groan sounded from the spare room Kid Flash had given her on her change from bad to good. They remained friends - something that Kid Flash wanted to change (in a good way) in the somewhat near future. The sorceress appeared in the doorway of her room, which was near the right of Kid Flash's TV. Her cotton candy pink hair wasn't in her usual, devil-horn style, and was down slightly below her shoulder blades, a tad disheveled. She was wearing light purple pajamas, her eyes narrowed and, of course, radiated a slightly irritated aura. "You called, sir?" she drawled.

"Did I interrupt your sketching?" he asked her quite sincerely.

"Oh no, not at all," Jinx rolled her eyes. "What did you want?"

"Just wanted someone to hang with," he said. "I barely see you these days, it's like you just get a loaf of bread and the Nutella and bury yourself in your room until you have to pee, or something." He sounded slightly wounded, and Jinx sighed. That did make her sound kind of mean.

"I... Okay, I'm sorry," she said grumpily, and she looked at the floor and missed Kid Flash's face practically light up.

"Forgiven," he said. "Now come on over here and watch."

She reluctantly went over to him, and sat on the other side of the couch. Now it was Kid Flash who was rolling his eyes. "I don't have a disease, Jinx. You don't need to sit a thousand miles away."

Before Jinx could move over, Kid Flash's communicator beeped. From Jinx's room, there was also a slightly audible beep from within. Kid Flash mentally kicked whoever was calling them, and reached for it. Jinx, just wanting to know what was up right away, scooted over to see a mini Robin staring at them. "All Titans. Get here. Now. Robin out."


When all Titans had assembled at Titan Tower, some pissed, others slightly curious, others very curious as to why Robin would call at ten in the evening. Robin finally appeared, and got down to business. "I called you all here because I need you."

"Yeah..." Bumblebee, who had obviously just rushed out of bed after the call (her usual pigtails were crooked), yawned. "Yeah, we could sense that."

"As I was saying... I need your help." Robin, after ignoring Bumblebee, for once, looked uncertain. Hesitation clouded his face.

"Robin, if you need our help, you know we will give it to you," Aqualad said, calm and serious.

Robin visibly relaxed. "Okay. So you guys know that the Teen Titans support Jump City Hospital. Tomorrow, there's going to be an event for the kids there, approximately 200 kids are going to be present. We are asked to be there tomorrow at 1 o'clock."

"Oh, a meeting with the kids. That's fine, Robin, although you didn't really have to call us here just to tell us that," Kole said, cocking her head to the left. Everyone made noises of agreement.

"Uhm. You see. The thing is-"

"Robin?" Starfire came in through the door at full speed, yards and yards of cloth in her arms, in the most varied colors of red, neon green, dark orange, fuschia, indigo, and other out-of-this-world colors. Ignoring all in the room, who were staring at her with weird looks, she went straight to Robin. "I am feeling somewhat confused. Should I make the witch costume out of the silk or the satin?"

"Aren't they the same?" Robin hissed back. "Starfire, I haven't told them-"

The door slid open again, and this time, it was Raven, who had a light pink, shimmery cloth draped around her, held into place with more pins that they could count, making the rest of the Titans look even more bewildered. "Starfire. Please finish making this. I can't bear this color." She paused, for effect. "At all."

"Oh, wait, Raven, I will be right there after I am done asking Robin of the advice!" Starfire said. "Is she... Oh, Argent!" The small redhead perked up at her name. "It is truly wonderful that you are here! Raven will not have to pose as you!"

"Wait... What?" Argent asked. Behind Starfire's back, Robin facepalmed.

"The dress you will be wearing for the presentation! Did Robin not yet inform you all that we are going to have a wonderful presentation of-"

Robin cut in.. "The hospital wants us to perform a play. For the kids. And I said yes because it was the least we could do."

Everyone was silent.

"Wait. WHAT?!" Argent repeated, with much more certainty.

Even Aqualad, who had made that pretty speech earlier about helping, was already shaking his head 'no'. "It's tomorrow, Robin, what were you thinking-"

"Ad-libbing!" Robin said. "We're good at ad-libbing! Just arriving at a crime and saying something witty is proof that we're good at that stuff."

"Still not doing that, Robin," Pantha said. "No way."

"Told you they wouldn't agree to this," Raven said quietly to Robin, who groaned.

"Hey, let's just do it anyway. Not like we're going to be ridiculed by kids, right? Heck, if it's funny, they'll LOVE it!" Everyone looked at Kid Flash, who was grinning.

"Are. You. Serious?" Jinx said through grit teeth. "Do you know what you're getting us-"

"If Kid Flash is in, then I guess I am," Wonder Girl spoke all of a sudden. Now all the attention was on her. "What? It'll be fun."

A wave of something that felt suspiciously like jealousy coursed through Jinx's body. "Well I guess I'm in it, too," Jinx sighed.

"Fine." Speedy just shook his head, probably wondering why in the hell he was even agreeing to this.

"Alright," Kole said half-heartedly.

Aqualad just threw his arms out, Jericho nodded cooly, Argent shrugged, Pantha just said, "Now that everyone's in it, not like we have a choice..." and the rest of the Titans.

"How glorious!" Starfire said. "Okay, I will be starting the making of our costumes!"

"But first..." Robin now had a glint in his eyes. "I'm going to cast the leads."

"Yes, why don't you explain how we're going to work this out, Robin?" Jericho asked.

"We can't exactly memorize a script by tomorrow," Aqualad said.

"There won't be a script since we're all doing this impromptu," Robin said. "Meaning on the spot fast thinking, and I know we can do that." Robin seemed sincerely confident that they would get away with this. "I was thinking that this was going to be a princess theme, and we can't really change that since Starfire and Raven have already made a couple costumes, and we have no time to make a new set of costumes. So leads will be in charge for the whole flow of the program. Whatever we change will be on them."

"Great, so you and Star can be leads," Argent suggested.

"We can't," Robin said simply. "Star's too busy with costumes and I'm director, so we really need someone else."

"Somebody's a natural leader," Kid Flash commented. Jinx elbowed him to be quiet. "I mean, he's a founder, so naturally, he's the director. I mean, literally gets into all the action, and fails to be able to act in the actual thing-"

"Seeing as how someone's just so eager to get into the action, I'm placing you as lead, Kid Flash," a wry voice commented, and Kid Flash stiffened as he realized that Robin was talking to him.

Jinx chuckled. "Serves you right."

He made a wounded face. "'Serves me right'? Are you joking?" his face changed, and he immediately knelt down dramatically in front of Jinx, clutching one hand in both of his gloved ones. "Oh, my dear princess, come and fly with me as we ride Maximilian and Sorceress, our grand steeds, into the sunset, where we shall rule the kingdom where burgers are free and How I Met Your Mother is shown for five hours every day," he gestured around grandly, and Jinx had to admit, he was good.

And he looked so damn good looking from this angle.

After everyone was done laughing at Kid Flash's antics, Robin replied to him calmly. "Jinx isn't going to be the princess, Kid, since I'm placing her as the lead antagonist."

She nearly rolled her eyes at Robin. "Placing the ex-villainess as the villainess. Right."

Robin frowned. "Frankly, I don't think these guys are good at playing villains." Everyone chuckled, except for Kid Flash, who suddenly grabbed her from behind, capturing both hands behind her in one of his hands, and his other hand on her throat.

"Hah! Can't be a villain? Are you sure? Because it was I, Kid Flash, who was working undercover for the Brotherhood of Evil!" Jinx looked up at him, and saw a sneer on his face. That made him look too hot. Almost too hot for his own damn good.

"We all know you're a professional actor, Kid Flash," Robin drawled out, and Kid Flash let go. Awww... Jinx thought. "Anyways, you two are the leads. Actually, Jinx, Star and Raven made your costume first. Go check and see if it's okay." Jinx, still a bit stunned at being cast as lead, walked slowly towards Star and Raven. "Oh, and Jinx? No bad feelings about labeling you as a villain?"

"Nah," Jinx shrugged. "I don't mind, really. Not a hard thing to get used to, really."

Robin clapped her on the back. "Great, Jinx." He smiled at her, and she smiled back, although she knew it looked a bit forced. "Me and Kid Flash will take care of everything."


Kid Flash and Robin had decided to mush in as many fairytales as they could into this play. The result had been a messy, yet somewhat comedic, play that children could enjoy. Jinx had helped out a bit with the makeshift script. They hadn't cast anyone yet for the other roles, but the Titans were ready to say anything and play anything they wanted.

After, of course, everyone signed a contract saying that no blackmail would come out of this.


At one o'clock sharp, Robin peeked out from behind the curtains. "We good?" he asked Starfire, who was his assistant director and armed with a headset so she could reach him anyway.

"We are doing glorious, Robin, you may go out and entertain the children!"

"It's Robin!" The kids cheered as Robin came out from behind the curtain at the children's center in the hospital. Robin smiled at the kids - a complete natural with kids. "Hey guys. Wanna hear a story?"


"Well, alright... Now, I present to you... A Teen Titans presentation..." the kids quieted down.

"Settle down, and enjoy the show. I bring to you...

Prince Kid and the Dwarves."

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